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7 good choices for a weekend in Rhineland-Palatinate

Often it is the small things, the fleeting moments, that make a journey unforgettable: Taking a deep breath at a vantage point, when your gaze is lost in the distance and everything feels free and wide. A soft crackling in the woods when you realise that you can be very close to the wild inhabitants of the forest. Or the refreshing feeling when, at a rest stop, a cool drink in your hand gives you goosebumps on your arms that are still warm from hiking.

Are you in the mood for an active exploration tour that gives you precious moments like these? In Rhineland-Palatinate, countless such experiences await you, where you can forget about time and immerse yourself with all your senses. As inspiration for your next weekend, when you want to leave everyday life behind you, we have put together seven exciting tours that hold many a unique moment in store for you.

Which one do you want to be your favourite? Set off and find out!

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Long Distance Hiking · Westerwald Mountain Range
Westerwald-Steig – Complete Trail (East - West)
recommended route Difficulty moderate Multi-stage route
Distance 240.1 km
Duration 68:00 h
Ascent 4,623 m
Descent 4,739 m

The Westerwald-Steig is a trail with magnificent views. It spans 235 kilometres from Herborn to Rheinbrohl over mountains, romantic gorges and ...

from Katrin Cramer,   Westerwald - Ganz nach deiner Natur!
Long Distance Cycling · Lahntal
recommended route Difficulty easy Multi-stage route Open
Distance 249 km
Duration 17:40 h
Ascent 288 m
Descent 836 m

From the source of the Lahn near Feudingen to the mouth of the Lahn in the Rhine - the almost 250-kilometre-long Lahnradweg is a relaxed way to ...

from Jörg Thamer,   Lahntal Tourismus Verband e. V.
Long Distance Cycling · Romantischer Rhein
Rhine Cycle Route/Romantic Rhine (left side)
recommended route Difficulty easy
Distance 117.4 km
Duration 7:54 h
Ascent 184 m
Descent 252 m

The Rhine Cycle Route along the Romantic Rhine stretches over 120 kilometres along both sides of the Rhine between Bingen/Rüdesheim and Remagen/Unkel.

from Romantischer Rhein Tourismus GmbH,   Romantischer Rhein Tourismus GmbH
recommended route Difficulty moderate Multi-stage route
Distance 347.9 km
Duration 140:00 h
Ascent 9,140 m
Descent 9,300 m

A landscape with an abundance of highlights. And it is the best way to combine them all. Welcome to the Moselsteig Trail! Certified as a ...

from Mosellandtouristik GmbH,   Mosel. Faszination Urlaub
recommended route Difficulty moderate
Distance 7.4 km
Duration 3:00 h
Ascent 209 m
Descent 208 m

With the “Windklang” sculpture on the Erbeskopf in view, the path climbs steeply from Hunsrückhaus. After that, it leads almost without exception ...

from Iris Müller,   Hunsrück-Touristik GmbH
recommended route Difficulty moderate
Distance 133.4 km
Duration 37:40 h
Ascent 3,011 m
Descent 3,195 m

On the hike along the Hildegard of Bingen Pilgrimage Trail, the universal scholar and probably most famous personality of the Middle Ages is ...

from Naheland-Touristik GmbH,   Urlaubsregion Naheland
Long Distance Hiking · Pfalz
Pfälzer Weinsteig Complete Trail
recommended route Difficulty difficult Multi-stage route
Distance 185.2 km
Duration 57:00 h
Ascent 6,079 m
Descent 6,043 m

The Pfälzer Weinsteig trail is pure Palatinate: the 170 kilometre long trail follows picturesque paths through pleasant forest and sun-drenched ...

from Tobias Kauf,   Zum Wohl. Die Pfalz.