Die Burgruine Falkenstein auf dem Pfälzer Höhenweg

The prettiest long-distance hiking trails in Rhineland‑Palatinate

Our 13 top long-distance hiking trails promise excellent trail quality on carefully selected routes in Rhineland‑Palatinate. They lead through mystic forests and deep river valleys, past vineyards of varying steepness, lofty castles, massive cliffs and long-extinct volcanoes.

The Rheinsteig, Eifelsteig and Saar-Hunsrück premium long-distance hiking trails and the quality Westerwald Trail are officially among the ‘Top Trails of Germany’. The Moselsteig is a ‘Leading Quality Trail’, making it one of the best long-distance hiking trails in Europe. The Soonwald Trail, Lahn Trail, Sieg Nature Trail, Rhine Castle Route, Palatinate Forest Path, Palatinate High Forest Path, Palatinate Wine Trail and Ahrsteig Trail are all quality long-distance hiking trails providing wonderful, natural walking in the west of Germany.

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Top moderate Multistage route open
104.6 km
30:40 h
2,796 m
3,208 m

Experience a seven-day hike on the Ahrsteig from Blankenheim to Sinzig. If you have any further inquiries, we will be happy to address them!

Ahrtal-Tourismus Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler e.V.
Long Distance Hiking · Eifel
Eifelsteig (Aachen - Trier)
Top moderate Multistage route open
313.1 km
94:45 h
7,273 m
7,324 m

Where rock and water accompany you: The long-distance hiking trail leads in 15 stages from the imperial city of Aachen (Kornelimünster) to the ...

from Wolfgang Reh,   Eifel Tourismus GmbH
Top moderate Multistage route open
294.3 km
86:00 h
6,466 m
7,005 m

The Lahnwanderweg trail will make hikers‘ dreams come true. You will definetely get what is written in the hiking concept of the Lahnwanderweg ...

from Jörg Thamer,   Lahntal Tourismus Verband e. V.
Top moderate Multistage route
347.9 km
140:00 h
9,140 m
9,300 m

A landscape with an abundance of highlights. And it is the best way to combine them all. Welcome to the Moselsteig Trail! Certified as a ...

from Thomas Kalff,   Mosellandtouristik GmbH
Long Distance Hiking · Region Köln-Bonn
Natursteig Sieg - Gesamtstrecke
195.7 km
59:09 h
5,346 m
5,217 m

200 km Wandervergnügen von Siegburg - Mudersbach. Beeindruckende Flusslandschaften und herrliche Aussichten, mit abwechslungsreichem Wegeverlauf – ...

from Naturregion Sieg,   Rhein-Sieg-Kreis
Long Distance Hiking · Pfälzer Bergland und Donnersberg
Pfälzer Höhenweg Complete Trail
Top difficult Multistage route open
114.6 km
33:00 h
3,414 m
3,321 m

The Pfälzer Höhenweg trail offers all kinds of variety, not just because the 112km long trail goes higher than any other trail in the Palatinate.

from Tobias Kauf,   Pfalz Touristik e.V.
Long Distance Hiking · Pfalz
Pfälzer Waldpfad Complete Trail
Top moderate Multistage route
144.3 km
38:00 h
3,058 m
3,088 m

The 140km long Pfälzer Waldpfad trail offers spectacular rocks, deep valleys and above all – forest as far as the eye can see!

from Tobias Kauf,   Pfalz Touristik e.V.
Long Distance Hiking · Pfalz
Pfälzer Weinsteig Complete Trail
Top difficult Multistage route
185.4 km
57:00 h
6,073 m
6,013 m

The Pfälzer Weinsteig trail is pure Palatinate: the 170 kilometre long trail follows picturesque paths through pleasant forest and sun-drenched ...

from Tobias Kauf,   Pfalz Touristik e.V.
Top difficult Multistage route
194.7 km
64:30 h
5,409 m
5,522 m

The cultural landscape of the RheinBurgenWeg trail is incredibly beautiful. The breath-taking, varied paths wind their way over hills and through ...

from Joachim Fox,   Romantischer Rhein Tourismus GmbH
Top moderate Multistage route
313.1 km
98:07 h
9,940 m
9,988 m

Zwischen Wiesbaden, Koblenz und Bonn führt der Rheinsteig® rechtsrheinisch auf überwiegend schmalen Pfaden zu Wäldern, Weinbergen und grandiosen ...

from Joachim Fox,   Romantischer Rhein Tourismus GmbH
moderate Multistage route
47 km
13:04 h
712 m
967 m

from Svenja Rödig,   Tourismus Zentrale Saarland GmbH
Top moderate
316.8 km
93:08 h
7,409 m
7,467 m

This tour covers the entire Rhineland-Palatinate part of the Saar-Hunsrück Climb. These are legs 25 to 27 (Trier to Keller Steg) and legs 7 to 24.

from Hunsrueck-Touristik GmbH,   Hunsrück-Touristik GmbH
Top moderate Multistage route
83.8 km
25:10 h
2,650 m
2,770 m

A hike in tranquillity and solitude – right in the heart of Germany.

from Marco Rohr,   Trägerverein Naturpark Soonwald-Nahe e.V.
Long Distance Hiking · Westerwald Mountain Range
Westerwald-Steig – Complete Trail (East - West)
Top moderate Multistage route
241.2 km
68:00 h
4,577 m
4,702 m

The Westerwald-Steig is a trail with magnificent views. It spans 235 kilometres from Herborn to Rheinbrohl over mountains, romantic gorges and ...

from Katrin Cramer,   Westerwald Touristik-Service