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Exhibition mine Barbara-Hoffnung with visitors‘ centre

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Map / Exhibition mine Barbara-Hoffnung with visitors‘ centre

The Barbara-Hoffnung Exhibition Mine in the Nossern Valley, between Fell and Thomm, consists of two typical roof slate mines from the turn of the century, situated one above the other. The upper gallery “Hope”, was first mentioned in documents dating from 1850, and the lower gallery “Barbara”, in documents dating from 1908. Both mines are connected by 100m of stairwell. The guided underground tour takes an hour. As a small surprise and welcome, the mine management have come up with something special: Every 1.000th visitor, in addition to all lucky numbers (111 , 222 , 333 … etc), are received with “Mine and Wine”, the Fell Community motto. Approximately 152 000 captivated visitors have descended into the mine since its opening in May 1997! Everyone, the young and the young at heart, is welcome. There is something to be found for every age group. As is obvious from the photographs, our younger visitors are especially taken by the oilskin jackets and the fireman’s helmets, and gladly pose beside mining car and mine musician for the family photo album. We also offer something for the hungry stomach. A small kiosk located next to the Exhibition Mine has wine, souvenirs, refreshments and quick meals on offer for visitors. A small terrace and slate tiled pavilions invite the visitor to linger and enjoy their meal. Contact & informations:: Besucherbergwerk Fell Robert Hoffmann Kirchstr. 43 D-54341 Fell Tel.: 0049-(0)6502 - 994019 , mobil: 0049-(0)176-55 00 03 15 e-mail: Internet:

Opening hours

1. April bis 31. Oktober: Dienstag - Sonntag und alle Feiertage geöffnet. Täglich: 10 Uhr bis 18 Uhr (letzter Einlass: 17 Uhr) Es finden fortwährend Führungen statt. Eine Anmeldung für Familien und Einzelpersonen ist nicht erforderlich!. Busgruppen bitte anmelden. Führungen außerhalb der regulären Öffnungszeiten für Gruppen auf Anfrage möglich! Das Besucherbergwerk Fell ist in den Monaten Dezember bis März geschlossen (Winterpause)! Führungen für Gruppen auf Vereinbarung! (Tel. 06502-988588 bzw. 06502-994019; email: Ansonsten nach Vereinbarung.

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Exhibition mine Barbara-Hoffnung with visitors‘ centre

Auf den SchiefergrubenPost-Adresse: Kirchstraße 43 
54341 Fell
Phone (0049) 6502 99 40 19


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