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Cross-border cycle trail "Beer & brewing culture" (PAMINA)

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  • Wingersheim houblonnières
    Wingersheim houblonnières
    Photo: F. Morin L'instant T, ADT
m 1000 800 600 400 200 400 350 300 250 200 150 100 50 km Goldener Engel La Cubanita Hôtel Le moulin Fricke-Bäck Hôtel Weiss Palladio Die Hopfen Tour Bike Lager Hotel Apart Jockers Synagogue Lautermuschel Adamshof Easy Bar
This cross-border cycle tour will introduce you to the brewing heritage and the many breweries in Alsace, the Southern Palatinate and the Baden region.
Distance 401.4 km
30:00 h
2,436 m
2,572 m
811 m
105 m
On this cross-border bike tour, you can discover the diversity of French and German brewing art and learn interesting facts about brewery and beer culture, for example during a guided tour in one of the breweries. "Bellheimer" in the southern Palatinate, "Gasthof Wallhall" in Bruchsal, "Hoepfner" in Karlsruhe, "Hopfenschlingel" in Rastatt, "Météor" in Alsace are just some of the names of the breweries you will pass by on your bike. A variety of landscapes, walks in charming little villages or in large cities such as Karlsruhe, pleasant bike rides in the Rhine plain as well as sporty climbs in the northern Black Forest or in the Northern Vosges - the variety of stages on this cross-border tour will fill you with joy. There are numerous accommodation options along the route, ideal for multi-stage tours.

Author’s recommendation

Several proposals for shortened circuits :

  • Southern Palatinate-France (about 195 km)
  • Baden stage (approx. 180 km)
  • Stage of France (about 185 km)
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Jens Weinand
Update: May 09, 2022
Highest point
811 m
Lowest point
105 m
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Track types

Asphalt 37.12%Dirt road 23.37%Nature trail 6.37%Path 0.29%Road 32.70%Ferry 0.09%Unknown 0.03%
149 km
Dirt road
93.8 km
Nature trail
25.6 km
1.2 km
131.3 km
0.4 km
0.1 km
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Rest stops

Gaststätte Gleis 3
Koch's Restaurant
Hotel-Restaurant "Zum Riesen"
Hofmarkt Zapf H.B.C. GbR
Steverding's Isenhof
E-Bike Ladestation Waldhaus Knittelsheimer Mühle
Brauerei Ottersheimer Bärenbräu
Pension Zum Bahnhof
Göcklinger Hausbräu
Gasthof Zum Lam
[becks] die Brasserie im Schlosshotel
Weinstube-Restaurant "Zum Haas"
Weinstube Oerther
Deutsches Weintor Gastronomie
Gaststube Stichel Fritz
Pâtisserie Au Petit Kougelhopf
Restaurant de la Couronne
Pâtisserie Criqui
Café, pâtisserie, glacier La Pépinière
Restaurant Le Saumon
Hôtel-Restaurant Au Moulin de la Walk
Restaurant La Mirabelle
Pâtisserie Rebert
Villa Meteor - Covid19-exceptional closure until further notice
Ferme-auberge du Moulin des 7 Fontaines
Restaurant Les Cordons Bleus
Brasserie-restaurant La Victoire
Restaurant La Chaumière
Restaurant A l'Etoile d'Or
Restaurant La Pépinière
Hotel-restaurant Muller
Hôtel-restaurant Le Bristol
Restaurant Au Coq Blanc
Restaurant La Romaine
Restaurant Le Cygne
Restaurant - L'Orgelstubb
Restaurant - A l'Agneau
Un Air de Campagne
Restaurant le Nam-Anh
Restaurant Sel et Poivre
Villa Meteor
Restaurant de la Gare Hochfelden
Un Italiano Vero
Restaurant A l'Etoile
Restaurant - Au Boeuf Noir
Restaurant - Le Jardin de Bacchus
Restaurant - L'origine'l
Restaurant - Le Mamounia
Restaurant - Le Jardin
Restaurant - Le Comptoir des Loges
Salon de Thé - La Maison du Bretzel
Restaurant - Cassegraine
Restaurant - L'Ancienne Douane
Restaurant - Grains de Sel
Salon de Thé - Le Boudoir
Restaurant - Le Clem's
Restaurant - Le Tigre
Restaurant - Da Vinci
Restaurant - L'Auberge du Gros Chêne
Auberge de la Forêt
Le Caveau du Gaentzelbrinnel
Restaurant A l'Agneau
Pizzerie Bella Roma
Snack de Seltz
Restaurant A l'Agneau
Auberge du Rhin
Hotel zum Engel
Restaurant Biergarten Avocado
Hausbrauerei Alter Bahnhof Malsch
Raubs Landgasthof
Toni´s Schanzenberg Stube
"Biergarten Christophbräu"
Christoph Bräu
Easy Bar
Sportgaststätte Ottenau
Gasthaus Rebstock
Grammophon - Wirtshaus am Kelterplatz
Hinneburg´s Grillstube
Restaurant "Zur alten Zunft"
Hotel-Restaurant Sonne
Sportgaststätte TSV Loffenau
ZauberCraft Bräu
Landgasthof Zur Spechtschmiede
Flammerie Cafe Ratskeller Dobel
Treffpunkt Sky-Bar Dobel
Gasthof 'Zur Linde'
SRH Gesundheitszentrum Dobel
Zauberberg Schwanner Warte
Tennisclub im Wiesengrund
Ristorante Pizzeria "Antichi Sapori"
Bäckerei Edgar Ochs
Hemmis Rössle
La Bohème Maurer
L' Ancora Ristorante Pizzeria
Zur Brunnenstube
Cafe Konditorei Nussbaumer Reichenbach
Ratskeller Waldbronn - Helgas Bistro
Schwitzer's Bistro in der Albtherme
Gelateria Michelino
Restaurant Albhöhe
La Capannina Mamma - Mia Da Nino
La Piazetta Da Pietro
Lindenbräu GmbH
Milljöh - Altberliner Kneipe
Schwitzer's Brasserie & Lounge
Hartmaier's Villa Restaurant
WaTTs Brasserie
Restaurant Kreuz
Vogel Hausbräu Ettlingen
La Cubanita
Café Erbprinz
täglich Brasserie, Cafe
Restaurant Wanfu
Gasthaus "Zur alten Schmiede"
Gaststätte zur Braustube
Naturfreundehaus Bienwald
Waldbistro "Fun For Rest" im AbenteuerPark Kandel

Safety information

Please note that the circuit will offer you various types of routes: seprate cycle track, cycle lanes, agricultural paths, little-used roads. The type of surface varies according to the section (mostly asphalt, paved roads, gravel passage, forest roads, etc.). For your safety and that of others, ride safely, check that your bike is in good condition, well equipped and respect the highway code in town and outside the urban area.

Tips and hints

Maps :

Cycle map Südpfalz

Cycle map "Cycling in the PAMINA area". 


Further information and links: 


Any place along the route can be taken as a start and finish point (round trip) (118 m)
49.079680, 8.199774
49°04'46.8"N 8°11'59.2"E
32U 441563 5436621
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Any place along the route can be taken as a start and finish point (round trip)

Turn-by-turn directions

Southern Palatinate- France stage (approx. 195 km):

We do the tour as described from Kandel to Seltz. Instead of taking the ferry from Seltz (France) to Plittersdorf (Germany), we follow the Rhine cycle route (EuroVelo15) on the Alsatian side, heading north through Munchhausen and Mothern to Neuburg am Rhein. From there we return to the original route via Büchelberg and back to Kandel.

Baden stage (approx. 180 km):

This stage takes place mainly on the Baden side. Take the ferry from Seltz (France) to Plittersdorf (Germany) and from there follow the entire Baden route. At Neuburg am Rhein, take the ferry to join the Southern Palatinate. From here we no longer follow the original route but take the Rhine cycle route (EuroVelo15) south to Seltz. The tour does not go via Kandel, the starting point can be chosen freely.  

France Stage (approx. 185 km):

The starting point of this tour can be for example Wissembourg and then follows the original route through Northern Alsace. Instead of taking the ferry from Seltz (France) to Plittersdorf (Germany), we follow the Rhine cycle route (EuroVelo15) on the Alsatian side to Lauterbourg. Then back to Wissembourg along the Lauter cycle route.


Full Tour :

From/to Kandel railway station: From Kandel railway station we take the Kraut- undRüben-Radweg in an easterly direction, leaving Kandel, passing the Hofmarkt Zapt and the fields. From the Krautund-Rüben-Radweg we turn right onto the Tabakweg in the direction of Hatzenbühl. In Hatzenbühl there is a small brewery in a half-timbered house called hopart Craftbeer (Raiffeisenring 36), then we follow the Tabakweg to Bellheim. On the outskirts of Bellheim we turn right onto the Tabakweg in the direction of the Bellheimer Brauerei. Continue on Karl-Silbernagel-Str., cross the main road and follow the Zeiskamer Straße to Kraut- und Rüben-Radweg, where you turn left in the direction of Knittelsheim, via Ottersheim, after the Ottersheimer Bärenbrauerei, to Offenbach an der Queich.

In Offenbach, in the Birkenalle, you leave the Kraut- und Rüben-Radweg and turn right. Along the street "Im Schlangengarten" we turn left into the Konrad-Lerch-Ring, follow the cycle path to the Esslinger Straße. We cross this area and drive into Mühlstraße and then on the cycle path in the direction of Mörlheim. We cycle through Mörlheim following the K1 and turn right onto the K21 in the direction of Insheim. We pass through Insheim and take the K45 to Impflingen. On the cycle path through Impflingen we continue on the K45 to Mörzheim. Via Arzheimer Tor Straße and Raiffeisenstraße, past the village pond, we cycle along the Göcklinger Weg along vineyards and fields to Göcklingen. In Göcklingen we follow the Steinstraße and Schulstraße to the Göcklinger Hausbrauerei. Then we drive on the K17 in the direction of Heuchelheim. In Heuchelheim we turn right onto the main road and immediately left into Waldstraße or the L493. On the cycle path along the country road we reach Klingenmünster, where we meet the cycle path Deutsche Weinstraße, which leads us through Gleiszellen, Gleishorbarch and Pleisweiler to Bad Bergzabern. From Bad Bergzabern we continue on the cycle path of the German Wine Route southwards to Schweigen-Rechtenbach. From the German Wine Gateway we take the RD264 and the cycle path to Wissembourg. 

In Wissembourg, we take the exit "Other directions" at the roundabout. Then follow the signs "Centre Ville - Weiler". We turn right into Rue Bahnacker and pass through Rue Nationale, Quai du 24 Novembre, Faubourg de Bitche and Boulevard Clémenceau at the exit of Wissembourg (RD334), then we turn right onto the RD77 in the direction of Rott. We follow the RD77 towards Lobsann, Lampertsloch and Preuschdorf. In the centre of Preuschdorf we turn right in the direction of the "Mairie". Continue in the direction of Mitschdorf. In Mitschdorf we follow the road in the direction of Woerth. In Liebfrauenthal we take the cycle path to Langensoultzbach. There we follow the sign "IC52 towards Nehwiller on a forest road. In Nehwiller, at the exit of the Wlade, we continue straight ahead and follow the cycle path to Reichshoffen. Follow the signs to the centre of Reichshoffen. At the traffic lights, take the street of General Koenig and turn left at the station. Follow the IC21 in the direction of Gundershoffen. In the village we follow the IC21 via Uttenhoffen, Mietesheim to Mertzwiller. After Mertzwiller we turn onto the forest road to Uberach. We take the IC22 to Pfaffenhoffen, where we leave the "Rue do Pont" to take the road 22. We leave the "Rue du Rempart" and follow the RD919 to Bouxwiller. Then we take the RD235 to Ringendorf. In Ringendorf we take the RD69 to Lixhausen. In the village we turn again onto the RD235 towards Bossendorf. In Bossendorf we turn right onto the RD108 towards Wilshausen. Here we turn left towards Hochfelden. From Hochfelden, we first take the RD25 near Schaffhausen, then at the roundabout, the RD670 towards Mutzenhausen, then the RD70 to Hohfranckenheim. After Hohfranckenheim, we turn left again onto the RD25 towards Wasselonne, then we take the RD58 towards Gingsheim. In Gingsheim, we take the exit "Toutes directions" at the roundabout and take the RD58 towards Wingersheim. In the village, at the roundabout, take the cycle track on the right towards Notre Dame de Hohatzenheim. In Hohatzenheim we continue on the RD658 and RD67 to Mittelhausen. In Mittelhausen we turn left onto the RD32 towards Wingesheim and in the village we take the exit towards Krautwiller (RD58). In Krautwiller, we follow the EuroVElo5 cycle path (EV5) in the direction of Strasbourg. We turn left and leave the canal path in the direction of Brumath College. In Brumath, follow the signs for Haguenau (sign IC10) through the town centre and then take the cycle path to Haguenau. In Haguenau, follow road 10 "Centre Ville" towards the railway station, follow the Moder towards the "Porte de Wissembourg", at the roundabout go straight ahead, pass the park on the left and take the "Schirrheinstraße". We follow the signs "RouteRhénan - Cicuit Sud", then turn right into the main street and immediately left into the "Sachsenhausen street". Finally, turn left into the "Route de Soufflenheim" and right into the "Rue del'Ours". Follow the forest road from Krummstein in the direction of Gros Chêne 2. At Gros Chêne, continue in the direction of Betschdorf and follow the signs IC24/25. Take the forest road to Heuscheur and, at the crossroads, continue on the IC24 towards Betschdorf. In Betschdorf, turn right onto the cycle path and, at the roundabout by the swimming pool, turn left into the "Rue de l'Avenir" and then right into the "Rue de l'Eglise". Then we turn right into the "Rue Principale" (Main Street) in the direction of Rittershoffen. Before Rittershoffen we go straight on the farm road, we turn left into the "Rue de la Gare", then into the "Rue desRomains" and we continue straight on the bicycle path. In the industrial area of Niederroedern we turn right, at the roundabout we take the cycle path in the direction of Seltz and at the crossroads we continue straight on the RD297 on the cycle path in the direction of Kesseldorf. In Kesseldorf, at the crossroads we continue on the RD87 in the direction of Beinheim. In Beinheim, at the roundabout, we take the exit in the direction of Roppenheim (RD87), then we turn left into the "Rue de la Sauer", and at the next roundabout we enter the "Rue des Pies", then the "Rue de Saint-Louis" and the "Rue du Foyer". After the brook, we turn left and follow the EuroVelo15 (EV15). In Seltz we take the Rhine ferry to Germany.

In Germany, we cycle from the Rhine plain through the Murg valley to the northern heights of the Black Forest. From the ferry landing stage in Rastatt-Plittersdorf, the route leads directly to the centre of the baroque town of Rastatt. Along the Murg, we follow the route of the cycle path "Tour de Murg" to Kuppenheim. Between Kuppenheim and Gaggenau we pass the Unimog Museum before reaching the centre of Gaggenau. We continue to Gernsbach in the middle of the old town. In Gernsbach we cross the Murg and leave the "Murg Tower" before continuing on the Black Forest cycle path to Loffenau. The ascent to the heights of the Black Forest stretches from Gernsbach via Loffenau, the Gaistal and Dobel to Rosskopf, the Black Forest cycle path, via Loffenau, the Gaistal and Dobel and then Straubenhardt-Conweiler to Straubenhardt-Pfinzweiler. At the Königstraße/Pfalzstraße crossing we turn right and leave the Schwarzwald-Radweg for a short distance. We turn left into Häselstraße and drive past the Häselbräuvorbeizu brewery. At the end of Häselstraße we turn right into Schwarzwald-Radweg. We follow it through Ittersbach, Langensteinbach and Bützstraße. Here we turn left and then right into Spielberger Straße. A few metres further on, we turn left again onto a country lane and then right into Kurfürstenbadstraße. Passing the ruins of St. Barbara's Chapel, we turn left into Römerstraße. Follow this road for a while before turning left onto country and forest paths. At the Schwarzwaldverein sign "Am Grenzweg" we turn right into "Am Buchschlagweg" and then left again until we reach the barbecue area in Etzenroter Straße. Turn right into Etzenroter Straße and at the next opportunity turn left again. We follow the path to the S-Bahn stop "Reichenbach Kurpark", continue straight ahead along the tracks and then turn right into Herrenalber Straße. We follow the road to the bus stop "Busenbach Bahnhof". Here we cross the tracks and continue along the Pforzheimer Strasse to the centre of Ettlingen. After the Watthaldenpark we turn left into the Albstraße. Along the beautiful Alb to the centre and into the old town. Here we have the possibility to make a diversion via Rheinstraße to Vogelhausbräu or to turn right into Kronenstraße and follow the Rheintal-Radweg to Wolfartsweier. After Durlach we leave the Rheintal-Radweg and follow the Stromberg-Murrtal-Radweg to Grötzingen. In Grötzingen, we continue on the cycle path via Berghausen, Wöschbach, Walzbachtal, Dürrenbüchig in the direction of Bretten. Shortly before Bretten we turn left onto the cycle path Heidelberg-Black Forest - Lake Constance and the next cycle path to Bruchsal. In Bruchsal, at the junction Amalienstraße-Luisenstraße, we find the Rhine valley cycle path again. Here we turn left and follow the Rheintal-Radweg. We only leave the Rheintal-Radweg after Weingarten in Karlsruhe Grötzingen. At the Emil-Arheit-Halle we turn right from Bruchwaldstraße into the street "Am Viehweg". We drive on the cycle path in the direction of Karlsruhe, cross the A5 motorway and turn left into Karlsruher Straße in Hagsfeld. We drive on this road to the end and then take the cycle path along the L560 to Hirtenweg, we turn right and pass the main cemetery. Behind the cemetery we turn left into Hagsfelder Allee. Continue on the cycle path, pass Karlsruhe Castle and turn left at the Linkenheimer Tor. Then we turn right into Stephanienstraße, then right on the cycle path on Kaiserplatz and then left into Reinhold-Frank-Straße. We follow this street until we reach Kriegsstraße, turn right into Kriegsstraße and shortly before Weinbrennerplatz we turn left, cross Gartenstraße and follow the cycle path for a while before turning right in the direction of Hardeck-Siedlung. From the Siedlerweg we turn left into Hardeckstraße, then right into Pulverhausstraße and finally right into Hopfstraße after the Hopfenbrauerei. At the end of Hopfenstraße we turn into Durmersheimer Straße, then left into Zeppelinstraße. We cross the Alb and then turn right into Franz-Abt-Straße. We follow the cycle path along the Alb and follow the cycle path in the direction of the Albsiedlung, cross the B36 and turn left behind the Albsiedlung cemetery into Daxlander Straße, which then becomes Hermann-Schneider-Alle. We follow the road to the Rheinstrandbad Rappenwört. There we turn left onto the Rhine cycle path (EuroVelo15) and follow it until we turn right in Neuburgweier, until we reach the restaurant Zollhaus, from where we take the Rhine ferry to Neuburg. In Neuburg, we take the Franco-German PAMINA cycle route from Lautertal to Scheibenhardt. In Scheibenhardt the Southern Palatinate cycle path begins, on which we cycle through the Bienwald and via Büchelberg to Kandel.


all notes on protected areas

Public transport

The circuit can be started from several train stations and stops on the Palatinate, Baden or French side, like Kandel, Bad Bergzabern, Wissembourg, Haguenau, Rastatt, Ettlingen, Bruchsal, Karlsruhe.

Getting there

Coming from Baden-Württemberg or Bavaria, it is best to take the A8 in the direction of Karlsruhe or the A5 in the direction of Rastatt or Bruchsal. From the north, either from the Baden side via the A5 in the direction of Bruchsal and Karlsruhe, or from the Palatinate side via the A65 in the direction of Bad Bergzabern and Kandel, or from France via the A4 and A340 in the direction of Haguenau or Brumath, or via the A35 and D3 in the direction of Wissembourg.


There are several parking options along the route, e.g. free parking behind the station in Kandel or in Wissembourg at the station or at the car park "Rue des Messageries", about 50 metres away.


49.079680, 8.199774
49°04'46.8"N 8°11'59.2"E
32U 441563 5436621
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Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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verschiedene Radtourenführer siehe Karte/Karten

Author’s map recommendations

  •  Cycle map Südpfalz
  • Cycle map "Cycling in the PAMINA region"


Weatherproof clothing, drinking water, puncture repair kit, air pump, supplies.

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