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Graded long-distance hiking trail Stage

Ausbacherhof - Schloß Veldenz in Lauterecken - Veldenz-Wanderweg – Stage 5 (Leading-Quality-Trail - Best of Europe)

(1) Graded long-distance hiking trail • Palatinate
  • Blick auf Lauterecken
    / Blick auf Lauterecken
    Photo: Julia Bingeser / Jürgen Wachowski, Pfalz Touristik e.V.
  • Stadthaus in Lauterecken
    / Stadthaus in Lauterecken
    Photo: Julia Bingeser / Jürgen Wachowski, Pfalz Touristik e.V.
  • Wasserburg Reipoltskirchen
    / Wasserburg Reipoltskirchen
    Photo: Julia Bingeser / Jürgen Wachowski, Pfalz Touristik e.V.
  • Schloß Veldenz in Lauterecken
    / Schloß Veldenz in Lauterecken
    Photo: Julia Bingeser / Jürgen Wachowski, Pfalz Touristik e.V.
  • Leading Quality Trail
    / Leading Quality Trail
    Photo: Julia Bingeser / Jürgen Wachowski, Pfalz Touristik e.V.
  • Skulpturenpfad
    / Skulpturenpfad
    Photo: Jürgen Wachowski, Pfalz Touristik e.V.
  • Skulpturenpfad
    / Skulpturenpfad
    Photo: Jürgen Wachowski, Pfalz Touristik e.V.
  • Aussicht auf Reipoltskirchen
    / Aussicht auf Reipoltskirchen
    Photo: Jürgen Wachowski, Pfalz Touristik e.V.
  • Wasserburg, Ansicht 1
    / Wasserburg, Ansicht 1
  • Wasserburg, Ansicht 2
    / Wasserburg, Ansicht 2
  • Schild
    / Schild
  • Wasserburg Restaurant
    / Wasserburg Restaurant
  • Gewölbekeller
    / Gewölbekeller
  • Wasserburg Reipoltskirchen
    / Wasserburg Reipoltskirchen
  • Blick vom Turm
    / Blick vom Turm
  • Wasserburg Reipoltskirchen mit Garten
    / Wasserburg Reipoltskirchen mit Garten
  • Wasserburg mit Kunststele
    / Wasserburg mit Kunststele
  • Historische Ansicht der Wasserburg
    / Historische Ansicht der Wasserburg
  • Lauterecken Roseninsel und Lauterbrücke
    / Lauterecken Roseninsel und Lauterbrücke
  • Schloss Veldenz
    / Schloss Veldenz
  • Restaurant
    / Restaurant
  • Wohnmobilstellplatz Villa Toskana
    / Wohnmobilstellplatz Villa Toskana
  • überdachter Grillplatz und Sanitärgebäude
    / überdachter Grillplatz und Sanitärgebäude
  • Außenansicht
    / Außenansicht
  • Frühstückraum
    / Frühstückraum
  • Freisitz
    / Freisitz
  • Sitzecke
    / Sitzecke
  • Blick auf Lauterecken
    / Blick auf Lauterecken
Map / Ausbacherhof - Schloß Veldenz in Lauterecken - Veldenz-Wanderweg – Stage 5 (Leading-Quality-Trail - Best of Europe)
0 150 300 450 600 m km 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 Restaurant zur Wasserburg

Quality route according to
The trail continues from Ausbacherhof   towards   Reipoltskirchen, with its   former moated castle, which after its renovation by the County of Kusel, has been turned into a real gem. The flooded moat and the geometrically laid out gardens offer a beautiful picture. 

Around the Wasserburg, the trail leads along a sculpture trail, which has been newly created in recent years. 

After many fantastic views we reach the village of Veldenz-Cronenberg and continue through the valley of Sulzbach up to the forest tavern "Am Weiher" (Pfälzerwald-Verein Lauterecken). The opening times are from 9 – 18 on Sundays and public holidays   from Good Friday until October and by appointment.

The end of the Veldenz-Wanderweg is the Veldenzer Schloss in Lauterecken. Here in the town are a number of lovingly-restored old houses which now enliven the atmosphere of the town.


14.7 km
4:16 h
389 m
564 m
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The Veldenz-trail passes through the uneven landscape of the Palatinate highlands, lined with stunning panoramic views over to the Hunsrück and the Palatinate. Along the way, romantically-situated benches invite you to sit down and enjoy the views. There is also   the opportunity to refresh oneself along the trail.


Author's recommendation

In some years, there are art projects “Art in the Open”   at the Wasserburg Reipoltskirchen

In the Wasserburg are also integrated a restaurant and an art school .

It is worthwhile to enjoy   the hospitality of Lauterecken for hikers by staying on a bit longer.

A guided tour (by appointment Tel .: 06382/8805, mobile: 0160/7417769) opens up many unusual sights of this small town and a visit to the Motorsägenmuseum (chainsaw museum) is something very special and that will remain long in your memory.

You can also move around with a difference: our Draisinentour on the former Glan Valley Railway is adventure pure ! User

Julia Bingeser / Juergen Wachowski

Updated: 2017-01-11

Difficulty difficult
394 m
160 m
Best time of year

With refreshment stops With refreshment stops
Quality route according to Quality route according to "Wanderbares Deutschland"
Public transport friendly
Stage tour
Nice views
Cultural/historical value
Geological highlights
Botanical highlights

Safety information

Partial results of the footpath across narrow paths and rocks. Good footwear is required. For prams areas in the nature reserves are not suitable! 

Especially in the fall is also necessary to ensure that the leaves lying on the ground can conceal irregularities, roots, rocks or holes in the road. With paths impairments of this kind you can expect when you take a hike. Should you be of the opinion that these are not accessible to you in certain ways sections, then you should get round. Especially in adverse weather conditions, it may at natural ways to muddy and slippery passages come.



Hiking gear and sturdy shoes are required.

Walking sticks are recommended!



Ausbacherhof 1, 67753 Reipoltskirchen (339 m)
Geogr. 49.611864 N 7.655571 E
UTM 32U 402876 5496345


Veldenzplatz 1, 67742 Lauterecken

Turn-by-turn directions

The 5th stage of Veldenz trail offers again some very special   highlights. From Ausbacherhof we descend into the valley of the   Odenbach - the path leads around the Steinkopf and along beautiful narrow paths through the woods. At the edge of the woods, the view opens up to the Odenbachtal and soon the community of Reipoltskirchen, with its imposing moated castle comes into sight.

The Veldenz trail follows the Skulpturenweg around the Wasserburg . Created in 2010 and expanded upon in 2011, the extension is not yet finished - so there's always something new to discover. It is always worthwhile to visit the castle itself. In the strikingly-designed grounds, we also meet Gottfried Bräunling again and the view from the top of the tower is worth every step. Followed, of course, by a short rest!

The Veldenz Wanderweg follows the main road out of Reipoltskirchen and after a few hundred metres , we turn left again and climb up the sloping path. 

The next 1.5 km should be taken easy   - it's a really strenuous way up - you will be rewarded, however, by the fantastic view over the Palatinate Uplands. Now the trail descends slowly down towards the town of Cronenberg, a pleasant relaxation after the exhausting climb.

We walk through Cronenberg , another town belonging to the region of Veldenz, and make our descent into the Sulzbachtal. Only a small stream, but one which shoots from the heights and runs into a deep crevise, finishing in the River Glan near Medard .

The murmur of the stream still accompanies us for a while on our next but last ascent. Once again we can experience the natural silence and almost complete absence of civilization which shapes the character of this path. 

Having reached the summit, we then leave the forest and reach the forest tavern “Am Weiher” of the “Pfälzerwald-Verein Lauterecken just before   Lauterecken.

Now it's all downhill, your feet running almost by themselves towards the town of   Lauterecken to. A perfect destination following a wonderful trail stage! Loving-renovated over the years, the old town has a lot to offer as well as numerous opportunities to refresh oneself. Whether in the Stadtcafe or   the Restaurant Lauterecker Toscana or in Pfaelzer Hof – you will be in good hands anywhere in Lauterecken.





Public transport:

This tour is conveniently accessible by public transport.

From hiking Station Wolfenstein from the Ruftaxi 2973 (Tel .: 06382/993600 - Preorder at least 1 hour prior to the desired departure) for Ausbacherhof. 

From Lauterecken with the Lauter Valley Railway back to Wolfenstein or Kaiserslautern.

Information and timetables:


Getting there:

From Kaiserslautern Coming on the L 382 to Reipoltskirchen and then via the K 42 towards Einöllen to Ausbacherhof or on the B 270 to Lauterecken.



Public parking and Wohnmobilstellplatz on Ausbacherhof, Ausbacherhof 1, 67753 Reipoltskirchen

Coordinates: 49° 36´ 47´´ N / 7° 39´ 24´´ E


Public parking at the station Lauterecken.

Coordinates:   49° 39´ 12´´ N / 7° 35´ 28´´ E

Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

Book recommendation by the author

Official Handbook Prädikatsweg "Veldenz-Wanderweg" Available at: touristinformation@kv-kus

Author’s map recommendations

Topographic Map 1: 25.000 "Westpfalz Nord"


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Torsten Hahn
Wir sind die Tour am Sonntag, 16.11.2014 zu viert gelaufen und waren damit auf den 15km alleine auf weiter Flur. Der Trail ist super ausgeschildert, verdient aber keineswegs die Wertung "schwer". Die Anstiege nach der Wasserburg und nach Cronenberg sind auch für ungeübte Wanderer kein Problem. Bis Cronenberg fanden wir den Trail recht unspektakulär. Einziger Höhepunkt war die imposante Wasserburg mit dem Kunstpark. Erst ab dem Hochplateau ab Cronenberg wurde es interessant. Der Verlauf des Baches und der folgende leichte Anstieg sind sehr reizvoll. Schade, dass die Hütte des Pfaelzer-Waldverein im November geschlossen hat. So eine urige einkehrmoeglichkeit hat uns auf dem Weg gefehlt. Der Abstieg in das malerische kleine Städtchen Lauterecken ist sehr schön, der Wiesenweg hätte aber mal wieder eine Rasur notwendig gehabt. Lag vielleicht auch an der Jahreszeit. Alles in allem ein schöner Trail mit einigen Highlights. Auf Grund der Beschreibung und der Kategorie hatten wir uns aber ein wenig mehr erhofft.
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Difficulty difficult
Distance 14.7 km
Duration 4:16 h
Ascent 389 m
Descent 564 m


Public transport friendly Nice views With refreshment stops

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