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Bosenbach - Selberg - Remigius Wanderweg - Stage 3

Graded long-distance hiking trail · Palatine Uplands and Donnersberg · open
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  • Bei Bosenbach
    / Bei Bosenbach
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland, FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Essweiler - Landscheidhütte
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland, FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Bei der Sprengelburg
    Photo: Dominik Ketz, FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Bei der Sprengelburg
    Photo: Dominik Ketz, FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Bei der Sprengelburg
    Photo: Dominik Ketz, FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Ruine Sprengelburg
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Ruine Sprengelburg
    Photo: Dominik Ketz, FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Ruine Sprengelburg
    Photo: Dominik Ketz, FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Essweiler - Segelflugplatz
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland, FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Essweiler - Blick vom Segelflugplatz
    Photo: Dominik Ketz, FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Selbergturm
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / An der Lauter
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Bergwerkseinfahrt
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Hotel Königsberg Außenansicht
    Photo: Hotel Königsberg
m 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 25 20 15 10 5 km Kalkbergwerk am Königsberg Selbergturm Ruine Sprengelburg Landscheidhütte Eßweiler

The 3rd stage,   16.4 km long, on the 39.8 km quality hiking trail in the heart of the Palatinate Highlands.

(alternatively + 5 km via the Pfälzer Höhenweg   to Wolfstein)


25.2 km
7:42 h
683 m
747 m
The Remigius-Wanderweg passes through the uneven landscape of the Palatinate Highlands, lined with stunning panoramic views of both the Hunsrück and the Palatinate.

Along the way, romantically-situated benches invite you to sit down and admire the views.

At the beginning and at the end of the trail   there are refreshments and snacks available.


Author’s recommendation

The myth about the Sprengelburg Castle

The castle of Sprengelburg   entwines a legend from ancient times: hikers, who were on their way through the valley from Oberweiler to Eßweiler during the evening or at night , reported that they suddenly felt a load on their backs   which could not possibly come from their backpacks. Sometimes the burden was so heavy that even strong men were forced to their knees. However, hardly had they reached   the former castle when there was no additional weight noticeable. The explanation: The hunchbacked little man who used to live on the Sprengelburg, loved to can be carried up the arduous trail by hikers. (Source:

The airfield at Eßweiler is idyllically situated at the foot of Königsberg, and is considered to be one of the most beautiful sites in Germany. It has a length of 4 km towards the north , which guarantees long flights until late into the autumn. At the annual airfield festival, during the second weekend of September, visitors can participate in sightseeing flights. Information:

Three hiker-friendly accommodation and restaurant sites as well as many other holiday apartments   in Wolfstein look forward to welcoming   guests. Following prior reservation, you can make an underground tour of the chalk mine. Here traditional methods of work have been retained as a technical monument - a living testimony to the human spirit of enterprise. Information:

Our hiking-friendly hosts can now drive their guests to the starting point/finishing point of your day’s walk. User

Juergen Wachowski

Updated: January 06, 2020

Quality route according to "Wanderbares Deutschland"
Highest point
542 m
Lowest point
184 m
Best time of year

Rest Stop

Landscheidhütte Eßweiler
Hotel Restaurant Königsberg

Safety information

Partial results of the footpath across narrow paths and rocks. Good footwear is required.

For stroller the areas in the nature reserves are not suitable!

Especially in the fall is also necessary to ensure that the leaves lying on the ground can conceal irregularities, roots, rocks or holes in the road. With paths impairments of this kind you can expect when you take a hike. Should you be of the opinion that these are not accessible to you in particular cut, then you should get round. Especially in adverse weather conditions, it may be muddy and slippery passages come in natural ways.



Hiking gear and sturdy shoes are required.

Walking sticks are recommended!


Tips, hints and links




66887 Bosenbach, Parking in the street „Zum Sportplatz“ (249 m)
49.539699, 7.529011
32U 393577 5488493


Selbergturm (near 67753 Rothselberg) on the Palatine Trail / 67752 Wolfstein

Turn-by-turn directions

Starting at the   Bosenbacher sports ground, we follow the yellow signposting and arrive at the Remigius Wanderweg after a few hundred meters.

On the slopes of the   Trautmann it leads us on an up and down trail towards Eßweiler and Schneeweiderhof.

For those who now follow the first access path to   Eßweiler, they arrive after a few metres at the RV park with its Kneipp water-treading basin. A treat for tired feet and a good opportunity for a short rest.

Following   narrow paths we now go through the woods - here you really hear nothing but your   own footsteps, the wind and the birds. We descend into the Talbachtal and soon reach the Landscheidhütte (open every day except Tuesday), where you can have a well-deserved break.

From the Landscheidhütte it is not far to the ruins of the castle Sprengelburg. Originally built in the 13th century at the narrowest point of the valley, the walls and the round keep were rebuilt using the stones found during excavations in the 20th century. Note the sequoia trees in the forest near Eßweiler. Planted by the local community many years ago, they have now grown to be handsome and beautiful solitary trees.

The Remigius Wanderweg runs along a very idyllic trail. After a few hundred metres, we cross the main road, where we can admire another special tree, an old oak. From there we walk steadily uphill again through the woods and along the forest near the Königsberg which now allows views back to the Potzberg. The trail leads on past the airfield in Eßweiler where in good weather and a bit of luck gliders can be observed.

For those of you who would now prefer to take the bus back to the starting point. You can now take   the feeder path back to Eßweiler.

The main trail leads uphill and reaches soon the Pfälzer Höhenweg, where the Remigius Wanderweg finishes.

We now walk about 1 km to the lookout tower on the Selberg or the Wolfsteiner Wanderweg which takes us a further 3km to the historic town of Wolfstein . The 546 m high Selberg with its metal lookout point is another highlight of the walk. Built in 1914, the observation tower gives you a fantastic view over the Königsland.

On Sundays and public holidays it is possible to stop for refreshment at the forest tavern.

The town of Wolfstein has a lot of hospitality and attractions to offer. This little town on the Königsberg is about 5km away from the Selberg, the road is signposted along the Palatine Höhenweg.




all notes on protected areas

Public transport

Public transport friendly

From Eßweiler center: weekdays Saar-Pfalz bus 275 towards Kusel by Bosenbach;

On weekends and public holidays no adequate connection.

From Bosenbach (village center) weekdays Saarpfalzbus 275 to / from Altenglan BHF;

On the weekend after Ruftaxi Altenglan (06383/1460, please call 1 hour before departure in advance);



Getting there

Coming from Kaiserslautern towards Weilerbach on the L367 after Bosenbach. 

After Wolfstein / Eßweiler on the B270 in direction Lauterecken.



Hiking parking for entry available at the track.

Sports ground Bosenbach:                    Coordinates:      49° 32´ 53´´ N / 7° 31´ 26´´ E

Kneipp pool Eßweiler:                            Coordinates:      49° 33´ 18´´ N / 7° 33´ 22´´ E

                                                                                                (also Wohnmobilstellplätze)

Parking Village center Eßweiler:        Coordinates:      49° 33´ 32´´ N / 7° 33´ 53´´ E

Landscheidhütte:                                   Coordinates:       49° 33´ 51´´ N / 7° 33´ 36´´ E


Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

Book recommendation by the author

The Official Guide to the predicate paths Remigius & Veldenz

Author’s map recommendations

Topographic Map 1:25.000 „Westpfalz Mitte“ und „Westpfalz Nord“ Hiking in Palatine Uplands

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25.2 km
683 m
747 m
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