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Felsenland Sagenweg

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  • Fernwanderweg im Dahner Felsenland: Felsenland Sagenweg
    / Fernwanderweg im Dahner Felsenland: Felsenland Sagenweg
    Video: Outdooractive
  • / Burgengruppe Altdahn
    Photo: Peter Zimmermann, Südwestpfalz Touristik e.V.
  • / Logo Deutschlands Schönster Wanderweg 2013
    Photo: Dahner Felsenland
  • / Burgruine Blumenstein
    Photo: Peter Zimmermann, Südwestpfalz Touristik e.V.
  • / Auf der Burgruine Blumenstein
    Photo: Peter Zimmermann, Südwestpfalz Touristik e.V.
  • / Burgruine Neudahn
    Photo: Peter Zimmermann, Südwestpfalz Touristik e.V.
  • / Burgruine Drachenfels
    Photo: Peter Zimmermann, Südwestpfalz Touristik e.V.
  • / Felsmassiv Fladensteine
    Photo: Peter Zimmermann, Südwestpfalz Touristik e.V.
  • / Steinernes Heer
    Photo: Peter Zimmermann, Südwestpfalz Touristik e.V.
  • / Aufstieg zum Pfafffenfels
    Photo: Peter Zimmermann, Südwestpfalz Touristik e.V.
  • / Felsmassiv Jungfernsprung
    Photo: Peter Zimmermann, Südwestpfalz Touristik e.V.
  • / Burgruine Wegelnburg
    Photo: Peter Zimmermann, Südwestpfalz Touristik e.V.
  • / Braut und Bräutigam
    Photo: Peter Zimmermann, Südwestpfalz Touristik e.V.
  • / Burg Berwartstein Dahner Felsenland _ 1
  • / Fleckenstein
    Photo: Kurt Groß
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The cross-border long-distance hiking trail has everything to offer that makes the hiker's heart jump. You can discover amazing views as well as a variety of castles and castle ruins in Dahner Felsenland and Alsace. A sea of red sandstone rocks line the path.


85.8 km
28:00 h
2516 m
2539 m
The cross-border long-distance hiking trail has everything to offer that makes the hiker's heart jump. In five stages, the little ghost guides hikers through the mystical world of the Palatinate Forest on the blue trail markers. Already the first stage from Dahn to Erfweiler impresses with magnificent views of imposing rocks and mighty castle ruins. No less impressive is the routing of the second leg to Bundenthal. With the castle ruins Drachenfels and the legendary castle Berwartstein this stage offers two unforgettable highlights. Not only because of their altitude, the third route to Schönau is often referred to as a queen stage. The sights, such as the Wegelnburg - the highest castle ruins of the Palatinate or the famous castle Fleckenstein in Alsace make this part of the hike to an unforgettable experience. Through idyllic meadow valleys and past romantic forest lakes, the fourth stage leads to Fischbach. The last stage on the rock country Sagenweg leads to Bruchweiler-Bärenbach. On the way lies the biosphere house with the adventurous treetop path. Direction Rumbach is crossed by a wooden pier, the nature reserve Königsbruch. In Rumbach you should definitely visit the Christ Church with its medieval frescoes. Now there is only one last ascent to the Schützenfelsen before the dreamlike stage hike ends at the new amusement park Spießwiesen in Bruchweiler-Bärenbach. This is one of the twelve premium trails, which is one of the Felsenland tours in the Dahner Felsenland, the premium hiking region. Our total of twelve premium trails are listed both in the Pfalz hiking menu, as well as the hiking arena Palatinate Forest Northern Vosges. Furthermore, the Dahner Felsenland is a member of the Premium Wanderwelten.


Author’s recommendation

Refreshments on the route: Dahn, Alt-Dahn Castle, Erfweiler, Busenberg, Erlenbach, Berwartstein Castle, Bundenthal, Nothweiler, Fleckenstein Castle User
Jacques Noll
Updated: May 29, 2020

Premium route awarded the "Deutsches Wandersiegel"
Highest point
545 m
Lowest point
190 m
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Rest Stop

Burg Berwartstein
PWV Drachenfelshütte
Burgenmassiv Alt-Dahn - Grafendahn - Tanstein
PWV-Hütte im Schneiderfeld
Burgruine Fleckenstein/F
Biosphärenhaus Pfälzerwald/Nordvogesen

Safety information

Despite the well-signposted trail markers along the premium hiking trails, we recommend for security reasons to always have an appropriate hiking map so that, for example when a storm occurs, you can quickly either find shelter or get out of the woods.

Especially in the autumn it is also important to remember that leaves lying on the ground can conceal irregularities, such as roots, rocks or holes in the path. Following storms, trees can have been uprooted or have branches hanging down. Such path impairments have to be expected   when using such trails . Especially in adverse weather conditions, it may occur that the trails and paths turn into muddy and slippery passages. Path impairments of this kind have to be expected when you go out for a hike. Not all rocks or slopes are secured with ropes or railings and sure footedness is required. Should you be of the opinion that these are not accessible to you then you should try and get around them.




Sturdy footwear and all-weather clothing, sun and rain protection, and a sufficient quantity of food and drink, should no refreshment facilities or shopping possibilities exist or be open. Although the path is always very well marked, you should for safety reasons always have an appropriate hiking map with you.


Tips, hints and links

Tourist-Information Dahner Felsenland
Schulstr. 29, 66994 Dahn
Tel. 06391 9196222

Film zum Felsenland Sagenweg:


Tourist-Information Dahner Felsenland, Schulstraße 29, 66994 Dahn (215 m)
49.152331, 7.781450
32U 411145 5445104


Bruchweiler-Bärenbach, Spießwiesenpark

Turn-by-turn directions

1st stage: Dahn-Erfweiler

We start at the tourist information office in the Schulstraße in Dahn and follow the "Gespenster-Logo" towards the cemetery. Here we hike through the picturesque forest route up to the viewing platform at the Jungfernsprungfelsen. We climb back down again to   Dahn and walk next to the Sängerfelsen, which also offer a magnificent view. Passing imposing cliffs, the trail leads to the ruins of Neudahn, which we should explore in a separate tour. Then it goes through the Moosbachtal to the "Dahner Hütte" (Pfälzerwaldvereinhütte, refreshments available, please check opening times). Over rocky paths, past lovely viewpoints and tremendous rock formations, the trail now leads to Dahn and then onto the castles of Altdahn where the ruins of the mighty walled-castles of Altdahn, Grafendahn and Tannstein can be admired. A visit to the castle museum is highly recommended. We then descend to our the first stage destination of   Erfweiler.

2nd Stage: Erfweiler-Bundenthal

We start in Erfweiler and walk along sandy paths through the wonderful Palatinate Forest. Going up a gentle uphill path, we soon reach the first lookout point on the south side of the Kahlenberg near Schindhard. A short time later we pass the picturesque village of Schindhard and walk through orchards in the direction of Eilöchel. At the local hiker’s car park we climb up to the Eichelberg, where we will enjoy a dreamlike view over to the Busenberg. Along the side of a mighty rock wall we walk along an idyllic birdwatcher’s   trail along and soon reach the parking lot   "Hexenplätzel". We follow the trail through Busenberg and already have our next destination in sight, the Drachenfels castle ruins. After a steep ascent, we enjoy a short break in the spacious castle grounds overlooking the wooded surroundings. Food and drink is then available at the Drachenfels tavern (Pfälzerwaldvereinshütte), which is open on Wednesdays and weekends. Passing the chapel of St. Gertraud, the trail leads   to Erlenbach and continues then to Burg Berwartstein. A visit of this elevated castle requires an entrance fee, but the exciting tours can be totally recommended. A castle tavern is located in the Rittersaal. The last section of this stage leads past the rocky massif of the "Fladenstein" (with geological trail) along to   Bundenthal.


3rd Stage: Bundenthal-Schönau

Today's stage is, due to the steep climbs, the veritable crowning stage of this tour. We start in Bundenthal and walk past the airfield of Söller, cross a small valley and then begin the strenuous climb through changing forest landscapes up to the summit of the "Mäuerle". Now past the imposing cliffs of Mäuerle, such as the "Teufelstisch", the trail goes down narrow paths to Nothweiler. Here we can enjoy a delicious traditional tarte flambee before starting the strenuous climb up to the highest castle ruins of the Palatinate, the Wegelnburg (572m). Once at the top, we are rewarded with a beautiful panoramic view. On the ridge, we walk slightly downhill and cross the border to France. Gorgeous panoramic views await us on the ruins of the Hohenburg and Lowenstein, which we can explore extensively. Then we follow the spectacular rocky path, only suitable for sure-footed hikers, to the Hiker’s Experience Site of P'tit Fleck and the Fleckenstein castle ruins. A more comfortable walk up to the Fleckenstein begins at the entrance to the Felsenpfad   and is marked with a red bar trail marker. An exhibition informs us here about the special features of the forest as well as giving us the opportunity to visit the   Bistro and gift shop. Those who want to visit the nearby castle ruin of Fleckenstein, can buy here tickets. At the foot of the imposing Fleckenstein castle ruins, we continue to the Hirschthal. Now we wander through the idyllic and secluded valley of the Hichtenbach before we turn into the forest to our right. Here it then leads up along paths and forest roads until we enjoy a magnificent view up over the forest from the Bruderfelsen and on to the ruins of the Fleckenstein castle. Shortly before we reach our destination of Schoenau, there awaits us as the last highlight of this stage, the mighty massif of Pfaffenfels, which you can climb up using ladders. The climbers will find a fantastic view.


4th Stage: Schönau-Fischbach

In Schönau, we follow the trail through the Wengelsbachtal up to the Wengelsbacher Hals and then on to the castle ruins of Blumenstein. Along idyllic forest tracks, we reach the Col du Maimont in France. We explore the castle Wasigenstein before we start the ascent to the summit of Maimont. Passing   the Opferschale, a flat rock, we walk on forest paths back to Germany and enjoy great views over the region from the Friedenskreuz. A spectacular section of the trail takes us along an elongated rock barrier. In switchbacks, we then move along the border down to the Zollstock. From here the trail is flatter and we get into the Sauertal. In the village of   Petersbächel, the Wanderheim Walthariklause invites you rest awhile. The next highlight awaits us at the nature reserve of the Pfälzerwoog. On wide forest trails we arrive at the hidden forest lake of Pfälzerwoog and we enjoy the peace and quiet on the forest benches. It then goes up to the Lindelskopf, where we once again enjoy the magnificent view. We then follow the trail further to the Ludwigswinkel. Here we experience both a barefoot trail and a sculpture trail. Past the swimming lake Saarbachhammer we finally reach today’s destination of Fischbach.


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Public transport

Public transport friendly

By train to Bad Bergzabern or Hinterweidenthal, from there by bus to Dahn. Entry Tourist Information Dahner Felsenland, Schulstraße 29. From May to October with the excursion trains "Bundenthaler" and "Felsenland-Express" "on Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from Mannheim


Getting there

A65 until exit Landau-Nord, B10 via Annweiler to Dahn



Public parking in the Pestalozzistraße and Gartenstraße opposite the Tourist Information Dahn Rockland
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

Book recommendation by the author

Diverse Faltblätter und eine ausführliches Broschüre mit allen Sagen zum Weg sind erhältlich bei: Tourist-Information Dahner Felsenland, Schulstraße 29, 66994 Dahn, Tel.: 06391-9196222,

Premium-Wanderbuch "Pfälzerwald" mit 17 Premium-Rundwegen und Streckenwegen.
Verlag: idemedia GmbH, ISBN 978 - 3 - 942779 - 54 - 8
Autoren: Ulrike Poller und Wolfgang Todt


Author’s map recommendations

Wander- und Radwanderkarte Dahner Felsenland 1:25.000, 8,90 €uro zzgl. Portokosten von 1,55 €uro Neu ab 2019: 6. Auflage: Wandern und Radfahren im Dahner Felsenland mit den Premium-Wanderwegen, den Haupt- und Rundwanderwegen, den Radrouten sowie dem Rettungspunkte-System im Maßstab 1:25.000, ISBN 978-3-945138-06-9

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Stefan Krahkrah
August 11, 2019 · Community
Sehr , sehr schön. Ich bin an zwei Tagen zwar nur die untere Schleife gelaufen, aber das hat sich mehr als gelohnt.
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Done at August 11, 2019
Photo: Stefan Krahkrah, Community
Photo: Stefan Krahkrah, Community
Martin Böttcher
August 15, 2016 · Community
Wunderschöne Tour durch den Pfälzerwald. Bin die Tour in 4 Tagen gelaufen, würde aber für jedem der sie zum ersten mal läuft und sich jede Burg und Felsen anschauen möchte 5-6 Tage empfehlen. Die Ausschilderung ist außer in Busenberg am Hexenplätzel und kurz vor Petetsbächel nahezu perfekt und wenn man die Öffnungszeiten und Ruhetage beachtet hat man immer wieder die Möglichkeit einzukehren oder den Proviant nachzufüllen. Leider sind die Übernachtungsmöglichkeiten für Etappenwanderer recht dünn gesäht, durch die viele Felsen mit Überhängen kann man aber auch sehr gut mal im Wald übernachten. Ansonsten sind die Pfälzer sehr nett und hilfsbereit.
show more
Thomas Funen
July 02, 2016 · Community
Habe heute die 90 km in 4 Tagen hinter mich gebracht. Es war herrlich, durch den Pfälzer Wald zu laufen und die zahlreichen Auf- und Abstiege zu bewältigen. Die Belohnung für die Aufstiege folgte auf dem Fuße mit einem der vielen Aussichtsfelsen. Jeder kann sich selbst seinen Lieblingsfelsen, seine Lieblingsaussicht und seine Lieblingsruine herauserwandern. Der Weg sollte allerdings von der Schwierigkeit her nicht unterschätzt werden und es ist nicht ratsam, eine Tagesetappe länger als 30 km zu planen.
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Done at July 02, 2016
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85.8 km
2516 m
2539 m
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