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Graded long-distance hiking trail Stage

St. Julian - Reckweilerhof - Veldenz-Wanderweg - Stage 3 (Leading-Quality-Trail - Best of Europe)

Graded long-distance hiking trail • Palatinate
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Map / St. Julian - Reckweilerhof - Veldenz-Wanderweg - Stage 3 (Leading-Quality-Trail - Best of Europe)
0 150 300 450 600 m km 2 4 6 8 10 Hotel-Restaurant Reckweilerhof

Quality route according to
A hike through the stillness and tranquility of nature with magnificent distant views. 

You cross the valley of   Glantal at Glanbrücken and reach the 3rd stage finish at the Reckweilerhof in Lautertal.


12.1 km
3:35 h
395 m
400 m
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The Veldenz-Wanderweg passes through the uneven landscape of the Palatinate highlands, lined with stunning panoramic views of the Hunsrück and the Palatinate.

Along the way, romantically-situated benches invite you to sit down and enjoy the view.

 In Hotel Reckweilerhof, at the end of this,   the 3rd stage, there is the possibility to stop for a refreshment.


Author's recommendation

The region is characterised by the peace and quiet to be enjoyed, but also by the distant views.

Using the connecting trail to the "Pfälzer Höhenweg" you can also make a detour to Wolfenstein where you can see the ruined castles of Alt-Wolfenstein and Wolfenstein New .

A special feature is also the visitors chalk mine, where chalk was quarried until the year 1967 User

Julia Bingeser / Juergen Wachowski

Updated: 2017-03-06

Difficulty moderate
348 m
173 m
Best time of year

With refreshment stops With refreshment stops
Quality route according to Quality route according to "Wanderbares Deutschland"
Public transport friendly
Stage tour
Nice views
Cultural/historical value
Geological highlights
Botanical highlights

Safety information

Partial results of the footpath across narrow paths and rocks. Good footwear is required. For prams areas in the nature reserves are not suitable! 

Especially in the fall is also necessary to ensure that the leaves lying on the ground can conceal irregularities, roots, rocks or holes in the road. With paths impairments of this kind you can expect when you take a hike. Should you be of the opinion that these are not accessible to you in certain ways sections, then you should get round. Especially in adverse weather conditions, it may at natural ways to muddy and slippery passages come.



Hiking gear and sturdy shoes are required. 

Walking sticks are recommended!



Hauptstraße 56, 66887 St. Julian (185 m)
Geogr. 49.608469 N 7.511366 E
UTM 32U 392451 5496164


Reckweilerhof 8, 67752 Wolfstein

Turn-by-turn directions

From St. Julian we take the trail to the East and wander through meadows and forests to Glanbrücken. The landscape is dominated by an idyllic country setting so that you, no doubt, will be able to say “hello” to a number of the cows you will meet on the way. We go through Glanbrücken and also alongside the River Glan which flows   parallel to the Glan-Blies -Radweg and the Draisinenstracke (rail-cycle draisine) route.

From the beautiful Glantal it goes back into the wilder nature of the Palatinate Uplands and along peaceful paths uphill toward Nerzweiler. We cross this idyllic farmer’s village,lying between the hills   and take the final climb up to the heights of Aschbach. Breathtaking views of meadows and fields - in good weather looking over several kilometres. Here the trail crosses the Pfälzer Höhenweg. We follow the Veldenz Wanderweg for about 1.3 km, until we reach our destination of Reckweilerhof with its good restaurants (Hotel Reckweilerhof) and be able here to rest our tired feet.


Public transport:

This tour is conveniently accessible by public transport.

Take the train to Altenglan and then by Saarpfalzbus No. 270 to St. Julian.
By train from Reckweilerhof to Lauterecken and then with Saarpfalzbus No. 270 to St. Julian.

Information and timetables:


Getting there:

From Kaiserslautern Coming on the A62, exit Kusel, then the B 420 to St. Julian or on the L 376 to Altenglan, then on the B 420.

After Reckweilerhof via the B 270 from Kaiserslautern.



Public parking in 66887 St. Julian, Steige

Coordinates:   49° 36´ 31´´ N / 7° 30´ 41´´ E


Wohnmobilstellplatz at Ölmühle 66887 St. Julian, Mühlstraße

Coordinates:   49° 36´ 25´´ N / 7° 30´ 46´´ E


67752 Wolfstein/Reckweilerhof, railway station. 

Coordinates:   49° 36´ 27´´N / 7° 36´ 32´´ E


Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

Book recommendation by the author

Official Handbook Prädikatsweg "Veldenz-Wanderweg" Available at: touristinformation@kv-kus

Author’s map recommendations

Topographic Map 1: 25.000 "Westpfalz Mitte"


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Difficulty moderate
Distance 12.1 km
Duration 3:35 h
Ascent 395 m
Descent 400 m


Public transport friendly Nice views With refreshment stops

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