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Dahner Rundwanderweg

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Tourist-Information Dahner Felsenland
  • Jungfernsprung Wahrzeichen der Stadt Dahn
    / Jungfernsprung Wahrzeichen der Stadt Dahn
    Photo: Jacques Noll
  • Markierungszeichen Dahner Rundwanderweg
    / Markierungszeichen Dahner Rundwanderweg
    Photo: Tourist-Information Dahner Felsenland
  • Hochstein
    / Hochstein
    Photo: Jacques Noll, Tourist-Information Dahner Felsenland
  • Burgenmassiv Alt-Dahn
    / Burgenmassiv Alt-Dahn
    Photo: Tourist-Information Dahner Felsenland
  • Blick auf die Stadt Dahn
    / Blick auf die Stadt Dahn
    Photo: Tourist-Information Dahner Felsenland
  • /
    Photo: Tourist-Information Dahner Felsenland
  • / Burgruine Neudahn
    Photo: Jacques Noll, Tourist-Information Dahner Felsenland
  • / Hütte im Schneiderfeld PWV Dahn
    Photo: Jacques Noll, Tourist-Information Dahner Felsenland
  • / Sängerfelsen
    Photo: Tourist-Information Dahner Felsenland
  • / Burgenmassiv Altdahn Dahner Felsenland - 1
  • / Burgruine Neu-Dahn Dahner Felsenland
  • / Burgenmassiv Alt-Dahn im Dahner Felsenland
    Photo: Jacques Noll , Kurt Groß
  • / Burgenmassiv Altdahn Dahner Felsenland - 2
  • / WANDERarena: Wanderwelt Dahner Felsenland
    Video: Pfälzerwald-Nordvogesen
0 150 300 450 600 m km 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 Hochstein Burgenmassiv Alt-Dahn - Grafendahn - Tanstein Römerfelsen Römerfelsen Jungfernsprung Sängerfelsen Burgruine Neudahn PWV-Hütte im Schneiderfeld Wachtfelsen

The 18.6 kilometers long Dahner circular walk for over narrow paths and varied forest trails through the diversity of the Dahner Felsenland. Starting with the rock massif Hochstein, the castles group Alt-Dahn, the Roman rock over the Jungfernsprung and Satan's boulders to the castle ruins Neudahn.


18.7 km
8:30 h
580 m
580 m
On the nearly 18.6 kilometers of the Dahner Rundwanderwegs reveals the diversity of the Felsenland. Over the rock massif Hochstein leads the way to the largest castle complex of the Palatinate, the castle massif Alt-Dahn-Grafendahn-Tanstein.Hier should allow time for a comprehensive visit. Comfortable forest paths lead over the Roman rock, with its great 360 ° view, to the famous rock massif Jungfernsprung above the town of Dahn. The story continues on the other side of the valley, past the rocks of Satan's lump and witch's mushroom to the imposing castle ruins of Neudahn. After a short descent into the nature reserve Moosbachtal, a stop at the Dahner Hütte of the Palatine Forest Association is a great opportunity. Two impressive rock massifs are passed before the path ends in the spa park, at the starting point of the round trip. This is a new premium route, which was certified in autumn 2015 by the German Hiking Institute. The Dahner Rundwanderweg is one of the Felsenland tours in the Dahner Felsenland, the premium hiking region. Our total of twelve premium trails are listed both in the Pfalz hiking menu, as well as the hiking arena Palatinate Forest Northern Vosges. Furthermore, the Dahner Felsenland is a member of the Premium Wanderwelten.


Author’s recommendation

Refreshments: Dahner Palatinate Forest Hut in Schneiderfeld, FelsenGraf hut at the start, restaurant Büttelwoog at the campsite User
Jacques Noll
Updated: October 08, 2019

Premium route awarded the "Deutsches Wandersiegel"
Highest point
355 m
Lowest point
201 m
Best time of year

Rest Stop

PWV-Hütte im Schneiderfeld
Burgenmassiv Alt-Dahn - Grafendahn - Tanstein

Safety information

Despite the well-signposted trail markers along the premium hiking trails, we recommend for security reasons to always have an appropriate hiking map so that, for example when a storm occurs, you can quickly either find shelter or get out of the woods. 

Especially in the autumn it is also important to remember that leaves lying on the ground can conceal irregularities, such as roots, rocks or holes in the path. Following storms, trees can have been uprooted or have branches hanging down. Such path impairments have to be expected   when using such trails . Especially in adverse weather conditions, it may occur that the trails and paths turn into muddy and slippery passages. Path impairments of this kind have to be expected when you go out for a hike. Not all rocks or slopes are secured with ropes or railings and sure footedness is required. Should you be of the opinion that these are not accessible to you then you should try and get around them.



Sturdy footwear and all-weather clothing, sun and rain protection, and a sufficient quantity of food and drink, should no refreshment facilities or shopping possibilities exist or be open. Although the path is always very well marked, you should for safety reasons always have an appropriate hiking map with you.


Tips, hints and links

Tourist-Information Dahner Felsenland
Schulstr. 29, 66994 Dahn
Tel. 06391 9196222


Parking house of the guest, Weißenburger Straße 17 d, 66994 Dahn (213 m)
49.149145, 7.782913
32U 411246 5444748


Parking house of the guest, Weißenburger Straße 17 d, 66994 Dahn

Turn-by-turn directions

Trail description of this family- friendly long distance trail with taverns on the way  

This approximately 18.7 km long circular trail, the   Dahner Rundwanderweg, which can be divided into two sections, is certainly one of the most beautiful and interesting hiking trails in the Palatinate. It leads around the spa town of Dahn through a world of bizarre rock giants and mighty castles, through vast forest areas as well as alongside romantic flooded plains and lakes. 

The start is in the spa park of Dahn . Over the mighty rock formation of the Hochstein, from the top of which the hiker has a wide view over the Dahner Felsenland, the trail leads to the largest ancient castle in the Palatinate , the "Altdahn-Grafendahn-Tanstein". A visit to the castle museum can be highly recommended. The next imposing stopover on the tour is the rock formation “Römerfelsen”. A ladder leads up to the secured viewing platform on the rock. Here the hiker has a great view over the treetops of the Palatinate Forest . Now on easy forest paths we cross the Lachberg, with views of the castle of Altdahn , past mighty rock walls and over the ridge of the Vogelsberg to the Aussichtskanzel on the famous rock formation "Jungfernsprung", just above the town of Dahn . After a short descent, we reach Dahn again and here ends the first section of the tour. 


Now the way leads to the other side of the valley to the viewing platform on the rock formation “Sängerfelsen”and further, past the rock formations of the"Satansbrocken" and “Hexenpilz”, to the mighty castle ruins of "Neudahn" with its towers and rock chambers. There follows a brief descent into the nature reserve Moosbachtal, which will delight nature-loving walkers. Past several small lakes we soon reach the "Dahner Hütte", a tavern run by the Palatinate Forest Association. After a comfortable rest surrounded by breathtaking scenery, we walk along beautiful forest paths to the rock formations "Braut und Bräutigram” and "Wachtfelsen" in Dahn. The trailblazers amongst you now have the opportunity of climbing up to the observation deck of the Wachtfelsen, via a ladder. The path now leads back through Dahn to the starting point in the park.






Public transport

By train to Bad Bergzabern or Hinterweidenthal, from there by bus to Dahn. From the town center on foot to the spa park


Getting there

B10 to exit Hinterweidenthal, continue on the B427 to 66994 Dahn, there the signs Kurpark



Parking house of the guest,Weißenburger Straße 17 d, 66994 Dahn  


Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

Book recommendation by the author

Premium-Wanderbuch "Pfälzerwald" mit 17 Premium-Rundwegen und Streckenwegen.
Verlag: idemedia GmbH, ISBN 978 - 3 - 942779 - 54 - 8
Autoren: Ulrike Poller und Wolfgang Todt

Author’s map recommendations

Wander- und Radwanderkarte Dahner Felsenland 1:25.000, 8,90 €uro zzgl. Portokosten von 1,55 €uro Neu ab 2019: 6. Auflage: Wandern und Radfahren im Dahner Felsenland mit den Premium-Wanderwegen, den Haupt- und Rundwanderwegen, den Radrouten sowie dem Rettungspunkte-System im Maßstab 1:25.000, ISBN 978-3-945138-06-9


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Janina Mirus
April 22, 2019 · Community
Typische Tour im Pfälzer Wald! Jeder Höhenmeter lohnt sich! Eine tolle Aussicht toppt die nächste. Auch die Burgfreunde kommen auf ihre Kosten! Und bei wärmeren Temperaturen kommt man doch schon ins schwitzen! Herrlich welche Vielfalt der Pfälzer Wald rund um Dahn zu bieten hat ! Gerne kann der Rundweg auch individuell gestaltet werden, durch viele kreuzende Premiumwege!
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Montag, 22. April 2019, 23:33 Uhr
Photo: Janina Mirus, Community User
Elke Roth
July 09, 2018 · Community
Ein sehr abwechslungsreicher Wanderweg. Es gibt viel zu sehen. Kein "Flip-Flop-Pfad", da der Boden größtenteil steinig und wurzelig ist. Der Nachteil an der Tour ist, dass man die überwiegende Zeit den Verkehrslärm in den Ohren hat und somit wenig Stille genießen kann.
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Done at July 07, 2018
Alois Kotzer
May 28, 2018 · Community
Dieser Rundwanderweg ist absolut empfehlenswert. Sind den Weg im Mai 2018 gegangen: Relativ leicht zu wandern ohne all zu große Steigungen und immer wieder gibt es etwas zu sehen.
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Done at May 11, 2018
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18.7 km
8:30 h
580 m
580 m
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