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  • Besucherbergwerk Erzgrube Nothweiler
    / Besucherbergwerk Erzgrube Nothweiler
    Photo: Jacques Noll, Foto: Kurt Groß
  • Besucherbergwerk Nothweiler
    / Besucherbergwerk Nothweiler
    Photo: Jacques Noll, Foto: Jacques Noll
  • Burg Löwenstein
    / Burg Löwenstein
    Photo: W. Todt, testAT-tourenerfassung
  • Wandertafel am Grenzgängerweg
    / Wandertafel am Grenzgängerweg
    Photo: Südwestpfalz Touristik e.V.
  • Entlang des Weges, Foto: Kurt Groß
    / Entlang des Weges, Foto: Kurt Groß
    Photo: Jacques Noll, Tourist-Information Dahner Felsenland
  • Der Kappelstein
    / Der Kappelstein
    Photo: Jacques Noll, Foto Jacques Noll
  • / Auf dem Kappelstein mit Blick auf die Wegelnburg
    Photo: Jacques Noll, Foto: jacques Noll
  • / Infotafel am Grenzgängerweg
    Photo: Jacques Noll, Foto: Jacques Noll
  • / Col du Litschhof
    Photo: Jacques Noll, Foto Kurt Groß
  • / WANDERarena: Romantisches Sauertal
    Video: Pfälzerwald-Nordvogesen
150 300 450 600 750 m km 1 2 3 4 5 6 Burgruine Wegelnburg Burgruine Hohenburg/F Löwenstein Burgruine Löwenstein/F Kappelstein Eisenerzgrube Nothweiler

The approx. 7 km long German-French circular hiking trail is an exciting hiking tour across the border between Germany and France. At the Grenzgängerweg, which travels over long stretches through a varied forest landscape, information boards tell anecdotes from the "Grenzgeschichte.


7 km
3:30 h
315 m
316 m
The 7 km long French-German round trip is an exciting hiking tour over the border between Germany and France. Along the Grenzgängerweg which runs over long distances through a varied forest landscape, information boards relate anecdotes from the "border story", such as "the blockhead". A visit to the iron ore mine Nothweiler", which is situated directly on the hike trail, should not be missed.


Author’s recommendation

Refreshments are available at the kiosk in the iron ore mine or in the village of Nothweiler (specialities: tarte flambee). User
Stefan Sommerfeld
Updated: April 03, 2019

Premium route awarded the "Deutsches Wandersiegel"
Highest point
481 m
Lowest point
265 m
Best time of year

Rest Stop

Eisenerzgrube Nothweiler

Safety information

Despite the well-signposted trail markers along the premium hiking trails, we recommend for security reasons to always have an appropriate hiking map so that, for example when a storm occurs, you can quickly either find shelter or get out of the woods. 

Especially in the autumn it is also important to remember that leaves lying on the ground can conceal irregularities, such as roots, rocks or holes in the path. Following storms, trees can have been uprooted or have branches hanging down. Such path impairments have to be expected   when using such trails . Especially in adverse weather conditions, it may occur that the trails and paths turn into muddy and slippery passages. Path impairments of this kind have to be expected when you go out for a hike. Not all rocks or slopes are secured with ropes or railings and sure footedness is required. Should you be of the opinion that these are not accessible to you then you should try and get around them.

Don’t forget your passport/identification card and some kind of protection against the sun.



Sturdy footwear and all-weather clothing, sun and rain protection, and a sufficient quantity of food and drink, should no refreshment facilities or shopping possibilities exist or be open. Although the path is always very well marked, you should for safety reasons always have an appropriate hiking map with you.


Tips, hints and links
Tourist-Information Dahner Felsenland
Schulstr. 29, 66994 Dahn
Tel. 06391 9196222

Eigener Flyer vorhanden.

Telefon Eisenerzgrube: 06394-5354


76891 Nothweiler, Wanderparkplatz Lembacher Straße (-21474 m)
49.065567, 7.795234
32U 411996 5435443


76891 Nothweiler, Wanderparkplatz Lembacher Straße

Turn-by-turn directions

From the parking site the trail leads across the border and through the valley to the Forsthaus "Litschhof" and the parking lot at the "Col du Litschhof" with shelter and rest areas. After this, a more strenuous stretch of path follows up to the 498m high Kappelstein. The way down again should be followed slowly since there are good views of the castle ruins of Wegelnburg, Hohenburg and Lowenstein. Now the trail partly follows the border line, downhill to the iron ore mine Nothweiler (open from April to October, closed on Mondays) and on to the half-timbered houses of the village of Nothweiler. The historic Zeppelin fountain in the town centre offers a refreshing cooling down. Past the church and through the valley, the trail goes back to the trail parking lot.


Public transport

By train to Hinterweidenthal, then by bus to Nothweiler. From May to October on Sundays and public holidays by train to Bundenthal


Getting there

B10 to Hinterweidenthal, continue on B427 to Dahn-Reichenbach, continue on country road via Bruchweiler-Bärenbach, Bundenthal and Rumbach to Nothweiler.



Wanderparkplatz, Lembacher Straße, 76891 Nothweiler (D) or Col du Litschhof (F)


Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

Book recommendation by the author

Premium-Wanderbuch "Pfälzerwald" mit 17 Premium-Rundwegen und Streckenwegen.
Verlag: idemedia GmbH, ISBN 978 - 3 - 942779 - 54 - 8
Autoren: Ulrike Poller und Wolfgang Todt

Author’s map recommendations

Wander- und Radwanderkarte Dahner Felsenland 1:25.000, 6,90 €uro zzgl. Portokosten von 1,45 €uro Neu: 5. Auflage: Wandern und Radfahren im Dahner Felsenland mit den Premium-Wanderwegen, den Haupt- und Rundwanderwegen, den Radrouten sowie dem Rettungspunkte-System im Maßstab 1:25.000, ISBN 978-3-934895-95-9

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Christina Ende
June 04, 2017 · Community
WIr sind die Tour mit unseren 7-jährigen in umgekehrter Richtung gegangen: Erst ins Bergwerk, dann der steile Anstieg, und dann der lange gemütliche Abstieg vom Kappelstein. Es war wunderschön!
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Done at May 28, 2017
Moni S
January 11, 2016 · Community
Geschichtsunterricht in einer entspannenden Runde
show more
Done at May 10, 2015
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7 km
3:30 h
315 m
316 m
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