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Moselsteig Seitensprung Extratour Zitronenkrämerkreuz

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    Photo: Thomas Kalff, Mosellandtouristik GmbH
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Premium route awarded the "Deutsches Wandersiegel"

The Zitronenkrämerkreuz extra tour premium hiking trail, named after a historic memorial cross, takes you around the Moselle towns of Mehring, Pölich, Schleich and Ensch on approximately 20 kilometres. Quiet paths treating hikers to many different landscape impressions of deciduous forests, meadows, coniferous forests, vineyards, flat plateaus with views of the Hunsrück and the Eifel, alternate with short climbing sections on the slopes above the Moselle with its unique river panoramas. The Roman aqueduct in Pölich and the Zitronenkrämerkreuz are the cultural highlights of this tour. 

20.6 km
6:30 h
570 m
570 m

Thomas Kalff
Updated: October 10, 2019

Premium route awarded the "Deutsches Wandersiegel" Premium route awarded the "Deutsches Wandersiegel"
Highest point
340 m
Lowest point
145 m
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  • Sturdy hiking footwear
  • Appropriate weatherproof hiking gear
  • Picnic lunch

Tips, hints and links

Mosellandtouristik GmbH

Kordelweg 1, 54470 Bernkastel-Kues; Phone: +49 (6531) / 97330


Tourist information office Roemische Weinstraße

Brückenstraße 46, 54338 Schweich; Phone: +49 (6502) / 93380


Hiking parking area Huxlay Plateau above Mehring or in Mehring (car navigation: Linterstraße 3a, 54346 Mehring, from here about 200 m to the Huxlay Plateau). More entry points are available in the villages Pölich, Schleich and Ensch. (252 m)
49.800460, 6.839290
32U 344514 5518685


... or selected entry points in the villages Pölich, Schleich and Ensch

Turn-by-turn directions

The Extratour Zitronenkrämerkreuz offers an interplay of unique river panoramas, sun-drenched vineyards, adventurous steep paths, quiet forest and meadow passages as well as wonderful views of the neighbouring low mountain regions Eifel and Hunsrück. Cultural gems such as the Roman aqueduct in Pölich or the Zitronenkrämerkreuz are further highlights of this multi-faceted tour.

Already at the starting point, the Huxlay Plateau with a small vine covered hut and a spectacular view of the Moselle Valley, is the first highlight. In the midst of slate slopes you hike on narrow paths, lined with dense vineyards and impressive views, to the Roman aqueduct – a true marvel of antique technology that still works to this day. Informative boards invite you to explore. Along the slope edge, the path continues parallel to the river bed to a deeply cut side valley which was formed by the ice ditch in the slate slopes. Now you reach an almost mystical path section, where the valley shows itself from its wild and primordial side. It's the prelude to a series of steep descents and ascents, from primeval forest-like ravine passages, bridges and footbridges and a variety of forest patterns. Then the path returns to the Moselle, to shortly thereafter vanish into the next ravine inland. You finally reach the Martins Cross which invites you to take a rest with a wonderful view high above the little village of Ensch.

Now, it gets really wild, and the rustic Krautenbach valley lures. After a short section on the slope edge with a view of the Moselle landscape, you soon disappear into a fully secluded world. This passage offers you pure nature. The romantic Moselle is never far away, suddenly endless vineyards appear, and the path opens up spectacular views along the slope edge. A dark hole in a wall of ivy interrupts the cosy Moselle idyll, and now you continue deep into the hinterland. Another high plateau with vitamin-rich orchard meadows and extensive pastures await you. The path now leads to the Reiterhof Lörscher (horse-riding centre), where you can treat yourself to refreshments and food.

With renewed strength you continue the tour through a forest to the Sauerbrunnen and the namesake of this tour, the Zitronenkrämerkreuz. It is said that in 1687, an Italian lemon trader from Lenno at Lake Como was bludgeoned to death on his trip to Trier. His relatives had the sandstone cross erected in his memory. You can take a short rest at the rest area before continuing over vast fields and meadow landscapes along the Moselle. Above the Huxlay Plateau the path again meets the picturesque river. On a true panoramic path which resembles a single sun terrace, you hike high above along the Moselle and along dense vineyards. The path leads via a bird and fruit tree path to a chapel, an insect hotel and finally the health and exercise park Mehring-Pölich. Over the so-called Himmelstreppe (Stairway to Heaven) you return to the starting point of the hike, the small hut at the Huxlay Plateau.

Public transport

By rail to Trier central railway station. From here, continue with the regional bus line 333 (Trier – Ruwer – Schweich – Mehring – Pölich, Schleich, Ensch). For more information and timetables please see the Transport Association Region Trier at

Getting there

By own car, via the A 1, exit Mehring, continue through Mehring to the Moselle Bridge. At the other bank of the Moselle, turn left into the Brückenstraße. The Brückenstraße is followed by the Linterstraße. There is parking here.


Hiking parking area Huxlay Plateau above Mehring. Due to the narrow slope road, especially during wine harvest, it is recommended to already park in Mehring and to hike up the plateau (approx. 200 m to the Huxlay Plateau). At the other entry points in Pölich, Schleich and Ensch, there are also parking spaces available in the villages.

Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

Book recommendation by the author

Leisure Map „Moselsteig Seitensprünge. Die besten Premium-Rundwege an der Mosel”

Authors: Ulrike Poller und Wolfgang Todt, Publisher: ideemedia, 160 pages, format: 11 x 16,4 cm, ISBN 978-3-942779-34-0, € 12.95.

Author’s map recommendations

Leisure Map Moselsteig Trail – Map 2: Trier - Zell (Moselle) (Stages 5 - 14), ISBN: 978-3-89637-420-2

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Ba Lasti
May 17, 2018 · Community
5 sterne - bin die route im april ein weiteres mal gelaufen. nun sah die strecke schön sauber gepflegt aus und es lag sicherlich nicht an der vegetation ! danke an herr conrad der die infos an die richtige stellen weiterleitete! ohne müll sieht die natur schon viel besser aus!
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Done at April 28, 2018
Konrad Friedgen
February 27, 2018 · Community
Man kann trefflich darüber streiten, ob es sich bei der Extratour Zitronenkrämerkreuz um einen herausragenden Premiumwanderweg handelt. Außer den sicherlich vorhandenen, von uns wegen der nebligen Wetterlage leider nur selten sichtbaren, traumhaften Flusspanoramen weist die Route nur wenige herausragende Höhepunkte auf. Im Streckenprofil überwiegen breite Wald- Wiesen- und Weinbergwege. Schmale Pfade sind eher die Ausnahme. Mehrere stramme Anstiege erfordern dabei eine gewisse Fitness und Kondition. An der Beschilderung gibt es wenig zu beanstanden. Lediglich in den Rebengärten vor Pölich ist die Wegführung nicht eindeutig erkennbar und sollte überarbeitet werden. Der Februar ist sicherlich nicht die beste Jahreszeit um diesen Moselsteig-Seitensprung zu durchwandern. Zudem haben Wildschweinrotten die Wege auf dem Huxlayplateau regelrecht umgepflügt. Auch die eine oder andere Ruhebank mehr entlang der Wegstrecke würde die Attraktivität der Rundtour mehren. Hier geht es zum ausführlichen und bebilderten Wanderbericht der Wehrer Watzmänner:
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Done at February 18, 2018
Im Saufbähnchen an der Huxlayhütte
Photo: Konrad Friedgen, Community
Die römische Wasserleitung in Pölich
Photo: Konrad Friedgen, Community
Im Kautenbachtal
Photo: Konrad Friedgen, Community
Am Zitronenkrämerkreuz
Photo: Konrad Friedgen, Community
Schöne Ausblicke ins Moseltal vom Huxlayplateau
Photo: Konrad Friedgen, Community
Jochen Conrad
January 30, 2018 · Mosellandtouristik GmbH
Hallo Ba Lasti, vielen Dank für deine Rückmeldung. Wir werden uns die Abschnitte anschauen. Eine etwas genauere Beschreibung der betroffenen Bereiche würde uns aber def. helfen. Vielleicht könntest du uns über die E-Mail-Adresse der Tourist-Information Römische Weinstraße anschreiben ( Vielen Dank. Herzliche Grüße Jochen Conrad
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20.6 km
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570 m
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