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Moselsteig Seitensprung Kirchspiel's Tälertour

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  • Kirchturm der ev. Kirche in Kleinich
    / Kirchturm der ev. Kirche in Kleinich
    Photo: Thomas Kalff, Mosellandtouristik GmbH
  • / Evangelische Kirche Kleinich
    Photo: Thomas Kalff, Mosellandtouristik GmbH
  • / Fachwerkhaus in Kleinich
    Photo: Thomas Kalff, Mosellandtouristik GmbH
  • / Felsformation Bildstein
    Photo: Thomas Kalff, Mosellandtouristik GmbH
  • / Ilsbach
    Photo: Thomas Kalff, Mosellandtouristik GmbH
  • / Schiefer-Trockenmauer mit Moos und Farn
    Photo: Thomas Kalff, Mosellandtouristik GmbH
  • / Jahreszahl im Felsen
    Photo: Thomas Kalff, Mosellandtouristik GmbH
  • / Quarzgang im Schieferfelsen am Felsdurchbruch der Landstraße
    Photo: Thomas Kalff, Mosellandtouristik GmbH
  • / Hunsrücklandschaft
    Photo: Thomas Kalff, Mosellandtouristik GmbH
  • / Hunsrück
    Photo: Thomas Kalff, Mosellandtouristik GmbH
  • / Kräutergarten
    Photo: Thomas Kalff, Mosellandtouristik GmbH
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Since the Protestant Reformation, the many small villages around the Hunsrück town of Kleinich make up a parish, the Lutheran “Kirchspiel” of Kleinich. This name has remained until today, even when, after the French Revolution, the civil regional authority was created and the “Kirchspiel” (parish) was turned into the municipality of Kleinich. Pretty, slate-clad farms and houses characterise these villages. They are spread four to five hundred meters across the Moselle in a hilly, open landscape, occasionally interrupted by densely forested creek valleys. The up and down of mountain and valley with fantastic views characterise a hike on the Side Trail “Kirchspiel’s Valley Tour”.

13.1 km
4:30 h
275 m
275 m

Author’s recommendation

Take a picknick lunch with you! There is no possibility to buy refreshments or supplies on the way.

An ideal path for lovers of peace and seclusion! User
Thomas Kalff
Updated: October 10, 2019

Premium route awarded the "Deutsches Wandersiegel"
Highest point
480 m
Lowest point
245 m
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Safety information

Please be very careful when hiking on wet rocky sections. It might be impossible to cross the river on the stepping stones at high water.

Tips, hints and links

Mosellandtouristik GmbH

Kordelweg 1, 54470 Bernkastel-Kues; Phone: +49 (6531) / 97330


Tourist information office Bernkastel-Kues

Gestade 6, 54470 Bernkastel-Kues, Phone: +49 (6531) / 500190


Kleinich, parking at the Protestant church (K 106) (464 m)
49.891396, 7.185077
32U 369640 5528135


Kleinich, parking at the Protestant church (K 106)

Turn-by-turn directions

One of the starting points of the about 13 km long hike through the Kirchspiel Kleinich is at the Protestant church Kleinich. Thanks to the special location of the church, you will see the church tower from many points of the round trip. As with many churches in the Hunsrück, this church also has a silent organ.

The Moselsteig Side Trail "Kirchspiel's Tälertour" first leads through the village. The former farmhouses are partly beautifully renovated. From the outskirts of the village the dirt road slowly ascends through the open corridor. The view opens up far beyond the heights, and especially to the west, you can see meadows and fields right up to the hilltops of the Vulkaneifel on the horizon. At the edge of the forest you have reached the highest point of the entire round tour. The bench is perfect for a short rest and enjoying the view back to Kleinach.

Now the Side Trail leads into the valley. First, still along the edge of the forest, then over a path through the spruce forest directly to the stream. This is a shady and cool place on a hot summer's day. The tour crosses the rippling stream and continues further downhill on the other side over a forest path. After a side valley, the path ascends again and you reach a terrain edge which is bounded by interestingly grown oak trees. The path now takes you out of the valley. When you look over the hilltops once you have arrived at the meadow section, you can recognise Emmeroth, with its houses in a dip. The path takes you straight into the village. At the outskirts of the village there are some new houses, but in the centre, the old half-timbered houses have remained, some even with cobbled courtyards.

On a meadow path at the same height you leave the village again. From this path you have a view of the church tower of the Kleinich church and across the valley to Fronhofen, which the Side Trail will reach a little later. From the road, a path turns off which takes you steeply up the ridge. Through the birch forest you reach the summit of the Kordelberg, where you will also find a barbecue hut and rest places. The path now continues steeply downhill to Pilmeroth, with an imposing old oak tree at the outskirts of the town. Past the cattle scale and the fountain, the trail quickly returns to the surrounding meadows and fields. From here you have an expansive view towards the Moselle and the deeply cut valleys of Kautenbach, Trabener Bach and Ilsbach.

Over a forest path, the Side Trail now leads to the Ilsbachtal. The last section to the stream is very steep. Here the path is lined over and again by large quartzite blocks. The path follows the stream, which flows here over small rocky steps towards the Moselle. On the other side of the path the Bildstein rock builds up. A wild and romantic place.

The path changes the side of the stream and the subsequent section takes you further down the valley with beautiful views of the water. Entrances of slate caves and remnants of a mill remind of the fact that the valley was not always used for recreational purposes only. The Side Trail changes from the Trabener Bachtal to the valley of the Kautenbach. The road now ascends slightly. After you have changed the valley side, the path winds through the forest with views of the stream. The Side Trail also touches the route of an old road connection, which used to run from the Moselle Valley to Hunsrück. The rock was broken through for this path.A very impressive geological insight. The path continues at a pleasant incline further through the forest up the slope. The view of Fronhofen which is located almost at the very top of the ridge opens up. Continuing uphill, you finally reach the village, which the path just brushes. At the outskirts of the village you have finally arrived back on the height and can admire large parts of the section you have covered. But also beyond here, views far into the Eifel are possible.

Following a meadow path, at the same height, you reach the road between Fronhofen and Kleinich. Along the road, the path comfortably leads back to the starting point, not without a great view of the church tower of Kleinich where the Side Trail "Kirchspiel's Tälertour" started.


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Public transport

The villages of the Kirchspiel Kleinich are only partially serviced by bus. We recommend travelling by car.

Getting there

from Hunsrück: from the B 50 between Morbach and Simmern via the K 126

from the Moselle: from the B 50 between Bernkastel-Kues and Morbach via the K 105/K 106


small parking area directly at the church

Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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Sascha Müller
January 19, 2020 · Community
Bei herrlichem Winterwetter (anfangs mit Schneefall) diese Wanderstrecke erkundet. Für Naturliebhaber wie uns, ein absoluter Glücksgriff, denn die Strecke besticht durch ihre naturnahen Pfade, ihre Passagen entlang von Bachläufen, toller Fauna und Flora (trotz des Winters) und herrlichen anderen Höhepunkten wie dem Bilstein Felsen oder dem nicht verschlossenen ehemaligen Schiefer Stollen. Ein rundum perfekter Ausflug, der sicherlich im Sommer nochmals durchgeführt wird, um zu sehen, wie sich die Natur in einer anderen Jahreszeit präsentiert. Ich hätte mir ein paar mehr Rastmöglichkeiten auf dem Weg gefreut, was aber auch das einzige Manko ist und sicherlich schon Jammern auf hohem Niveau ist. Die Beschilderung war optimal und zu keiner Zeit irreführend oder zu wenig. Auch für ungeübte Wanderer sicherlich ein Erlebnis, jedoch würde ich geeignetes Schuhwerk hier bevorzugen. Eine meiner Top 5 Wander-Rundwege.
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Photo: Sascha Müller, Community
Alter Schiefer Stollen
Photo: Sascha Müller, Community
Uriger Wald
Photo: Sascha Müller, Community
Photo: Sascha Müller, Community
Traumhafte Pfade
Photo: Sascha Müller, Community
Bilstein Felsen
Photo: Sascha Müller, Community
Konrad Friedgen
April 18, 2017 · Community
Der Moselsteig-Seitensprung Kirchspiels Tälertour weiß in allen Belangen zu begeistern. Die Route zeigt sich sehr abwechslungsreich bei einem überaus großen Pfadanteil. Abzweigend von bereits vorhandenen breiten Waldwegen hat man neue Pfade getrieben, die direkt am Gewässer entlang laufen, um auf diese Weise den Erlebniswert der Tälertour erheblich zu steigern. Die traumhaften Fernsichten von den Höhenzügen, die verträumten, abgeschiedenen Tallagen und die schmucken Dörfer mit ihren liebevoll restaurierten Höfen und Bauernkaten zeigen den Hunsrück sie er ist, als wilden, urwüchsigen und erlebnisreichen Teil des Rheinischen-Schiefergebirges. Achja, Schiefer!! Die begehbare Schieferhöhle ist ein echtes Highlight entlang der Strecke. Es ist überaus bewundernswert, dass man sie nicht aus Sicherheitsgründen, wie andernorts üblich, mit einem rostigen Eisengitter versehen hat, um sie vor neugierigen Besuchern zu schützen. Kompliment, eine tolle Tour auf dem Hunsrück!! Hier ein Link zum ausführlichen und bebilderten Wanderbericht der Wehrer Watzmänner:
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Done at April 13, 2017
Auf dem Weg ins Kautenbachtal
Photo: Konrad Friedgen, Community
Schmucke Bauernkate in Emmeroth
Photo: Konrad Friedgen, Community
Am Bildsteinfelsen
Photo: Konrad Friedgen, Community
Im idyllischen Ilsbachtal
Photo: Konrad Friedgen, Community
In der begehbaren Schieferhöhle
Photo: Konrad Friedgen, Community
Andreas Scholer
May 08, 2016 · Community
sehr schöne Streckenführung entlang von Bachtälern. Wir haben den Einstieg in Pilmeroth gemacht und sind dann in Frohnhofen abgebogen. Die verkürzte Tour war so nur noch knapp 7km lang und in 2 Stunden bewältigt. Sehr zu empfehlen ist eine Erfrischung unter schattigen Bäumen im Wildkräutergarten Cafe in Frohnhofen - nur wenige Meter abseits der Strecke!
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Ca. 3km hinter Pilmeroth
Photo: Andreas Scholer, Community
Zwischendurch auch mal schmale Pfade
Photo: Andreas Scholer, Community
Photo: Andreas Scholer, Community
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275 m
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