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Graded short tour/Graded circular tour

Traumschleife Masdascher Burgherrenweg (Masdascher Burgherrenweg Dream Loop)

(22) Graded short tour/Graded circular tour • Hunsrueck
  • Im Bachtal
    / Im Bachtal
    Photo: Klaus-Peter Kappest, Wanderbüro Saar-Hunsrück
  • Blick auf die Burgruine Balduinseck
    / Blick auf die Burgruine Balduinseck
    Photo: Klaus-Peter Kappest, Wanderbüro Saar-Hunsrück
  • In der Balduinseck
    / In der Balduinseck
    Photo: Klaus-Peter Kappest, Wanderbüro Saar-Hunsrück
  • In der Burgruine Balduinseck
    / In der Burgruine Balduinseck
    Photo: Klaus-Peter Kappest, Wanderbüro Saar-Hunsrück
  • Im Tunnel
    / Im Tunnel
    Photo: Klaus-Peter Kappest, Wanderbüro Saar-Hunsrück
  • Markante Felsen im Bachtal
    / Markante Felsen im Bachtal
    Photo: Klaus-Peter Kappest, Projektbüro Saar-Hunsrück-Steig
  • Ruine Balduinseck
    / Ruine Balduinseck
    Photo: David Schartner, Community
  • Erzstollen
    / Erzstollen
    Photo: David Schartner, Community
  • Der
    / Der "Galgenturm"
    Photo: Toto Skilatschi, Community
Map / Traumschleife Masdascher Burgherrenweg (Masdascher Burgherrenweg Dream Loop)
0 150 300 450 600 m km 2 4 6 8 10 12 Ruine Balduinseck

Premium route awarded the

A fantastic round trip taking in enchanted valleys, rushing streams, deep tunnels and ancient ruins from Celtic and Roman times and the age of chivalry is waiting to be discovered here on the “Masdascher Burgherrenweg”, right in the middle of the delightful Hunsrück landscape! Hikers looking for tranquillity and pristine nature will not only get their money’s worth on this dream loop with its many rest areas, but also experience breath-taking vistas in its climactic finale.

The trail has been awarded 84 experience points by the German Hiking Institute.

13.9 km
5:00 h
439 m
439 m

The route is of medium difficulty owing to a number of steep ascents leading out of the stream valleys (465 m difference in altitude altogether). But the effort required to negotiate them is not that great because they are quite short.

Author's recommendation

Balduinseck castle: This castle was built between 1325 and 1330 by Balduin von Luxemburg, archbishop of Trier, and was a stunning building in its time. The rectangular four-storey structure measures an imposing 22.70 m x 14.50 m. In the north-eastern corner of the building, a spiral staircase of notable luxury for the time connects all four storeys, each of which used to feature large chimney fixtures. A 1.5 diameter well was integrated on the ground floor. Balduinseck was leased out in 1675 and then already registered as desolate in 1711. Dilapidated since 1780, the castle ruin has been laboriously renovated in recent years. User

Hunsrueck-Touristik GmbH

Updated: 2018-01-16

Premium route awarded the Premium route awarded the "Deutsches Wandersiegel"
462 m
257 m
Best time of year

Safety information

Die Traumschleifen haben teilweise steile, schwierige und bei Regen- oder Winterwetter rutschige Passagen. Deshalb sind Trittsicherheit und gute Kondition unbedingte Voraussetzungen zunm Erwandern dieser Premiumrundwanderwege.


Festes Schuhwerk ist erforderlich, ein Wanderstock erweist sich als hilfreich.

Tips, hints and links

Tourist-Information Kastellaun, Marktstraße 16, 56288 Kastellaun
Tel. 06762 401873,

Hunsrück-Touristik GmbH, Gebäude 663, 55483 Hahn-Flughafen
Tel. 06543 507700,


Mastershausen, Bushaltestelle Ortsmitte (391 m)
50.065277 N 7.356031 E
32U 382343 5547182


Mastershausen, Bushaltestelle Ortsmitte

Turn-by-turn directions

Striking orange-and-white signs point the way from the town centre of Mastershausen to the start of the tour near a barbecue hut. This is where we embark on the hiking trail proper from the approach road, leaving the barbecue hut and Hallgarten leisure area on our right. After a gentle ascent with wonderful views into the distance, the route leads into the forest for the first time. We take a deep breath of the coniferous forest’s air and reach the first of 8 information boards at the edge of a windthrow (1). With an unobstructed view over the deeply cut valley of the Mastershausen stream, the route sharply turns into the valley, passing by a bench halfway down. Down in the valley, we cross two streams on footbridges and arrive “Am Katzenloch”, where a homely rest area beckons and an old tunnel entrance bespeaks slate mining. We reach the water after the next curve already whereupon the route crosses to the western bank, leading to a number of long since derelict old mills. The first one we pass in the quiet valley is Bucher Mühle (information board 2), followed by the ruin of Mohre Mühle (information board 3). Having crossed the stream once more, we follow a passage through virtually untouched nature where craggy slate cliffs and the gurgling brook vie for the hiker’s attention. Then the walls of Balduinseck tower up all of a sudden. A brief stopover at this recently restored castle, originally built in the 14th century by the archbishop of Trier against the counts of Sponheim in Kastellaun, transports us to medieval times. Back on the Masdascher Burgherrenweg, the trail then accompanies the stream through a tunnel that passes under the L 203. On the other side, we are enchanted by a floodplain forest before a footbridge helps us cross the stream. The subsequent ascent through the rocks calls for some surefootedness, but the next resting area will reward the effort. The trail swings uphill past Kaspers mill (information board 4), offering great views across the valleys, while purposefully making for the next high point: the Burgberg (“castle hill” - information board 5), a striking rock overhang that was already used by the Celts. We are able to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere at ease in a mountain hut. And then we are hiking down into the valley again. Passing by the “Roman Well” (information board 6), serpentines take us to the bottom, where further holes in the rocks attest to mining. The ascent to the Apollo mine (information board 8), where ores were extracted, starts from the Herzenauer Hannes resting area (information board 7). Things get taxing on the zig-zag path that follows, but when we finally reach the top there is a magnificent panoramic view from the tower on the Galgenberg (Gallows Hill). The spooky part comes a few steps later, even if no-one has been hanged from the “Eich” (oak) for a long time since (information board 9). The trail is now slowly leading downhill, reaching the barbecue hut by the leisure area again, whence we return to Mastershausen by way of the approach route.

Getting there

L 203, K 69 oder K 64 nach 56869 Mastershausen

Navigation: Johann-Steffen-Straße, 56869 Mastershausen


Ortsmitte Mastershausen, Bushaltestelle „Dt. Eck“
(Navigation: 56869 Mastershausen, Johann-Steffen-Straße)
Parkplatz an der Bürgerhalle.
Weitere Einstiege:
Parkplatz an der Burgruine Balduinseck (L 203)
Parkplatz an der Grillhütte

Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

Book recommendation by the author

Broschüre "Erlebnis Traumschleifen" mit Wegskizzen, Höhenprofile, Kurzbeschreibungen und Einkehrtipps zu allen 111 Traumschleifen
und Traumschleifen-Übersichtskarte - leichte Faltkarte mit grober Lageübersicht aller 111 Traumschleifen

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Dennis Reinhold
sehr schöne und idyllische Wanderung. kann man jedem empfehlen.

Thomas Gräfe
Sehr abwechslungsreicher Weg, zu Recht Top bewertet. Am 3.7.17 gelaufen...nicht zu schwer und gut zu schaffen, gut ausgeschildert. Viele Rastmöglichkeiten. Ein Highlight: Die Burgruine!
Photo: Thomas Gräfe , Community
Photo: Thomas Gräfe , Community
Photo: Thomas Gräfe , Community
Photo: Thomas Gräfe , Community
Tolle Burg
Tolle Burg
Photo: Thomas Gräfe , Community

Waltraut B.
Tolle abwechslungsreiche Tour, wie hier schon oft beschrieben. Sind die Tour nicht von Masterhausen, sondern direkt an der Strecke (Parkplatz Grillhütte Hallgarten) gestartet und gegen den Uhrzeigersinn gewandert. Einen Abstecher zur Hängebrücke Geierley, kurz nach dem Rastplatz Herzenauer Hannes (hin/rück ca. 3,5 km, ausgeschildert mit "Geierleyschleife") lohnt sich. Auch wenn dort viele Menschen anzutreffen sind. Gesamt kamen wir auf knappe 19 km.... Wird auf jeden Fall wiederholt :0)
Samstag, 22. Juli 2017 10:34:23 PM
Samstag, 22. Juli 2017 10:34:23 PM
Photo: Waltraut B., Community
Samstag, 22. Juli 2017 10:34:55 PM
Samstag, 22. Juli 2017 10:34:55 PM
Photo: Waltraut B., Community

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13.9 km
5:00 h
439 m
439 m
Round tour Nice views With refreshment stops Cultural/historical value Geological highlights

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