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Tourist-Information Dahner Felsenland
  • Baumwipfelpfad Fischbach
    / Baumwipfelpfad Fischbach
    Photo: Jacques Noll, Tourist-Information Dahner Felsenland
  • / Im Sauerbachtal
    Photo: Peter Zimmermann, Südwestpfalz Touristik e.V.
  • / Am Saarbacherhammer
    Photo: Peter Zimmermann, Südwestpfalz Touristik e.V.
  • / Entlang der Sauer
    Photo: Jacques Noll, Tourist-Information Dahner Felsenland
  • / Barfußpfad in Ludwigswinkel
    Photo: Jacques Noll, Tourist-Information Dahner Felsenland
  • / Am Pfälzerwoog zwischen Fischbach und Ludwigswinkel
    Photo: Jacques Noll, Tourist-Information Dahner Felsenland
  • / Blick auf Ludwigswinkel
    Photo: Jacques Noll, Tourist-Information Dahner Felsenland
  • / Keltenspielplatz beim Biosphärenhaus
    Photo: Jacques Noll, Tourist-Information Dahner Felsenland
  • / Freizeitpark Birkenfeld
    Photo: Jacques Noll, Tourist-Information Dahner Felsenland
  • / Rösselsquelle in Ludwigswinkel
    Photo: Jacques Noll, Tourist-Information Dahner Felsenland
  • / Blick vom Lindelskopf auf Ludwigswinkel
    Photo: Jacques Noll, Tourist-Information Dahner Felsenland
  • / Am Pfälzerwoog, Foto Harald Kröher
    Photo: Jacques Noll, Tourist-Information Dahner Felsenland
  • / Biosphärenhaus
    Photo: Peter Zimmermann, Südwestpfalz Touristik e.V.
  • / Romantische Sauertal
    Video: Pfälzerwald-Nordvogesen
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The beautiful Wasgau Lakes Tour begins at the biosphere house in Fischbach. In the middle of a picturesque nature reserve lies the first stage destination, the Pfälzerwoog. Great views await on the rocky outcrop Lindelskopf, on which once stood a castle complex from the early Middle Ages.
20.3 km
7:00 h
254 m
254 m

In the Dahner Felsenland, around the towns of Fischbach and Ludwigswinkel there is an astonishing number and variety of lakes and ponds. The contrast between hillside summits and valleys with beautiful wetlands, clear springs, streams and ponds is unique in this region. Certified by the German Hiking Institute as a premium hiking trail, the "Wasgau-Seen-Tour" opens up a landscape with its quiet charm and spectacular places to see along a trail, approximately 20 kilometres in length, which can be divided up into two stages.


This hiking tour is well marked along the entire route with the trail marker "stylized blue fish on a yellow background".


Author’s recommendation

A visit to the biosphere house with treetop path and celtic playground in Fischbach or the barefoot path in Einkehrmöglichkeiten: Fischbach: Cafe Bistro Biosphere House, Am Königsbruch 1, 66996 Fischbach, Tel 06393  5718, User
Jacques Noll
Updated: January 09, 2020

Premium route awarded the "Deutsches Wandersiegel"
Highest point
309 m
Lowest point
214 m
Best time of year

Rest Stop

Biosphärenhaus Pfälzerwald/Nordvogesen

Safety information

Despite the well-signposted trail markers along the premium hiking trails, we recommend for security reasons to always have an appropriate hiking map so that, for example when a storm occurs, you can quickly either find shelter or get out of the woods.

Especially in the autumn it is also important to remember that leaves lying on the ground can conceal irregularities, such as roots, rocks or holes in the path. Following storms, trees can have been uprooted or have branches hanging down. Such path impairments have to be expected   when using such trails . Especially in adverse weather conditions, it may occur that the trails and paths turn into muddy and slippery passages. Path impairments of this kind have to be expected when you go out for a hike. Not all rocks or slopes are secured with ropes or railings and sure footedness is required. Should you be of the opinion that these are not accessible to you then you should try and get around them.



Sturdy footwear and all-weather clothing, sun and rain protection, and a sufficient quantity of food and drink, should no refreshment facilities or shopping possibilities exist or be open. Although the path is always very well marked, you should for safety reasons always have an appropriate hiking map with you.


Tips, hints and links

Tourist-Information Dahner Felsenland
Schulstr. 29, 66994 Dahn
Tel. 06391 9196222 




Biosphärenhaus/Baumwipfelpfad, Am Königsbruch 1, 66996 Fischbach bei Dahn (230 m)
49.087291, 7.724843
32U 406895 5437942


Biosphärenhaus in Fischbach bei Dahn

Turn-by-turn directions

We begin our Wasgau Seentour at the Biosphärenhaus in Fischbach, follow the main road before we turn left along a water adventure trail. Partly alongside the Saarbach and then along the sides of a forest, we wander through green meadows and quiet woodlands to our first destination, the Pfälzerwoog. This lake is idyllically situated amidst a beautiful nature reserve. We walk up to the Lindelskopf with its magnificent oak trees and enjoy great views of the landscape. There was once a castle dating back to the early Middle Ages which stood on this rocky massif is a castle, only a few remnants of which exist today. Now going back downhill, the trail   leads us along the Skulpturenweg before we reach the duck pond at Ludwigswinkel. We walk a short distance through the village and then arrive at a rustic wooded area at the Guckenbühl. After some time we reach the hidden forest spring of the Roesselquelle whose clear water offers a welcome refreshment. We walk past the picturesque Roesselweiher through a nature reserve in the direction of Ludwigswinkel. After a few minutes we reach the Sägmühlweiher. These small lakes are romantic places for a rest in a natural setting and with a little patience you can see grey herons on the hunt. After crossing the road, we walk through a park, passing streams and hummocky meadows and soon reach a bare-foot path. Here it is off with your shoes and socks since walking over a mixture of different natural materials is a pleasant experience! We continue walking through a wooded area, here we are again on a stretch of the Skulpturenweg which we follow until we reach the Saarbacherhammer lake which is open for public swimming. Further along the biker’s trail   alongside the lake, we pass the Fjordpferdehof and wander between the Kleine Samsberg and the Großer Samsberg   into the Wolfsägertal valley. In the valley we walk in a northerly direction and turn right at the next opportunity. Passing fish ponds and through fairytale woods, the trail leads us first into the Schlettenbacher valley and then on to the Spießwoogtal with the Schneckenturm   tower of   the "Biosphären-Erlebnisweg". Further along the valley, the path brings us back to the Biosphärenhaus.


Public transport

Public transport friendly

By train to Wissembourg or Hinterweidenthal, from there by bus via Dahn to Fischbach. From May to October the excursion trains "Bundenthaler” run on   Wed., Sat., Sun. and public holidays from Mannheim and the "Felsenland-Express" Wed., Sat., Sun., and public holidays from Karlsruhe to the railway station of Bundenthal-Rumbach in the Dahn Felsenland. Info:



Getting there

B 10 Hinterweidenthal continue on the B427 Dahn-Reichenbach, then turn off towards Fischbach. Shortly after entering the town, turn right at the Königsbrück 1, 66996 Fischbach, to the biosphere house. Or continue towards 66996Ludwigswinkel, amusement park in Birkenfeld.



Parking at Biosphärenhaus Am Königsbruch 1, 66996 Fischbach or 66996 Ludwigswinkel, amusement park in Birkenfeld


Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

Book recommendation by the author

Premium-Wanderbuch "Pfälzerwald" mit 17 Premium-Rundwegen und Streckenwegen.
Verlag: idemedia GmbH, ISBN 978 - 3 - 942779 - 54 - 8
Autoren: Ulrike Poller und Wolfgang Todt

Author’s map recommendations

Wander- und Radwanderkarte Dahner Felsenland 1:25.000, 8,90 €uro zzgl. Portokosten von 1,55 €uro Neu ab 2019: 6. Auflage: Wandern und Radfahren im Dahner Felsenland mit den Premium-Wanderwegen, den Haupt- und Rundwanderwegen, den Radrouten sowie dem Rettungspunkte-System im Maßstab 1:25.000, ISBN 978-3-945138-06-9



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Markus Branke
November 30, 2019 · Community
Schöne Tour die ich im Sommer bestimmt noch mal ablaufen werde. Dann auch mit einem Besuch des Barfußpfades und mehr Pausen.
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Done at November 23, 2019
Thomas Dufner
April 11, 2019 · Community
Bei guter Beschilderung durch eine Seen- und Bachlandschaft mir viel Wald. Leider auch an einigen Straßen entlang. Dennoch empfehlenswert mit vielen interessanten Details wie einem Barfußpfad, einem Skulpturenwald und anderes.
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Done at April 11, 2019
Markus Lasermann
July 15, 2018 · Community
Ich fand die Tour sehr abwechslungsreich, lediglich der Abschnitt um den Mühlenweiher/Saarbacherhammer ist unschön, da läuft man lange an der vielbefahrenen Landstraße entlang und hat später im Wald noch den Straßenlärm eine ganze Weile mit dabei. Die Wegbeschaffenheit ist ebenfalls abwechslungsreich mit zum Glück sehr geringem Asphalt-Anteil. Die Wege sind stellenweise wirklich sehr breit, deshalb sollte man im Sommer ggf. an passenden Sonnenschutz denken. Einige Markierungsschilder fehlen, aber mit dem Track findet man immer sofort die richtige Abzweigung.
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Done at July 14, 2018
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20.3 km
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254 m
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