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Deutsch-französischer Burgenweg

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  • Markierungszeichen Deutsch-französischer Burgenweg
    Markierungszeichen Deutsch-französischer Burgenweg
    Photo: Jacques Noll, Dahner Felsenland
Markierungszeichen Deutsch-französischer Burgenweg
The German-French Castle Trail begins in the idyllic resort of Schönau. Sporty is the rise to the bizarre key rock. Past the rock face Langer Fels (rocky outcrop), you will reach the ruins of the castle Wegelnburg, which is known for its 360 degree view. At Kaiser-Wilhelm-Stein you cross the Franco-German border and reach the castle ruins of Hohenbourg, Loewenstein and Fleckenstein.


Distance 32.8 km
15:00 h
1,381 m
1,381 m
536 m
197 m
 Premium hiking - from castle to castle without a border - in the centre of the cross-border biosphere reserve Pfälzerwald-Nordvogesen.

 This new 31,8km long premium trail is a rendezvous between Alsace and Palatinate, in the Dahner Felsenland and the Vallée de la Saue. Eight mighty castles stand on steep rock formations and hills , or even almost down in the valley and line the wayside and are evidence of a often very turbulent regional history. Many of the fortresses are shrouded in mysterious stories and legends , so that they appear even more mysterious. Mighty rock formations (some with lookout points) stand by the wayside, wild forest landscapes and romantic valleys are a delight for all nature lovers whilst   idyllic German and French villages invite you to stay longer.

The trail is an unhurried two-day tour with the possibility of stopping overnight along the route. However, you can also divide the route into two or three round trips. There is specific information for this purpose together with tour flyers and general information available at the Tourist Information Dahner Felsenland, Schulstr. 29, 66994 Dahn, Tel .: 06391-9196222, ,

UFFBASSE! - Campaign for considerate coexistence in nature

Always act with foresight, kindness and consideration towards everyone you meet along the way.

Respect nature, don't destroy plants and always stay on the paths.

Remember to bring a rubbish bag for the trail and take rubbish home with you.

Please keep your dog on a lead at all times. Other visitors and animals will thank you.

For your own safety, observe all trail closures. Also at weekends.

Park only in designated parking areas. Leave space for escape routes and agricultural machinery.

Please give priority to agricultural and forestry traffic.

Author’s recommendation

Refreshments and accommodations in Germany: Schönau, Nothweiler, Fischbach-Petersbächel
Refreshments and accommodations in France: Gimbelhof, Niedersteinbach, Obersteinbach


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Jacques Noll
Update: February 08, 2023
Highest point
536 m
Lowest point
197 m
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Rest stops

Landhaus Mischler
Restaurant Gimbelhof
Rätselburg Fleckenstein
Baignade du Fleckenstein
Restaurant Au Wasigenstein

Safety information

Despite the well-signposted trail markers along the premium hiking trails, we recommend for security reasons to always have an appropriate hiking map so that, for example when a storm occurs, you can quickly either find shelter or get out of the woods. 

Especially in the autumn it is also important to remember that leaves lying on the ground can conceal irregularities, such as roots, rocks or holes in the path. Following storms, trees can have been uprooted or have branches hanging down. Such path impairments have to be expected   when using such trails . Especially in adverse weather conditions, it may occur that the trails and paths turn into muddy and slippery passages. Path impairments of this kind have to be expected when you go out for a hike. Not all rocks or slopes are secured with ropes or railings and sure footedness is required. Should you be of the opinion that these are not accessible to you then you should try and get around them.


We endeavour to announce all closures caused by forest works, hunting parties on this platform. Nevertheless, there are situations where hiking trails are closed and we may not have been informed. If you encounter closures or diversions on site, please follow the instructions for your own safety.

Tips and hints

Tourist-Information Dahner Felsenland
Schulstr. 29, 66994 Dahn
Tel. 06391 9196222


66996 Schönau, Gebüger Straße ; other entry points: 76891 Nothweiler, Gimbelhof/France, Niedersteinbach/France, Wengelsbach/France, 66996 Fischbach-Petersbächel (212 m)
49.060341, 7.747910
49°03'37.2"N 7°44'52.5"E
32U 408530 5434918
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66996 Schönau, Gebüger Straße ; other entry points: 76891 Nothweiler, Gimbelhof/France, Niedersteinbach/France, Wengelsbach/France, 66996 Fischbach-Petersbächel

Turn-by-turn directions

The trail starts at the idyllic resort of Schoenau in the Dahner Felsenland. A path leads straight up to the powerful and bizarre steep "Schlüsselfelsen". After a short break, we continue past the rock face of the "Langer Fels" along a   path now leading up to the castle ruins "Wegelnburg". Here an overwhelming 360 degree view awaits the hiker, in good weather you can even see the northern Black Forest. No wonder that "Princess Hirlanda"   had her home here. After about 500 metres, we cross the border at the "Kaiser-Wilhelm-Stein" and after a few minutes reach   the ruins of the "Hohenbourg". Up a steep stairway you can go up the tower. Again, there is a great view. A compass rose with sights to see both near and far   helps your orientation. From here, two other highlights of the tour can be seen, the ruins of "Loewenstein" and "Fleckenstein". The Loewenstein, where a cunning robber baron once lived, is easily reached. Along the “Felsenpfad” we now go down to the mighty castle ruins of "Fleckenstein", the so-called castle of mystery with its well   said to have been built by the devil. A visit and tour of the castle is highly recommended. A bistro and a museum at the information centre provide an ideal stopover on the way. We continue now down into the valley, past the "Fleckensteiner Weiher" and then up to the hidden castle ruins of "Froensbourg" - a ruined castle which is bound to appeal to all romanticists. Through the forest, the trail now leads up to the mysterious "Zigeunerfelsen" and on to the fabled castle ruins of "Wasigenstein". Here a bloody battle between King Gunther of Worms and his friend Hagen once took place, for which Princess Hildegunde was responsible. After an extensive tour, it is now down to the ruins of "Arnsbourg", above the small village of Obersteinbach. Hungry hikers can here perhaps already smell the scent of a "Flammkuchen", an Alsatian specialty. But your hunger can not yet be appeased since it now goes back up the Schloßberg past the "Wachtfelsen" before the path then leads down into Obersteinbach. Through the village and then through the Schlangenbachtal the path is relatively flat before the border is reached following a short but steep climb. At the top, the reward for your efforts is waiting for you, the lookout point "Bayrischer Windstein". Up a ladder you go up to the rocky summit and there awaits you an overwhelming view over vast forests and over to the ruins of"Lutzelhardt". A place to dream and let your spirits soar! After a long "breather", the silence or the voice of nature can be listened to along the "Großen Florenberg" until we reach the" Zollstock". Here, right on the border, where once smugglers were on the road, the path now leads up to the heights of the "Maimont", the scene of bloody battles during the war. Past the rocks of the "Steinernen Heeres” we soon reach the boulder “Friedenskreuz”. It was set up as a "memorial to peace and friendship" by the Americans and the Germans after the war and is also a magnificent view point . "From now on it's downhill" is how to describe the way ahead. After some time, the hidden castle ruins of "Blumenstein", the so-called "haunted castle" appear along the way. Passing the "Wengelsbacher Hals", the path leads down into the "Wengelsbachtal" with its numerous fish ponds before, after a short time, the houses of Schonau tell us that we have reached   the end of the tour.


Public transport


Take the train to Bad Bergzabern or Hinterweidenthal, from there with the RegioBus   - via Dahn to Schoenau. From May to October the excursion trains "Bundenthaler” and" Felsenland Express " run on Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from Mannheim / Karlsruhe to Dahn Süd there by RegioBus - via Dahn to Schoenau.


By road

B 10 to Hinterweidenthal, continue on the B 427 to Dahn-Reichenbach. There in the direction of Fischbach turn to Schönau.



Gebüger Straße, 66996 Schönau


49.060341, 7.747910
49°03'37.2"N 7°44'52.5"E
32U 408530 5434918
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Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

Book recommendation by the author

Premium-Wanderbuch "Pfälzerwald" mit 17 Premium-Rundwegen und Streckenwegen.
Verlag: idemedia GmbH, ISBN 978 - 3 - 942779 - 54 - 8
Autoren: Ulrike Poller und Wolfgang Todt

Burgenbroschüre dreisprachig (Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch)

Grenzenloses Burgenerlebnis im Dahner Felsenland und dem angrenzenden Nordelsass/F

Das Dahner Felsenland kann als das Burgenland im Biosphärenreservat Pfälzerwald/Nordvogesen bezeichnet werden. Geheimnisvolle Felsengänge führen hinab in unterirdische Felsenkammern und Verliese, und hoch droben auf den Zinnen bieten sich oftmals grandiose Ausblicke ins sagenumwobene Dahner Felsenland.

In der Broschüre werden auf 64 Seiten, 13 Burgen/Burgruinen beschrieben (dreisprachig) und mit inspirierenden Bildern dargestellt.

Der Versand dieses Artikels erfolgt ausschließlich nach Vorkasse:Burgenbroschüre 3,70 € zzgl. Portokosten 1,60 €! 

Author’s map recommendations

Wander- und Radwanderkarte Dahner Felsenland 1:25.000, 8,90 €uro zzgl. Portokosten von 1,60 €uro,neu ab Dezember 2022, 7. Auflage: Wandern und Radfahren im Dahner Felsenland mit den Premium-Wanderwegen, den Haupt- und Rundwanderwegen, den Radrouten sowie dem Rettungspunkte-System; mit App Unterstützung,  im Maßstab 1:25.000, ISBN 978-3-945138-12-0


Sturdy footwear and all-weather clothing, sun and rain protection, and a sufficient quantity of food and drink, should no refreshment facilities or shopping possibilities exist or be open. Although the path is always very well marked, you should for safety reasons always have an appropriate hiking map with you.


Questions and answers

Question from katharina Boos · February 19, 2023 · Community
Hat einer die Tour auch gemütlich in 3 Tagen gemacht und Erfahrungen mit der Streckenaufteilung?
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Answered by Rainer Noa · February 19, 2023 · Community
Hallo Katharina, da kann ich nicht mitreden - ich bin die Tour an einem wunderschönen Tag allein gelaufen. War schon früh auf der Piste und im Sommer ist es ja lange hell. Ich muss zugeben, ich war ziemlich platt abends. Guck mal hier:,8%20km/ Ggf. findest dort etwas zu Übernachtungsmöglichkeiten, bzw. Möglichkeiten die Tour aufzusplitten. Ich mir fest vorgenommen, die Tour in diesem Jahr noch einmal anzugehen. Hierfür würde ich allerdings einen Tag unter Woche präferieren - es war doch ganz schön viel los. LG aus Zweibrücken Rainer :)
11 more replies
Question from Ulrike Angler · September 10, 2022 · Community
Hallo, wie lange geht man bei mittlerer bis zügiger Geschwindigkeit vom Gimbelhof bis Wengelsbach? habe ein Zimmer gebucht und muss meinem Gastgeber eine Ankunftszeit angeben .. vielen Dank! Ulrike
Show more
Answered by Guillaume BERNARD · September 12, 2022 · MASSIF DES VOSGES
Hallo Ulrike, sind es 2 km und ein positiver Höhenunterschied von 200 m.Das entspricht 45 Minuten Fußweg. Schöne Wanderung in den Vogesen ! Guillaume
3 more replies
Question from Udo Reiser  · June 27, 2022 · Community
Offline modus
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Answered by Michael Wolfger  · June 27, 2022 · Community
Bei mir kann ich Deine Frage nicht finden bzw. öffnen. Was für eine Frage hast Du?
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Stefan Altrichter 
April 18, 2021 · Community
Wow! Was ein toller Weg! Das gibt verdient die volle Punktzahl! Perfekte Ausschilderung, entgegen den vorherigen Rezensionen auch in Frankreich! An einigen Stellen weicht die hier herunterladbare GPX-Datei von der tatsächlichen Wegführung ab. Es führt aber wegen der perfekten Beschilderung nicht dazu, dass man vom Weg abkommt. Offenbar wurde die Routenführung angepasst. Im Bereich der Petit Arnsbourg muss man ein wenig aufpassen, dass man den Wachtfels nicht verpasst. Es gibt einen Weg unten vorbei oder auch oben rüber. Letzteres ist empfehlenswerter ;-)
Show more
When did you do this route? April 17, 2021
Nicola H
June 17, 2020 · Community
Habe die Tour in Schönau begonnen und bin begeistert von den Trails, Aussicht und Beschilderung in Deutschland. in Frankreich wurde die Beschilderung deutlich schlechter. Leider wurde der Wanderweg dann irgendwann komplett von Bulldozern blockiert und war eiegntlich nicht mehr zugänglich. Beschilderung war dann auch kaum noch einsehbar über ca. 5km. Im Wald waren dann wieder Schilder und der Weg ging normal weiter. Auf der Burgruine Froensbourg musste der weitere Weg dann richtig gesucht werden. Schade, da der Rundweg wunderschön ist.
Show more
Stefan Wurdel
February 17, 2020 · Community
Super, super langer Rundwanderweg, den man noch grad so an einem Tag machen kann. Ein schönes Brett mit sehr vielen Trails, Burgen, Höhenmeter, Aussichten, und und und… es lohnt sich wirklich, muss man gewandert sein!!
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When did you do this route? February 15, 2020
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32.8 km
15:00 h
1,381 m
1,381 m
Highest point
536 m
Lowest point
197 m
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