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Rodalber Felsenwanderweg

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  • Bruderfelsen - Wahrzeichen der Stadt Rodalben
    Bruderfelsen - Wahrzeichen der Stadt Rodalben
    Photo: Dirk Weber, Gräfensteiner Land Tourismus
m 400 350 300 250 200 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 km PWV-Hilschberghaus Kuhfelsen im Clauser Tal Eiscafé Salvatore Joggelhütte Metzgerei Hirtle G. K. Mayer-Shoes Metzgerei Hirtle
Experience the magic of the forest and rock formations on the first certified ‘Wanderbares Deutschland’ premium hiking trail, the Rodalber Felsenwanderweg. An outstanding encounter with nature!
Distance 43.8 km
13:00 h
727 m
727 m
387 m
249 m
The Rodalber Felsenwanderweg came an excellent second in the 2022 vote for Germany's most beautiful hiking trail. With its countless, legendary red sandstone formations, impressive rock caves, breathtaking vistas, beautifully sunlit mixed woodlands and leisurely places to rest and linger, it offers its charms at any time of the year. In springtime, nature's greenery bursts into life and it is almost possible to see the branches and shoots grow. In the summertime, the trail offers coolness and refreshing air, as the trail mostly runs through the beautiful woodlands of the Pfälzerwald-Nordvogesen biosphere reserve. The period of late warm, dry weather – known as an Indian summer – that sometimes occurs in the autumn months is particularly attractive with its bursts of colour before the forest then falls into its winter sleep, when snow and ice take over and create fanciful formations on the rocks. It would be going too far to list all of the highlights, but special mention must be made of the majestic Bruderfelsen crags, the landmark of the town, and the largest natural rock cave in the Palatinate region, the Bärenhöhle or ‘bear’s cave’ natural monument.


UFFBASSE! - Campaign for considerate coexistence in nature.

Fire & Smoking - Lighting fires, smoking and barbecuing are strictly forbidden in the forest and must be avoided at all costs! This is the only way to avoid fires and the resulting damage to nature and wildlife.

Be considerate when out and about - Always act with foresight, kindness and consideration towards everyone you meet along the way.

Nature conservation - Stay on the designated paths and avoid unnecessary noise when you are out in nature. Leave the forest at dusk at the latest to avoid disturbing the rhythm of nocturnal animals.

Picnic & litter - Remember to bring a litter bag and take litter home with you. Use only the furnished rest areas for breaks and picnics.

Leash your dog - Please keep your dog on a leash at all times. Other visitors and animals will thank you for it.

Further information at:

Author’s recommendation

Take your time, plan the way in 2-3 stages with backpack food and go like a scout on grandiose adventure tour!
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Thomas Russold
Update: September 09, 2022
Quality route according to "Wanderbares Deutschland"
Highest point
387 m
Lowest point
249 m
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Rest stops

Gaststätte Haustelstube
Ristorante Pizzeria Da Roberto
Gaststätte Zum Peterhof
Gaststätte und Schnellimbiss China Wok Dao
Gaststätte Zum Spiegelbrunnen
Schnellimbiss Petra's Knusperhäuschen
Wasgau-Bäckerei mit Café im Wasgau-Markt
Café-Konditorei M. Wilhelm-Pfeffer
Gaststätte Altes Postamt
Metzgerei Hirtle
Hotel, Café & Konditorei Zum Schokoladengießer
Bäckerei-Café Edgar Schäfer
Gaststätte Umut Pizza-Kebaphaus
Gaststätte Zur Alten Burg
Markt-Bäckerei mit Café im Edeka-Markt
Restaurant & Lounge Theo's Risto
Gaststätte TSR-Sportbar
Rodalber Backhaus
Gaststätte Kaninchenzuchtverein P113
Bold's Hotel-Restaurant Zum Grünen Kranz
Bold's Hotel-Restaurant Zum Grünen Kranz

Safety information

Despite the markings, we recommend for safety reasons to always have an appropriate hiking map with you so that you can quickly find your way to a safe area in case of a thunderstorm or emergency, for example.

Especially in autumn, you should also be aware that leaves lying on the ground can hide bumps, roots, stones or holes in the path. After thunderstorms or rainstorms, trees can still fall over or branches can fall down. Especially in adverse weather conditions, muddy and slippery passages can occur on natural paths. This type of trail damage must always be expected on hikes. If you are of the opinion that certain sections are not passable, it is better to avoid them. In addition, not all rocks or slopes are secured with ropes or railings. In some cases surefootedness is required. Rocks should not be climbed, especially by children, as the brittle sandstone poses a danger of falling for amateurs. Handrails and fall protection must never be climbed over (danger to life).

On a current occasion: Corona signpost German Hiking Association

Note: We always endeavour to announce on this platform any closures that occur due to forestry work or hunting parties. Nevertheless, there are situations where hiking trails are closed and we may not have been informed. If you unexpectedly encounter such a trail closure or diversion, please be sure to follow the instructions for your own safety.

Tips and hints

At the moment, Gräfensteiner Land Tourism is implementing a visitor guidance concept with numerous, partly new paths. In this context, a new signposting of all trails according to the hiking trail guidelines of Rhineland-Palatinate as well as the new furnishing with structural facilities such as seating groups, benches, fall protection and, if necessary, stairs and bridges is planned. All this also applies to the Rodalber Felsenwanderweg, which is an integral part of the new network of paths. If the old structures are in poor condition at the moment, we apologise. As described above, this will be remedied shortly!


Tourist Information Gräfensteiner Land
Am Rathaus 9
66976 Rodalben

Tel: 00496331/234-180


Rodalben train station, no parking fees! (253 m)
49.239283, 7.632500
49°14'21.4"N 7°37'57.0"E
32U 400458 5454956
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Starting point (see above).

Turn-by-turn directions

The trail starts and finishes at the hiking railway station. Via Marienbrücke, Baumbuschstraße and Bergstraße, ramblers reach the Felsenwanderweg or ‘rocky hiking trail’, that – always halfway up the mountain – leads past countless imposing red sandstone formations around the beautiful town in the Rodalbtal valley. At numerous points along the trail, there are shelters and seating areas that invite the traveller to rest, linger and unwind.

The first stop is the "Alter Bierkeller" (old beer cellar) before continuing past the rocks of Fohnbach and Kiesfelsen and reaching the "Alte Burg" (old castle) rock massif which is illuminated in the evening. It served as a refuge and retreat for the original Celtic population during raids. The panorama from here is magnificent.

Next come the Hettersbachfelsen overhangs. They are high above the Zur Alten Burg restaurant with its beer garden, where visitors can stop for a leisurely meal.

After passing the Horbergfelsen precipice and circling the valley, the next part of the trail leads through the town. In the Mühlkopf area, the tour turns back into the forest and continues there in an easterly direction. The trail now passes the Zigeunerfelsen (Gypsy Rocks) before reaching the Osterbrunnen (Easter Well) and the Teufelshütte (Devil's Hut) at the end of the Hodental.

Passing the Maibrunnenfelsen crag and the cemetery in the Leiterstal (ladder valley), the path climbs up towards the Kanzelfelsen rock with its seating area sheltered under an overhanging rocky outcrop. Here, a short detour up to the viewing platform is worthwhile as it offers a wonderful view of the historic town centre of Rodalb.

The path now leads past the Schweinefels massif, meanders around the Lindersbach valley with the Lindersbach rocks and finally leads across the valley of Am Haweracker, where the Schützenhaus is located, high up to the walkers' hostel PWV Hilschberghaus, to tempt visitors with hearty Palatinate cuisine, a sunny panorama terrace and a children's playground for a welcome rest.

The route continues in an easterly direction, past the rocky outcrops of the Krappenfelsen, Hilschbergfelsen, Saufelsen, Rappenteichfelsen and Vorderen und Hinteren Rappenkopffelsen in succession. Finally, the trail reaches the romantic Clauser Tal with its seating areas and the Gipfelstürmer shelter. Trekking past the Pilzfelsen (‘mushroom rocks’), hikers reach the Kuhfelsen (‘cow rocks’) in the valley basin with further picnic facilities.

Here, the path switches to the other side of the valley and heads south, first to the Eisenbörnchen rocks and then, after crossing the meadow valley with the fallow deer enclosure, up to the Klausfelsen and Fuchsfelsen rocks. A path to the right then descends into the valley and the valley trail leads in a southerly direction to the Hirschbrunnen hikers' car park.

Now, walkers have to cross the L497 and the little Rodalb river to reach the district of Neuhof. After just a few metres on the road, the path goes up to the Hoher Kopf with the "bat cave". A little further on are the Karl-May-Felsen rocks, which could well serve as a backdrop for the Winnetou films.

The Hungerpfuhl and Seibelsbach rocks follow, before another resting place is offered by the Dekan-Ehling shelter. From here, the trail leads into the Langenbach valley. Rambling past the Langenbachfelsen rock structures, hikers reach the Bärenhöhle or ‘bear’s cave’ natural monument, the largest natural red sandstone cave in the Palatinate. A spring rises in the cave and flows into the valley over a small waterfall. This detour down is definitely not to be missed.

Passing the rocks along the edge of the water, the trail now heads in a north-easterly direction. After crossing the "Bärenhalde" (L482) and a short climb, another highlight approaches, namely the legendary Bruderfelsen. It is the landmark of the town of Rodalben and offers a great view as well as seating. Not far from it, the circle is completed at the Alter Bierkeller and the rock hiking trail ends. It takes just a few minutes to walk back to the hiking railway station.

At the end of the tour, Rodalben offers a wide range of restaurants and cafés to round off a successful day in a cosy atmosphere.

The total length of almost 45 kilometres makes it a good idea to hike the Felsenwanderweg in several stages. Information on this can be obtained from the tourist information service for Gräfensteiner Land (, 06331/234180).


all notes on protected areas

Public transport


By train (VRN) or bus of the Südwestpfalz Nahverkehr (line 249 Rodalben-Pirmasens, 256 Pirmasens-Leimen or 248 Waldfischbach-Pirmasens) to Rodalben station, which is the starting and finishing point of the tour.

Getting there

B10, exit Münchweiler/Rodalb, L496 direction Rodalben, this becomes L497 after the exit direction Merzalben, follow this until the exit direction Rodalben-Stadtmitte/Clausen, here follow the main road straight ahead, turn left into the street Am Spiegelbrunnen, at its end turn right into the Bahnhofstraße. The railway station, from where the tour starts, is there on the left.

B270, in the area of Donsieders-Biebermühle change to L497 in the direction of Rodalben, drive on this road until the exit Rodalben-Stadtmitte/Pirmasens, turn right onto L482 (Pirmasenser Straße), from here turn left at the crossroads into Hauptstraße, turn left again into the street Am Spiegelbrunnen, at its end finally turn right into Bahnhofstraße. The railway station, from where the tour starts, is there on the left.

Follow the L482 from Clausen/Donsieders in the direction of Pirmasens, follow Lindersbachstraße to the end, turn right into Hauptstraße, then turn left into Am Spiegelbrunnen, at the end of which turn right into Bahnhofstraße. The railway station, from where the tour starts, is there on the left.


Parking at the Wanderbahnhof itself is free of charge, but partly limited to 2 hours. However, a few metres away, also in Bahnhofstraße, there are also numerous parking spaces without this time limit.

In addition, there are several other free parking spaces along the Felsenwanderweg, which can also be hiked in several stages, from where you can start your tour. For more information on how to get there or the suggested stages, please contact the Tourist-Info Gräfensteiner Land (, 00496331/234180).


49.239283, 7.632500
49°14'21.4"N 7°37'57.0"E
32U 400458 5454956
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Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

Author’s map recommendations

Hiking map Rodalber Felsenwanderweg (scale: 1:20,000, price: € 3.00) or flyer Rodalber Felsenwanderweg (free of charge), both available at the Tourist-Information Gräfensteiner Land (, 00496331-234180).


For our hiking tours we recommend the following equipment as standard:
Sturdy shoes
Clothing suitable for the weather
Sun and rain protection
Sufficient food and drink (rucksack food), as there are not always refreshment stops or shops open.
Hiking map (cf. safety instructions)

Questions and answers

Question from Claude Schuster · February 04, 2023 · Community
Hallo, ist es möglich, in der Nähe dem weg zu schlafen, wenn ich es in 2 Etappen mache ? ... 43 km an einem Tag sind viel Ich danke Ihnen sehr für Ihre Antwort
Show more
Answered by Roland Fritz · February 04, 2023 · Community
Eine Empfehlung könnte ich auf die Schnelle nicht aussprechen. Aber ich gehe davon aus, dass es in der Südwestpfalz genügend Möglichkeiten zum Übernachten gibt.
3 more replies
Question from mart stam  · October 31, 2021 · Community
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Question from Lorenzo Moruzzi · January 25, 2021 · Community
Hallo, ist es erlaubt den Weg mit einem MTB zu erkunden? LG Lori
Show more
Answered by Wolfgang Haug  · January 25, 2021 · Community
Nein. Ist nicht erlaubt. Einige Leute machen es aber trotzdem. 😢
2 more replies


Daniel Strotmann
March 16, 2022 · Community
Ich kann den positiven Rezensionen hier nach unserer Begehung vom vergangenen Sonntag in einem Stück weitestgehend beipflichten. Der Pfadanteil ist tatsächlich sehr hoch, außerdem geht es überwiegend abwechslungsreich zwischen Kiefern-, Buchen-, Fichten- und Mischwald hin und her. Überall sind tolle Rastmöglichkeiten zu finden, sogar eine Wassertretanlage kann für Erfrischung sorgen. Das ständige Auf und Ab summiert sich dann doch. Nach knapp 10 Stunden und 45 km brennen die Oberschenkel. Was ich allerdings nicht so gelungen fand, war die Beschilderung: Kilometerangaben zu den nächsten Felsen/Wegpunkten sind m. E. nicht konsequent und regelmäßig zu finden. Hinzu kommt leider, dass hier offensichtlich vandalierende Zeitgenossen eine Menge Spaß daran hatten, Wegweiser und Plaketten zu zerstören. Man darf hier wohl zurecht von Idioten sprechen. Auch die Feuerstellen gefühlt an und unter jedem Felsen sind einfach nur völlig daneben. Wer dabei erwischt wird, sollte ordentlich bestraft werden. Und wenn man dann noch angebrachte Nisthilfen mutwillig zerstört, setzt das dem Ganzen noch die Krone auf. Schämt Euch, Ihr Vandalen!!!
Show more
Stefan Altrichter 
August 23, 2021 · Community
Hoher Pfadanteil, tolle Wegführung. Beschilderung könnte besser sein, aber mit gesundem Menschenverstand ist das kein Problem ;-) Die Felsen sind toll, allerdings gibt es auf anderen Wegen deutlich spektakulärere Formationen. Hier geht es meist unten drunter vorbei. Bärenhöhle und Bruderfelsen sind zusammen mit den schönen schmalen Pfaden eindeutig die Highlights. Übernachtet haben wir im PWV Hilschberghaus - auch empfehlenswert! Die Kombi macht’s, deshalb 5 Sterne!
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When did you do this route? August 21, 2021
Photo: Stefan Altrichter, Community
Photo: Stefan Altrichter, Community
Photo: Stefan Altrichter, Community
Photo: Stefan Altrichter, Community
Thomas Fickinger 
July 26, 2021 · Community
Bin viel in der Großregion und darüber hinaus unterwegs, auch auf Trails, aber einen Weg mit solch einem hohen Pfadanteil habe ich noch nicht erwandert. Ja, das wurde bereits in vielen Kommentaren erwähnt und bei Outdooractive werden auch rund 39 Km Pfade ausgespuckt. Dennoch war ich regelrecht geplättet, als ich das dann wirklich erlebt hatte. Außer der Zuwegung aus Rodalben und ein kurzes Stück durch eine Wohnsiedlung gibt es de facto so gut wie keinen Asphalt. Zwischendrin werden breitere Wege nur kurz gekreuzt, bei jeder Gelegenheit geht es sofort wieder auf einen schmalen Pfad. Der Weg selbst bietet bizarre Felsformationen in Hülle und Fülle, das ist sehr faszinierend. Es geht meist direkt an ihnen vorbei bzw. unter ihnen durch. Das ist der größte Unterschied, z.B. zum Mullerthal in Luxemburg oder der Südeifel, dass es eher selten mitten durch geht. Das tut dem Vergnügen aber keinen Abbruch. Die Höhenmeter halten sich in Grenzen, allerdings sollte der Weg nicht unterschätzt werden, der hohe Pfadanteil ist schon auch fordernd, vor allem wenn der Weg wie von mir an einem Tag komplett gewandert wird. Trotz der Nähe zur Zivilisation hat man vor allem ab dem Hilschberghaus oft das Gefühl weit weg davon zu sein. Es geht halt fast komplett durch den Wald, hier und da habe ich mir vor allem im zweiten Abschnitt schon mal gewünscht rauszukommen und über eine Hochfläche zu wandern. Aber das gibt die Gegend einfach nicht her. Sehr bemerkenswert, was hier auf die Beines gestellt wurde. Die vielen Pfade zu pflegen ist wahnsinnig viel Arbeit. Das merkt man dann auch, denn manche Abschnitte könnten doch mal etwas freigeschnitten werden. Die Markierung: also, verlaufen ist im Prinzip nicht möglich, allerdings muss manchmal schon genauer hingeschaut werden. An entscheidenden Punkten sucht man schon mal nach dem nächsten Hinweisschild und dann kommen auf 150 Meter drei Logos. Insgesamt es dem Weg nicht schaden, markierungstechnisch einmal auf den neuesten Stand gebracht zu werden. Gerade auch, weil es ja ein Premiumwanderweg ist. Meine Empfehlung deshalb: den Track auf dem Handy bzw. der GPS-Uhr mitführen, gibt ein sicheres Gefühl. Trotz dieses kleinen Mankos gibt es von mir fünf Sterne für dieses wunderbare Wandererlebnis.
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When did you do this route? July 25, 2021
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43.8 km
13:00 h
727 m
727 m
Highest point
387 m
Lowest point
249 m
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