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Traumschleife "Kupfer-Jaspis-Pfad"

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  • Start zur Familienwanderung
    / Start zur Familienwanderung
    Photo: phormat/E. Dubois, Tourist-Information EdelSteinLand
  • / Markierungszeichen Kupfer-Jaspis-Pfad am Weg
    Photo: phormat/E. Dubois, Tourist-Information EdelSteinLand
  • / Sinnesbank am Kupfer-Jaspis-Pfad
    Photo: Caroline Conradt - TI Edelsteinland, Tourist-Information EdelSteinLand
  • / Weite Landschaft auf dem Kupfer-Jaspis-Pfad
    Photo: phormat/E. Dubois, Tourist-Information EdelSteinLand
  • / Wandern mit Fernsicht über die Hunsrückhöhen
    Photo: phormat/E.Dubois, Tourist-Information Edel-Stein-Land
  • / Nicht verpassen: Das historische Kupferbergwerk Fischbach
    Photo: phormat/E.Dubois, Edelsteinland - Idar-Oberstein/Herrstein
  • / Bergwerksrundweg am Kupferbergwerk Fischbach
    Photo: Nico Bollenbach, Kupferbergwerk Fischbach
  • / Info-Tafel am Bergwerksrundweg, Kupferbergwerk Fischbach
    Photo: Nico Bollenbach, Kupferbergwerk Fischbach
  • /
    Photo: Nico Bollenbach, Kupferbergwerk Fischbach
  • / Barrierefreie Besichtigung im Kupferbergwerk
    Photo: phormat, Tourist-Information EdelSteinLand
  • / Kupferbergwerk Fischbach - bis heute im mittelalterlichen Zustand zu bestaunen
    Photo: Caroline Conradt - TI Edelsteinland, Urlaubsregion Naheland
  • / Einzigartiges Erlebnis - Weinprobe unter Tage im Kupferbergwerk
    Photo: Caroline Conradt - TI Edelsteinland, Urlaubsregion Naheland
  • / Fischbach/Hunsrück 2019: Im Kupferbergwerk reift der Bergkäse
    Video: Edelsteinland - Idar-Oberstein/Herrstein
  • / Fischbach Hunsrück 2019: Das Kupferbergwerk
    Video: Edelsteinland - Idar-Oberstein/Herrstein
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IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the current corona situation it is absolutely necessary to walk the dream loop and the mining circuit trail at the copper mine Fischbach ( ONLY IN THE RECOMMENDED DIRECTIONS, so that encounter traffic is avoided !  Demanding and multi-faceted path in varied terrain with ascents and descents, where sure-footedness is required. Along the way hikers will find interesting information about the eponym of the path: copper and jasper. On mostly earthy, near-natural paths through shady woods and open meadows you can enjoy impressive scenery. TIP: You should not miss a visit to the Fischbach copper mine. Until the times of Napoleon, the "Bergwerk am Hosenberg" was one of the largest and most important copper mines in western Germany and can still be visited in its medieval state today. HITS FOR KIDS: Kupfi_Ralley.pdf [Kupfi-Ralley for children on the mining trail] 212 kB and Geocache "Luck on GC4CM9E on the mining trail with 17 stations (4 km, approx. 1,5 - 2 hours)
19.4 km
7:00 h
774 m
774 m
On mostly earthy, near-natural paths through shady forests and open meadows, hikers will find interesting information about the trail's namesakes: copper and jasper. There are still hidden sites of red, yellow and green jasper along the way. The view after a longer forest passage goes into the Hunsrück region. The jasper is presented on an information board. Above Hintertiefenbach a board informs that rare orchids such as the man's orchid, the small orchid, the fire orchid and the large bracts grow here in the meadows. The village Hintertiefenbach is also known as Pulverloch. In Fischbachtal, the hiking trail in the woods runs in a wide arc around the village of Fischbach in the direction of the copper mine, which can be reached via an access road (800 metres). The Traumschleife and the Bergbaurundweg run a longer stretch on the same route. Here you can find interesting information about copper and the mine. Afterwards, the tour continues into the Hosenbach valley. Here a splashing waterfall awaits us. Right at the Hosenbach there were grinding mills. Between 1851 and 1855, six agate bows were demonstrably built. Again and again one is surprised by the most different views. In 2013 the Traumschleife won 2nd place in the election for the most beautiful hiking trail in Germany.

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A visit to the historic copper mine in Fischbach ( rounds off the hiking experience.
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Updated: January 25, 2021
Highest point
480 m
Lowest point
240 m
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Safety information

The near-natural paths can be slippery, depending on weather conditions.

Tips, hints and links

Tourist-Informationen im EdelSteinland:

Büro Herrstein
Brühlstr. 16
55756 Herrstein
Fon +49 6785 - 791400
Fax +49 6785 - 7981400


Büro Idar-Oberstein
Hauptstr. 419
55743 Idar-Oberstein
Fon +49 6781 - 64871
Fax +49 6781 - 64878


Entrance portal at the "Parkplatz der Mehrzweckhalle" in Niederwörresbach, entrance portal at the "Pulverlochschänke" in Hintertiefenbach, car park of the "Kupferbergwerk" in 55743 Fischbach (access road, distance to entrance approx. 800 m) (288 m)
49.767175, 7.337490
49°46'01.8"N 7°20'15.0"E
32U 380281 5514070


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Turn-by-turn directions

Directions from Niederwörresbach, anticlockwise direction:We start at the hiking car park in Niederwörresbach. Through the wooden entrance portal you will reach a bridge, on which you cross the stream. On the first stage of the trail we first walk uphill until after about 2 km we are rewarded with two impressive viewpoints and a bench for the senses. Here we will also learn more about the jasper found in the region from information boards, the extraction of which at times formed the economic basis of the Niederwörresbach grinding works.The tour continues downhill. We reach the refuge in the "Wahlenbach". A longer ascent follows, we pass the local community of Gerach and cross the K34. After a few metres, at km 5.5, there is a lookout point with a bench for senses, which invites you to let your gaze wander. The trail continues downhill for the next 2 km, past two more lookout points and an orchid meadow. After further ascents and descents we reach the village of Hintertiefenbach (also called the "powder hole") - so far we have covered about 9 km. Then we cross another entrance portal and walk first uphill through the forest before the descent to Fischbach begins. We cross the L160 and reach Fischbach. With a height of about 240 m, this is the lowest point of the copper-jasper path. We now continue uphill. We come to a shelter and continue along the path, which now partly follows the "Bergbaurundweg". On the way we learn more about copper. Downhill we finally reach an impressive waterfall. From here we have the possibility to visit the copper mine about 800 m away on an access road. On the main path we now go uphill again, interrupted by a few descents. Before we walk back downhill on the last kilometre to Niederwörresbach, we can enjoy the impressive landscape once again at two viewpoints. Back at our starting point in Niederwörresbach, there are refreshment stops where you can comfortably end the day's hiking.


all notes on protected areas

Public transport

Regionalbahn/Regionalexpress bis Bahnhof Idar-Oberstein. Vom Bahnhof Idar-Oberstein mit dem Bus nach Niederwörresbach (Rhein-Nahe-Bus 351 und 346). Hinweis: keine Busverbindungen am Wochenende!

Getting there

A1 Ausfahrt Mehring, Richtung Morbach, B327 bis Morbach, weiter auf L160 bis Niederwörresbach, Hintertiefenbach (über K37) bzw. Fischbach-Kupferbergwerk (über K30).


A61 Ausfahrt Bad Kreuznach, Richtung Idar-Oberstein, B41 bis Abfahrt Herrstein/Fischbach, weiter L160 bis Niederwörresbach, Hintertiefenbach (über K37) bzw. Fischbach-Kupferbergwerk (über K30)


Niederwörresbach: Mühlenweg, 55758 Niederwörresbach
Hintertiefenbach: Hauptstraße 47, 55743 Hintertiefenbach
Fischbach: Parkplatz Kupferbergwerk, 55743 Fischbach


49.767175, 7.337490
49°46'01.8"N 7°20'15.0"E
32U 380281 5514070
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike


Sturdy footwear required, sticks recommended to increase surefootedness.

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Udo Wohlleben
January 17, 2021 · Community
Ein großer Teil der Strecke deckt sich mit dem Pilgerweg Hildegard von Bingen. Die Strecke bietet tolle Fernblicke rund um das "Edelsteinland"
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Completed this Route on January 16, 2021
Carina Conzelmann
November 30, 2020 · Community
Sehr schöner Weg, am besten in vorgegeber Richtung laufen 😉
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Christian Jost 
September 20, 2020 · Community
Completed this Route on September 13, 2020
Photo: Jost Christian, Community
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Start bei der Pulverloch-Schänke
Blick auf das Dorf Hintertiefenbach
Flotte Waldwege mit genügend Rastmöglichkeiten
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19.4 km
774 m
774 m
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