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Wäller Tour Iserbachschleife

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  • Farbklecks auf der Iserbachschleife
    / Farbklecks auf der Iserbachschleife
    Photo: Wilfried Dietz, Touristik-Verband Wiedtal e.V.
  • / Logo der Wäller Tour "Iserbachschleife"
    Photo: Barbara Sterr
  • / Auf der winterlichen Iserbachschleife gen Himmel
    Photo: Wilfried Dietz
  • / Blick auf Rüscheid
    Photo: Wilfried Dietz
  • / Ruine Hausenborn
    Photo: Andreas Pacek, Touristik-Verband Wiedtal e.V.
  • / Ruine Hausenborn von oben
    Photo: Andreas Pacek, Touristik-Verband Wiedtal e.V.
  • / Aussichtskanzel bei Rüscheid
    Photo: Andreas Pacek, Touristik-Verband Wiedtal e.V.
  • / Panoramatafel unterhalb der Aussichtskanzel
    Photo: Andreas Pacek, Touristik-Verband Wiedtal e.V.
  • / Veltens Weiher aus der Luft
    Photo: Andreas Pacek, Touristik-Verband Wiedtal e.V.
  • / Rastplatz an Veltens Weiher
    Photo: Andreas Pacek, Touristik-Verband Wiedtal e.V.
  • / Kurze Pause an der Thalhauser Mühle
    Photo: Andreas Pacek, Touristik-Verband Wiedtal e.V.
  • / Frischer Fisch in der Thalhauser Mühle
    Photo: Andreas Pacek, Touristik-Verband Wiedtal e.V.
  • / Ausblick über das Rengsdorfer Land
    Photo: Andreas Pacek, Touristik-Verband Wiedtal e.V.
m 400 300 200 100 20 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 km Veltens Weiher Gasthof Tross Burgruine Aussichtskanzel Rüscheid Ruine Hausenborn Thalhauser Mühle
Magnificent panoramic views, lovely stream valleys and historical buildings are the highlights of the eventful Wäller Tour Iserbach loop. The 20.8 km long route is quite demanding, but a shortcut enables the Iserbach loop to be divided into two moderate stages.
20.9 km
7:30 h
605 m
605 m
From the parking lot in Anhausen, the hike leads us over the Iserbach loop counterclockwise to the east out of the village. We hike through the Steinebach valley, past the Hausenborn church ruins to Isenburg. We leave the castle and the church on the right and climb the Ebenfeld before descending again into the Iserbach valley and the Thalhauser mill. As an alternative route, hikers are offered a shortcut to Anhausen (marked in yellow). The Wäller Tour continues through the Iserbach valley, past numerous fish ponds, to the idyllic resting place at Veltens Weiher. Through the Siehrsbachtal it goes gently up to Rüscheid with wonderful panoramic views. Back in Anhausen we pass the Ev. Church and soon reached our starting point.

Author’s recommendation

The Wäller Tour Iserbachschleife is quite demanding with its steep gradients and a length of 20.8 km. Therefore a 3.2 km long shortcut is offered between the Thalhauser Mühle and Anhausen (marked in yellow). This cross-connection enables the Iserbach loop to be divided into two moderate stages. The Nordschleife leads via Rüscheid to Thalhauser Mühle and from there via the shortcut back to Anhausen. It has a length of approx. 15 km. The Südschleife leads via Isenburg to Thalhauser Mühle and from there back to Anhausen. It is almost 12 km long. Of course, both partial stages, as well as the entire route, can be hiked in both directions.
Profile picture of Wilfried Dietz
Wilfried Dietz
Updated: November 11, 2020
Premium route awarded the "Deutsches Wandersiegel"
Highest point
379 m
Lowest point
123 m
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Rest Stop

Thalhauser Mühle
Gasthof Tross

Tips, hints and links

A hiking map and a hiking guide for the Wäller tours are available in the Westerwald shop.


Parking lot "Auf dem Löh" in 56584 Anhausen (corner of Neuwieder Straße / Auf dem Löh) (333 m)
50.498072, 7.556299
50°29'53.1"N 7°33'22.7"E
32U 397609 5595006


Parking lot "Auf dem Löh" in 56584 Anhausen (corner of Neuwieder Straße / Auf dem Löh)

Turn-by-turn directions

The starting point of the "Wäller Tour Iserbachschleife - hiking in the Rhine-Westerwald nature park" is Anhausen, Auf dem Löh car park. From there it goes counter-clockwise past Meinborn - here we enjoy a great view - into the Steinebach valley. We hike on an enchanted path along the babbling brook and turn right at the “Am Steinbruch” refuge to the Hausenborn church ruins. Now we follow the path down into the Saynbach valley to Isenburg. Then it goes up again quite steeply. A detour to the Isenburg castle ruins and a visit to the parish church “St. Katharina “are worthwhile. Via the" waterway "with two wonderful seats with a view of Isenburg we reach the Iserbach valley and cross the K 113 and the Iserbach, namesake of our hiking trail, on the way to the Thalhauser Mühle. From now on we encounter large and small fish ponds, it flows and gurgles, and we feel the abundance of water in this wonderful piece of earth. Finally we arrived at the Veltens Weiher and enjoy a rest at the beautiful table group. From there the path leads us straight into the Rüscheid district with the new "Dremherem em Reschd" educational trail (all around Rüscheid). Lovingly created information boards make us curious about this place. At the highest point we cross the L 258 (be careful!) And look forward to the wonderful view of the Jahrsbach valley opposite at the Bürgermeister-Wink-Hütte. Past the Himmelsteich pond and the sports field, it goes over lush meadows to a small viewing platform. When the visibility is good, hikers can enjoy an almost all-round view that extends in the east to the Großer Feldberg im Taunus (70 km). The way back to Anhausen leads through a mysterious forest and lets us enjoy further views along the way. The last highlight is the historically impressive Anhauser Church from the 13th century. If the entire route is too long - the path is quite demanding in some passages - you can choose a 3.2 km long shortcut between the Thalhauser Mühle and Anhausen (marked in yellow) , which enables the Iserbach loop to be divided into two stages. There are of course also restaurants along the way. U.a. in Anhausen the Gasthof Tross, in Isenburg the Fischerhütte Isertal and the Hotel-Restaurant Haus Maria (both are a bit off the Iserbach loop), and about halfway there is the Thalhauser Mühle. Information about all catering establishments can be found at http:


all notes on protected areas

Public transport

starting point of the tour in Anhausen: From Neuwied train station with the bus line 103 SWBV: Alteck-Express Neuwied - Anhausen - Dierdorf; from the bus stop on foot approx. 200 m on Neuwieder Straße heading north. www.bahn.dehttp:

Getting there

From the north: A3 exit 37 - Dierdorf L258 towards NeuwiedIn Anhausen, first street left onto the parking lot “Auf dem Löh” (corner of Neuwieder Straße

From the south: B42 to Neuwied Exit B256 towards A3 / Köln / Altenkirchen Exit L258 towards A3 / Köln / Dierdorf In Anhausen after the butcher's shop, turn right into the parking lot “Auf dem Löh” (corner of Neuwieder Straße / Auf dem Löh).


Parking lot "Auf dem Löh" in 56584 Anhausen (corner of Neuwieder Straße

There are other parking options for starting the hike in Isenburg (Hauptstrasse 36), at the Thalhauser Mühle and in Rüscheid (village community center, Schulstrasse 4).


50.498072, 7.556299
50°29'53.1"N 7°33'22.7"E
32U 397609 5595006
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

Book recommendation by the author

Official hiking guide Wällerouren (plus adventure loops on the WesterwaldSteig), publisher: IdeaMedia, 176 pages with many photos, map excerpts, elevation profiles, € 11.95

Author’s map recommendations

Hiking map Leporello Wäller tours, GPS-accurate hiking map with excursion destinations, refreshment and leisure tips, street names and elevation profiles, map size (W x H): 20 map pages 18 x 20 cm, 9 red. Pages, € 6.95 - You can get the hiking map and the book in the Westerwald shop at!


Ankle-high walking shoes are recommended, and walking sticks are particularly recommended when it is wet.

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Jürgen Schwadorf 
August 24, 2020 · Community
Lange Tour, die m.E. nie langweilig wird. Es gibt immer was zu sehen und die Wegführung ist doch sehr abwechslungsreich. Zu Anfangs auf der Südschleife 2 Steige als Höhepunkt rund um Isenburg (incl. Motorradgeknatter); die Nordschleife führt durch das schönes Isertal hinauf nach Rüscheid mit seiner toller Aussichtkanzel. Wir hatten super Fernsicht bis zum Feldberg (70 km) und die Hohe Acht. Der Rückweg nach Anhausen punktet dann noch mit einigen schönen Pfaden. Die "unsinnige Wegführung" ist sicher dem Premium Wanderwg geschuldet, der ja einen möglichst geringen Asphaltanteil vorschreibt. Wem dies nicht stört, kann hier einige Abkürzungen vornehmen. Fazit: Wegeführung: ****, Erlebniswert: **** => Gute und Wohlverdiente ****
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Completed this Route on August 23, 2020
René Schmitz
June 14, 2020 · Community
Tour am 02.06. bei Traumwetter (komplett) gewandert. Die Südschleife verdient 5 Sterne und ist wirklich toll, die Nordschleife kommt auf höchstens 2 Sterne. Zu viele langweilige Feldwege, teils auch stark zugewachsen (Zecken) und unsinnige Wegführung. Es scheint, als wird die Südschleife oft gelaufen, die Nordschleife eher nicht.
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Completed this Route on June 02, 2020
Photo: René Schmitz, Community
Christian Essmann
June 05, 2020 · Community
Ich denke, zu der Tour ist schon alles geschrieben. Top!
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Iserburg, Kirche und Burgruine
Photo: Christian Essmann, Community
Einer der zahlreichen Teiche am Weg
Photo: Christian Essmann, Community
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20.9 km
605 m
605 m
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