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Glan-Blies Cycle Route - Stage 4 (Ulmet - Meisenheim)

Long-distance cycle trail · Pfälzer Bergland und Donnersberg · open
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    Photo: Jürgen Wachowski, Pfalz Touristik e.V.
  • / Gasthaus "Zum Steinernen Mann", Ansicht 1
    Photo: Ludmilla Schwarz, FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Klimaneutrales Waldhotel Felschbachhof Ulmet
    Photo: Waldhotel Felschbachhof
  • / Blick ins Glantal
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Flurskapelle
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Willkommen in St. Julian
    Photo: Fam. Heidrun und Rüder Wirth
  • / Sankt Julian
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Ölmühle Außenansicht
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Ölmühle Außenansicht 3
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Mühlrad
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Gemeinde Glanbrücken
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Glanstübchen Hausansicht
  • / Hirsauer Kapelle
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Hirsauer Kapelle Ansicht
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Abteikirche Offenbach-Hundheim
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Ansicht von innen
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Lauterecken Roseninsel und Lauterbrücke
    Photo: Julia Bingeser, FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Altstadt von Meisenheim
    Photo: Tourist-Info Meisenheim
  • / Roseninsel, Ansicht 1
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Roseninsel, Ansicht 2
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Sobernonplatz, Ansicht 2
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Schloss Veldenz, Ansicht 1
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Schloss Veldenz, Ansicht 2
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / "Lauterecker Toskana", Ansicht 1
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / "Pfälzer Hof"
    Photo: Ludmilla Schwarz, FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Informationstafeln am Bahnhof Lauterecken
    Photo: A. Rau / FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Draisinentour - Erlebnis pur
    Photo: Fremdenverkehrszweckverband Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Barrierefreie Draisine
    Photo: Fremdenverkehrszweckverband Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Musikantenland-Express
    Photo: Fremdenverkehrszweckverband Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Planwagendraisine
    Photo: Fremdenverkehrszweckverband Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Lauterecker Brauhaus, Ansicht 1
    Photo: Ludmilla Schwarz, FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Synagoge Odenbach
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Stadtansicht
  • / Altstadt
  • / Klenkertor
  • / Marktgasse
    Photo: Tourist-Info Meisenheim
  • / Schlosskirche_1
    Photo: Ferienregion Nahe-Glan
  • / Innenansicht
    Photo: Ferienregion Nahe-Glan
  • / Markthalle
    Photo: Tourist-Info Meisenheim
  • / Hausansicht
    Photo: Tourist-Info Meisenheim
  • / Meisenheimer Hof
    Photo: frank schmidt, hofstadt2, meisenheim
  • / Kochhaus
    Photo: frank schmidt, hofstadt2, meisenheim
  • / Image
    Photo: Tourist-Info Meisenheim
  • / Image
    Photo: Tourist-Info Meisenheim
  • / Hausansicht
    Photo: Ferienregion Nahe-Glan
m 500 400 300 200 25 20 15 10 5 km Gasthaus "Zum Steinernen Mann" Draisinentour Erlebnis … Lauterecken) Meisenheim am … Altstadt Propsteikirche Offenbach-Hundheim Hotel-Restaurant "Pfälzer Hof" Brauhaus Meisenheim Historische Ölmühle St. Julian Schloss Veldenz Ehemalige Synagoge

A short day-long stage with plenty of options for exploring the region.

The cycle route runs mainly in close proximity to the river Glan and the former railway line along which bicycle draisines now operate between April and October. 

26.4 km
1:47 h
78 m
114 m

The Glan dominates the stage as you pass through the beautiful historic centres of the village of Offenbach-Hundheim and the two small towns of Lauterecken and Meisenheim.

  This stage only becomes strenuous if you want to see all the sights along the route. There is almost always a diverse and scenic landscape in the vicinity of the river Glans and the draisine railway line.
There is plenty to see: The St. Julian oil mill is a real gem in the history of craftsmanship, as it contains one of Europe’s last remaining stamp presses made from a single tree. (Demonstration available – booking required). A few towns further on in Offenbach-Hundheim, it is worth taking a short detour – the three-aisled evangelical parish church in Offenbach is an impressive example of the shift from Romanesque to Gothic-style architecture. The historic pillory at the old town jail gives a vivid impression of medieval instruments of execution. It is definitely worth factoring in a break in the historic town centre of Lauterecken. This is the point at which the Lauter flows into the Glan, and the area around the old Veldenz Castle has been carefully restored. You soon reach today’s destination of Meisenheim. It is particularly worth seeing the historic old town with its stately courtyards and well-preserved medieval city wall. The former synagogue and Schlosskirche church containing a Wittelsbach family grave and a Stumm organ are well worth a visit. End your day with a guided tour led by a night watchman.  

Author’s recommendation

Enjoy the day!

A visit to the historical oil mill (registration required, tel: 0049 171 - 26 39 07 6) is not to be missed. We also recommend taking a short walking tour around Offenbach-Hundheim and Lauterecken. Make sure you allow sufficient time to take in the historic old town of Meisenheim. User
Julia Bingeser / Juergen Wachowski
Updated: June 15, 2020

Highest point
196 m
Lowest point
149 m
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Rest Stop

Hotel Pfälzer Hof
Lauterecker Brauhaus
Schankwirtschaft "Die Bud"
Waldhotel Felschbachhof
Draisinentour - Erlebnis pur (Ausleihstation Lauterecken)
Hotel-Weingut Spindler-Barth
Brauhaus Meisenheim
Hotel-Restaurant Weingut Barth
Bierengel & Unterhaus
Meisenheimer Hof - Weinhotel und Restaurant
Markt am Platz - Maino
Hotel-Restaurant "Pfälzer Hof"
Gaststätte Sportheim
Zum Steinernen Mann
Pizzeria Da Vito
Gaststätte zum Untertor
Gasthaus zur Stadtmauer

Safety information

On some bridges, the roadside cycle path is only 1.20m wide. Dismount and push your bicycle on these bridges.
Cyclists must obey the German highway code (StVo).

Tips, hints and links

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66887 Ulmet (189 m)
49.586288, 7.455904
32U 388394 5493779


55590 Meisenheim

Turn-by-turn directions

You start in Ulmet and follow the Glan-Blies Cycle Route along the Glan to the junction at Cappeler Brücke bridge. The Flurskapelle chapel located here is also worth a short visit. The Glan-Blies Cycle Route heads left over the bridge and turns right before the junction with the main road onto the roadside cycle path to Rathsweiler.

Here you can pass through the village on the footpath and cycle trail or skirt the village by following the signposted route along the railway line. Running alongside the draisine railway line, we continue down the Glan towards St. Julian.

The first district we reach in St. Julian is Eschenau, where the former train station now houses a small art exhibition. The route keeps following the draisine line through St. Julian towards Glanbrücken.

You can’t go wrong – the path follows the railway line through Glanbrücken and on to Offenbach-Hundheim. The Glan-Blies Cycle Route remains parallel to the railway line all the way to Wiesweiler, where it turns right through the village and after a short climb turns sharp left onto an asphalt agricultural road which leads directly to Lauterecken.

The Glan-Blies Cycle Route passes through Lauterecken and stays close to the railway line and the Glan as it passes the train station and continues along agricultural roads to Medard and then on to Odenbach. Once in Odenbach itself, the route runs along the road. Just before leaving the village, it branches off to the right before the playground. The route now continues straight ahead to Meisenheim. Here the Glan-Blies Cycle Route continues alongside the draisine railway line to the former train station. There is an alternative signposted route through the historic old town.


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Public transport

Public transport friendly

This tour is easily accessible by bus and rail.


By rail to Altenglan

Bus 270 to Ulmet - bus 270 occasionally tows a bicycle trailer on weekends in the summer months. It is therefore possible to transport your bike on the bus from Ulmet to Lauterecken or from Kusel to Ulmet.

Timetable information is available from the Hin und Weg travel centre in Kusel: Tel: 06381 424 270 or 



By rail to Staudernheim

Bus 260 to Meisenheim

Getting there


A62 to Kusel exit

B420 to Ulmet


A62 to Kusel exit

B420 to Meisenheim


Parking spaces are available in Ulmet and Meisenheim.
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

Book recommendation by the author

Free Glan-Blies Cycle Route - Glan-Blies route leaflet ,  

Free overview map “Cycling in the Palatine Uplands” -; Tourist Information Altenglan; Tourist Information Lauterecken-Wolfstein; Tourist Information; Meisenheim; 

Author’s map recommendations

Glan-Blies Cycle Route - 1:50,000 scale cycle map -  

Free overview map Cycling in the Palatine Uplands”   


Please wear a helmet. Touring bicycle or bike with multiple gears, weatherproof clothing, drinks and supplies.

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26.4 km
78 m
114 m
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