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Moselsteig Trail Stage 21: Moselkern – Löf

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  • Panoramic route towards Hatzenport
    / Panoramic route towards Hatzenport
    Photo: Thomas Kalff, Mosellandtouristik GmbH
  • / Iron ladder up a rock face near Hatzenport
    Photo: Thomas Kalff, Mosellandtouristik GmbH
  • / Surrounded by Hatzenport's vineyards
    Photo: Thomas Kalff, Mosellandtouristik GmbH
  • / Dense box woodland above Löf
    Photo: Thomas Kalff, Mosellandtouristik GmbH
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Heady heights and deep down into the valley.

The first section of this leg between Moselkern and Löf demands a certain level of fitness: the trail first follows a steep path through the vineyards – to then reward hikers on the next section along the edge of the slope with magnificent vistas. The "Küppchen" viewpoint affords a splendid view of the Moselle and Baybach valleys and Bischofsstein Castle close by. The view is all the more impressive if there are also paragliders and hang-gliders soaring in the air above you. The route of the unspoilt Hatzenport Laysteig Traumpfad Trail now runs parallel to the Moselsteig – both paths descend into Hatzenport before climbing up again to the Rabenlay with its mountain hut and resting place. Shortly thereafter, the Moselsteig splits from the Traumpfad and heads downhill through dense box trees and along the Kehrbach Valley to reach its destination in Löf.

13.8 km
4:00 h
625 m
630 m
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Thomas Kalff
Updated: November 19, 2020
Quality route according to "Wanderbares Deutschland"
Highest point
270 m
Lowest point
75 m
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Tips, hints and links

Mosellandtouristik GmbH

Kordelweg 1, 54470 Bernkastel-Kues; Phone: +49 (6531) / 97330


Tourist information office Treis-Karden

St. Castor-Straße 87, 56253 Treis-Karden, OT Karden; Phone: +49 (2672) / 9157700


Tourist information office Sonnige Untermosel

Moselstraße 7, 56332 Alken; Phone: +49 (2605) / 8472736


Moselkern: Railway station at the edge of the town (79 m)
50.195338, 7.371508
50°11'43.2"N 7°22'17.4"E
32U 383767 5561618


Löf: Niederbachstraße close to the church and the Moselle bridge

Turn-by-turn directions

From the railway station in Moselkern, you start this Moselsteig Trail stage, by first following the access route signage. Over the paved path next to the railway tracks, the hike continues to the overpass over the railway line and then into the development area. After the last houses, follow the flat path through the vineyards. A steep path now branches off, and climbs up the slope on a winding path through the forest. The path meets the K 33, where you need to hike a short distance uphill. At a chapel at the slope edge you will soon leave the road. You have now reached the Moselsteig Trail main path, which continues towards Löf.

The path follows the slope edge without great differences in height. The dense forest does not yet offer a view of the Moselle Valley. At the transmitting mast, you are in for a treat: A few meters away from the path, a viewing point was created, from which you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Moselle Valley from Burgen to Hatzenport! The hike continues to Lasserg, mostly along the slope edge. The access route to Burg Bischofstein (Castle Bischofstein) branches off, it continues to Burgen on the other side of the Moselle (seasonal ferry service, note ferry times). The small town is quickly walked through, and at the sports field, the last houses are already behind you. After a short stretch you reach a beautiful area with a hut, rest area and view of the Moselle Valley. Only a few more metres on the Trail, and you arrive at the slope edge at the Küppchen viewing point high above the Moselle. The view from here is spectacular. Below you can catch a glimpse of the Bischofstein Castle with its massive round castle tower. Burgen is located on the opposite side of the Moselle at the mouth of the Baybach Valley, deeply cut into the Hunsrück (see author's recommendation). The stunning view of the Hunsrück heights extends far here and of course also downstream of the Moselle, where Hatzenport, the next stop can already be seen. If the weather permits you can watch the paragliders taking off at the launch site.

The Moselsteig Trail continues along the slope edge to the edge of the forest. From here, the Dream Path Hatzenporter Laysteig takes you along the same route, you continue on a downward path through the lower forest. The route section ends at a rest area with a beautiful view of the Moselle Valley. A panoramic path follows, which leads you always with an unobstructed view of the Moselle Valley, at a moderate decline downhill through the former vineyards. The new development area of Hatzenport is quickly passed through. After crossing the L 113, you will find the short climbing trail Dolling – you can bypass this along the road. Both variants meet again at the railway underpass in the Schrumpftal in Hatzenport, very close to the railway stop.

From here, you immediately continue on the steep terrain above the village. A secured path with ropes leads you to the vineyards and the weather station located there. The path through the vineyards takes you past an old vineyard cottage to the upstream mountain hut. From here – but also already on the way here – a fascinating view of the Moselle Valley at Hatzenport opens up! Especially the Johanniskirche directly under the vineyards is a memorable sight. After a path section through the low forest, there are again lots of views, and Rabenlay is nearly reached. Here, a mountain hut, a resting area and a lounge with a dream view awaits you – an ideal location for a long picnic!

Now the Moselsteig Trail follows the Dream Path along a wooded path, before it turns off into the open field. Now the patch crosses the road, and after entering the forest there is a short downhill section. Continuing through the forest you reach, at a slight incline, the side valley of the Alsbach. Here you reach the Würzlay Trail, which accompanies the Moselsteig Trail until just before Löf. The next section runs through the forest again, briefly interrupted by a dense population of box trees, which you cross through on a path. Slightly downhill, you reach the Kehrbach Valley. From now on, the path continues only downhill along a stream. You hike under a dark green canopy of leaves past cross path stations to the outskirts of Löf. You now have the choice: Take the Nachtigallenweg to the access route to the railway station. Or hike directly into the village and end this beautiful stage near the Mosel bridge.


all notes on protected areas

Public transport

Moselkern: Railway station on the Moselle line (RB only)

Löf: Railway station on the Moselle line (RB only)

Getting there

Starting point: Moselkern via the B 416 between Treis-Karden and Koblenz

Destination: Löf via the B 416 between Treis-Karden and Koblenz


Moselkern: Parking at the railway station; large car park at the junction of Kirchstraße and Moselstraße

Löf: Parking along the B 416


50.195338, 7.371508
50°11'43.2"N 7°22'17.4"E
32U 383767 5561618
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

Book recommendation by the author

"Moselsteig" - Offzieller Moselsteig-Wanderführer von ideemedia, 14,95 €

Authors: Ulrike Poller, Wolfgang Todt, publisher: ideemedia, 300 pages with around 300 images, altitude profiles, QR codes and GPS Tracks (in German), Format 11,5 x 23 cm, ISBN: 978-3-942779-21-0, 14,95 €


"Official Moselsteig Trail hiking maps" in pocket format:

The entire route is divided into 3 maps:

Leisure Map Moselsteig - Map 1: Perl - Trier (Stages 1 - 4), ISBN: 978-3-89637-419-6

Leisure Map Moselsteig - Map 2: Trier – Zell (Moselle) (Stages 5 -14), ISBN: 978-3-89637-420-2 Leisure Map Moselsteig - Map 3: Zell (Moselle) – Koblenz (Stages 15 -24) ISBN: 978-3-89637-421-9

Individual maps: €5.90

Set of 3 maps: € 14.50 (ISBN: 978-3-89637422-6)



Premium set consisting of the official hiking guide including set of 3 hiking maps. Publisher: ideemedia, ISBN: 978-3-942779-24-1, 26,95 €


The hiking guides and the maps are available in bookstores or on the website under the heading "Brochures & information material".

Author’s map recommendations

Leisure Map Moselsteig Trail – Map 3: Zell (Moselle) - Koblenz (Stages 15 - 24), ISBN: 978-3-89637-421-9


  • Sturdy hiking footwear
  • Appropriate weatherproof hiking gear
  • Picnic lunch

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Christian D.
November 16, 2020 · Community
Wirklich schöne und abwechslungsreiche Etappe mit tollen Aussichten. ABER: Ein brandgefährlicher Abschnitt des Zuwegs von Moselkern herauf führt auf gut einem halben Kilometer über eine lebhaft und schnell befahrene Landstraße, bei der man noch nicht einmal auf so etwas wie einen vernünftig begehbaren Seitenstreifen ausweichen kann und somit AUF der Fahrbahn gehen muss. Eine echte Zumutung und dringend verbesserungsbedürftig.
show more
René Schmitz
July 04, 2020 · Community
Heute am 04.07. zusammen mit Etappe 22 gewandert. Teile des Weges kannte ich bereits von einem Traumpfad. Der Weg bietet einige schöne Aussichtspunkte, Teile sind jedoch auch sehr unspektakulär und langweilig. Am schönsten ist sicher der gesamte Bereich vor der Rabenley (von Moselkern aus kommend) und die (einfachen) Kletterpassagen direkt bei Hatzenport. Sehr viele Warnschilder und abgesperrte Bäume wegen Eichenprozessionsspinner auf dem Weg. Gehdauer Etappe 21: 2:55 h
show more
Completed this Route on July 04, 2020
Photo: René Schmitz, Community
Photo: René Schmitz, Community
Photo: René Schmitz, Community
Wander Verliebt
March 15, 2020 · Community
Schöne Moselsteigetappe von Moselkern nach Löf. Der Abschnitt an der Mosel vom Aussichtspunkt Küppchen bis zur Rabenlay hat uns am besten gefallen. Der Rest hat eher Spazier-Charakter. Je nach Jahreszeit kann es matschig sein, also gutes Schuhwerk anziehen.
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Completed this Route on March 14, 2020
Video: Wander Verliebt, Community
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13.8 km
625 m
630 m
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