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Long Distance Hiking Top Stage 13

RheinBurgenWeg Stage 13: Trechtingshausen–Bingen (north–south)

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  • Ausblick von Burg Rheinstein
    / Ausblick von Burg Rheinstein
    Photo: Joachim Fox, Romantischer Rhein Tourismus GmbH
  • / Burg Rheinstein
    Photo: Romantischer Rhein Tourismus GmbH
  • / Tafernwirtschaft auf Burg Rheinstein
    Photo: Romantischer Rhein Tourismus GmbH
  • / Mäuseturm und Ruine Ehrenfels
    Photo: Friedrich Gier, Romantischer Rhein Tourismus GmbH
m 400 300 200 100 10 8 6 4 2 km Drei Eichen Prinzenkopf Morgenbachtal
Eine waldreiche Etappe mit abwechslungsreichen Eindrücken durch den Binger Wald. Die Bäume bieten an sonnigen Tagen einen guten Schutz.
10.8 km
4:00 h
370 m
418 m
The final stage of the RheinBurgenWeg (RBW) also boasts several fabled highlights with Steckeschlääferklamm Gorge, Rheinstein Castle and the valley of the Morgenbach.  The thirteen stages of the RBW through the Middle Rhine Valley have taken us to glorious viewpoints and across deserted little valleys. Our RBW adventure comes to an end on the Rhine promenade in Bingen, with views of Klopp Castle, the ruins of Ehrenfels Castle and the Mouse Tower.

Author’s recommendation

Rheinstein Castle is well worth a visit (please observe the opening times).
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Joachim Fox
Updated: July 23, 2020
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350 m
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97 m
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Safety information

Wear suitable weatherproof clothing that will protect you from cold, wet, heat and sunshine.

Make sure you take regular breaks and don't overexert yourself.

Take enough fluids with you as there are sections without rest stops.

Wear suitable hiking boots/shoes which give you enough grip on slippery, steep, rocky and uneven surfaces.

Avoid any sections of the route which you feel are too difficult for you. Natural trails can quickly become wet and slippery in adverse weather conditions.

Particularly in autumn, you should be careful of uneven ground, roots, stones or holes that have been covered by leaves.

You need to take these kinds of adverse conditions into account every time you go on a hike.

Particularly steep and dangerous places are made safer with handrails or ropes. Please use these as safety aids. Handrails are not to be climbed on or used to get a better view!

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Trechtingshausen (146 m)
50.002937, 7.848905
50°00'10.6"N 7°50'56.1"E
32U 417510 5539592



Turn-by-turn directions


From the Morgenbach Valley to the Mouse Tower!


The last stage of the RheinBurgenWeg starts at the railway station in Trechtingshausen. From there, follow the path along the B9, which you cross just before leaving the village. You now find yourself at the entrance to the wild and romantic Morgenbach Valley. The path, signposted yellow and red, leads you some way through the valley until you reach the main RheinBurgenWeg at the top of a flight of steps. The mule path starts here. The climb up the narrow rocky path requires a degree of sure-footedness. Soon you will be able to catch a glimpse down into the Morgenbach Valley and over to Reichenstein Castle from a cliff. The RheinBurgenWeg now leads steeply downhill until Rheinstein Castle suddenly towers above you! It's definitely worth exploring the castle and making a short detour into the adjacent "Kleiner Weinprinz" castle restaurant. This is followed by unadulterated hiking enjoyment, as the mule path meanders upwards around cliffs and through a wood of crooked oaks. The effort is well worthwhile because, at the edge of the slope, the Schweizerhaus restaurant offers a fabulous view of Assmannshausen and Old Father Rhine. From here, the Soonwaldsteig Trail follows the same route as the RheinBurgenWeg back into the Morgenbach Valley. At the fork to the nearby Jägerhaus forester's lodge, the RheinBurgenWeg leaves the Soonwaldsteig Trail and heads along the unique Steckeschlääferklamm gorge with many carved faces to discover amidst the unspoilt nature of the woodland. At the end of the gorge you'll reach the car park at the Josef Fountain. Following the RheinBurgenWeg, a further cultural and historical treasure awaits you – the "Villa Rustica" excavation site. After this excursion back into Roman times, the trail continues over the suspension bridge into the Kreuzbach Valley and on towards the Heiligkreuz forester's lodge. After a short rest in the forester's lodge, you're on the final straight! The RheinBurgenWeg winds around a beautiful natural trail through Bingen Forest before, a little later, treating you to a view of the Prinzenkopf. The last section follows hairpin bends steeply downhill before the main trail ends at the B9. A path leads from the trail portal on the B9 past the "Mouse Tower Park" via the railway station to the "Kulturufer" in Bingen where the last stage of the RheinBurgenWeg ends close to the Hildegard Museum and the passenger ferry to Rüdesheim with hopefully many wonderful memories in your backpack.



all notes on protected areas

Public transport

There is a train station in both Trechtingshausen and Bingen.



Getting there

Follow the B9 along the Rhine to get to Trechtingshausen and Bingen.

There is a car ferry in Bingen.


  • Bingen Autofähre (O 419815 N 5535734)
  • Bingen an B 9 (O 419815 N 5535734)
  • Trechtingshausen (O 417740 N 5540291)
  • Jägerhaus (O 415925 N 5537530)
  • Josefsbrunnen (O 415957 N 5536862)
  • Bodmannstein (O 416698 N 5536256)
  • Fhs. Heilig Kreuz (O 417770 N 5536022)



50.002937, 7.848905
50°00'10.6"N 7°50'56.1"E
32U 417510 5539592
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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  • Wanderschuhe
  • Witterungsangepasste, zweckmäßige Kleidung


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Roswitha V.
October 10, 2020 · Community
Ich bin den gesamten Rhein-Burgen-Weg gelaufen. Insgesamt würde ich die einzelnen Etappen als leicht bis mittel einstufen. Der Part von Rolandseck bis Koblenz lohnt sich meines Erachtens überhaupt nicht. Kein Vergleich zu dem zweiten Part von Koblenz bis Bingen. Hier jedoch sind die Wege schöner, als ich zunächst angenommen hatte. Viele Strecken führen über Pfade und naturbelassene Wege, großteils durch den Wald und immer wieder mit herrlichen Ausblicken auf den Rhein. Die letzte Etappe - mit einem lachenden und einem weinenden Auge geht es dem Ende zu. In Bingen lohnt die Rheinpromenade sowie ein Besuch im Hildegard-Museum.
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Completed this Route on September 05, 2020
Burg Rheinstein
Photo: Roswitha V., Community
Romantischer Rhein
Photo: Roswitha V., Community
Fast geschafft - Bingen liegt zu meinen Füßen
Photo: Roswitha V., Community

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Burg Rheinstein
Romantischer Rhein
Fast geschafft - Bingen liegt zu meinen Füßen

10.8 km
370 m
418 m
Multi-stage route Scenic Refreshment stops available Family friendly Cultural/historical value


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