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  • Vennbahn - A path of transmission (DE)
    / Vennbahn - A path of transmission (DE)
  • / Viadukt Reichenstein
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  • / Historical city of Aachen
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  • / Ourtal
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  • / Vennbahn Logo
  • / Karlsbrunnen
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  • / Aachener Dom
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  • / Rollefbachviadukt
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  • / Burg Raeren
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  • / Burg Raeren
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  • / Töpfereimuseum Raeren
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  • / Hohes Venn
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  • / Hohes Venn
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  • / Rathaus Aachen
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  • / Rollefbachviadukt
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  • / Wolfsbusch - Montenau
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  • / Troivierges
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  • / Tunnel Lommersweiler
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  • / Viadukt Reichenstein
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  • / Rollefbachviadukt
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  • / Draisine Kalterherberg
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  • / Die Vennbahn
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  • / Rollefbachviadukt
    Photo: Dominik Ketz, StädteRegion Aachen
m 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 100 80 60 40 20 km Historischer Ortskern Kornelimünster Burg Reuland Viadukt Reichenstein Historische Altstadt Monschau Viadukt Born

For over a century the Vennbahn was the link between Aachen and the north of Luxembourg, now it is one of the longest cross-border railway cycle paths in Europe.

128.1 km
12:00 h
968 m
700 m

The Vennbahn between Aachen and Troisvierges in the north of Luxembourg, with the unique high moor Hohes Venn in between, is one of the longest railway cycle paths in Europe with its 125 kilometres, symbolizing an eventful part of Europe: originally a connection between coal fields in the north and steelworks in the south, then an artery in the conflict zone of two world wars, then forgotten in order to fill the cross-border region with life today. Crossing the border in the truest sense of the word, as the cycle path alternates more than a dozen times between Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg, the path is characterised by a variety of nature, from the Monschau Heckenland and the moorland in the Hohes Venn via the original Ourtal to the gardens around Troisvierges.

Cycling in the Eifel-Ardennes with borderland flair! 


Top 10 highlights along the route:    

Aachen Cathedral & Old Town   

Kornelimünster with Imperial Abbey   

Raeren Castle / Pottery Museum   

Historical Old Town Monschau   

Rurlake (detour via the Rur shore cycle path)   

Hohes Venn

Bütgenbach reservoir   

St. Vith (local museum, city tours)   

idyllic ourtal 

bat tunnel

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Discover the exciting Vennbahn stories along the route and learn more about the country and people around the Vennbahn. User
Michael Lock 
Updated: March 17, 2020

Highest point
560 m
Lowest point
160 m
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Safety information

The Vennbahn is comfortably extended to a width of 2.50 - 3.00 metres and is equipped with high safety standards at the crossing points. Against the background of the large number of users and the different target groups with different demands for use, however, mutual consideration is the top priority in order to avoid accidents and to guarantee safe "cycling" for all target groups on the Vennbahn.Translated with


With the weather adapted clothing, enough water and a little food you are well equipped for the tour. 

Tips, hints and links

central contacts


Tourismusagentur Ostbelgien

Hauptstraße 54

B-4780 Sankt Vith

Phone (0032)80 22 76 64




touristic information


Aachen Tourist Service e.V.


52062 Aachen

Phone: +49/(0)2 41/180 29 60 oder -61

Fax: +49/(0)2 41/180 29 69



Monschauer Land Touristik e.V.

Seeufer 3

52152 Simmerath

Phone: (0049) 2472 / 804822


Homepage :


Ofice Régional du Tourisme des Ardennes Luxembourgeoises

8, Avenue Nicolas Kreins

L-9536 Wiltz

Phone: +352 - 26 95 05 66




Aachen Central (159 m)
50.773641, 6.087006
32U 294620 5628699


Troisvierges railway station

Turn-by-turn directions

The route leads along one of the longest cross-border rail cycle paths in Europe. Due to its history as a railway line, the route leads through the Eifel-Ardennes region with a low gradient (in future with a maximum gradient of 2%). Only at the end of the tour are some major ascents to be mastered, as the tunnel in Lengeler has not been opened for cycling due to a rare species of bat and the diversion leads over the mountain. The route is mostly asphalted, but there are also water-bound sections. The width of the cycle path varies between 2.50 m and 3.00 m. 

Route guidance:

The Vennbahn is completely signposted in blue and yellow, which you can easily follow. Current information on the route can be found at:


all notes on protected areas

Public transport

How to get to the starting point Aachen Central Station

The nearest bus stop to the starting point is Aachen main station and is served by various bus lines and trains. Your personal connection information with tariff information and the conditions for taking bicycles with you when travelling by public transport is available at: or


Return journey to Aachen:

Guests who have travelled on the Vennbahn from Aachen to Troisvierges and want to return to Aachen by train from Troisvierges must change twice on the way back:

TROISVIERGES - Liège-Guillemins (approx. 1:28 hours)


Liège-Guillemins - Verviers Central (approx. 0:38 hours)


Verviers Central - AACHEN (approx. 0:14 hours)


Attention: Depending on the time of day, the timing of the trains is not optimal, so please allow enough time for the journey and inform yourself well before starting your return journey.



Bicycle transport on all trains (except Thalys and ICE).  Avoid rush hours. Bicycles must be loaded and unloaded at the places instructed by and under the supervision of the train attendants.


Your personal connection information with tariff information is available under:



Getting there

Use our route planner for the individual planning of your journey by car and enter "Aachen, Lagerhausstrasse" as your destination.


You can park your car in the multi-storey car park in Lagerhausstraße (chargeable). Prices and conditions can be found under the following link: 

Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

Author’s map recommendations

Vennbahnkarte Maßsat1:100.000 (erhältlich in den Touristinfos entlang der Strecke

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Wolfgang Müller
September 29, 2019 · Community
Wir fahren den Vennbahn Radweg häufig auf verschiedenen Abschnitten zwischen Raeren und Weywerts. Wir möge diese Stecke, weil sie auch landschaftlich sehr schön ist. Was uns allerdings stört, sind diese möchtegern Radprofis die stets zu Zweit oder gar zu Dritt nebeneinander herfahren und den Radweg dabei für sich allein beanspruchen.
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Hannelore Hauß-Albert
June 03, 2019 · Community
Wir sind von Aachen-Brand bis Monschau gefahren. Eine tolle Strecke, kaum merklicher Anstieg, weitgehend kreuzungsfrei, angenehmer Wechsel von Wald und offenem Gelände und alle 10-15 km eine Einkehr... Der Abstiegt nach Monschau ist problematisch (sehr steile Schotterpiste). Zurück sind wir von Monschau bis Raeren mit dem Bus (Linie 66, fährt stündlich ab Parkhaus Sparkasse. Der Bus nimmt aber nur Fahrräder mit, wenn keine Kinderwagen mitwollen!) Ab dann ging es immer nur gemütlich bergab.
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Done at June 01, 2019
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128.1 km
968 m
700 m
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  • 3 Stages
Railway cycle trail · Eifel

Vennbahn (Etappe 1) Aachen - Monschau

August 21, 2013
easy Stage 1
51.2 km
3:45 h
441 m
170 m
StädteRegion Aachen
Railway cycle trail · Eifel

Vennbahn (Etappe 2) Monschau - St. Vith.

August 22, 2013
easy Stage 2
45 km
3:30 h
306 m
274 m
StädteRegion Aachen
Railway cycle trail · Eifel

Vennbahn (Etappe 3) St.Vith - Troisvierges

August 23, 2013
moderate Stage 3
32 km
3:30 h
243 m
283 m
by Michael Lock,   StädteRegion Aachen
: h
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