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Red wine hiking trail from Bad Bodendorf to Altenahr (The Tour)

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  • / Familie auf dem Rotweinwanderweg
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m 300 200 100 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 km Klosterruine Marienthal mit Weingut Bunte Kuh … Walporzheim Förster's Weinterrassen Tourist-Information Ahrweiler
Wonderful tours through the vineyard terraces of the red wine paradise Ahr offer not only fantastic views, but also an insight into the most famous red wine growing area in Germany.

This route passes through an inaccessible area and is therefore closed. Current information

Distance 36.4 km
10:24 h
800 m
891 m
Here you can look over the winegrower's shoulder during the grape harvest. There you can watch many busy hands at work. What you always wanted to know about the grape harvest? The conversation with the experts in the vineyard provides information. The red wine hiking trail in the Ahr valley makes it possible: wonderful tours through the vineyard terraces of the red wine paradise do not only offer fantastic views. They also provide an insight into one of the most famous red wine growing areas in Germany. The route through the "paradise of red grapes" is also an information tour on site. The picturesque hiking trail leads from Altenahr to Bad Bodendorf, is 35,000 metres long and connects the wine villages above the romantically situated river bed of the Ahr.

Author’s recommendation

Those who would like to enjoy a glass of Ahr wine or take a break in between can reach the wine village of their choice via the respective descent.
Highest point
299 m
Lowest point
72 m
Best time of year

Rest Stop

Weingut Mönchberger Hof
Monastery ruin Marienthal
Förster's Weinterrassen

Safety information

Nicht zu nah den Wegerand betreten.


Altenahr railway station (163 m) (163 m)
50.515842, 6.990759
50°30'57.0"N 6°59'26.7"E
32U 357555 5597915


Train station Bad Bodendorf

Turn-by-turn directions

From the bus stop Altenahr-Mitte at the Altenahr town hall we follow the sign to the red wine hiking trail. A red grape will show us the way along the whole route to Bad Bodendorf.

The trail first goes uphill until we are below the castle Are (1), whose mighty tower is enthroned above the Ahr valley. If we turn right, we will come up to the ruins 113 m above the valley on a winding path. From here we have a wonderful view of the river below us. Back on the marked path we pass the "White Cross". We pass it on the left and follow the wide path upwards. On a ledge high above Mayschoß the small Michaelskapelle is enthroned. We walk parallel to the slope further through the forest. At a small tributary of the Ahr we turn right and follow the small stream downhill into the vineyards, the traditional Mayschoßer Lagen. In Mayschoß is the oldest winegrowers' cooperative in the world. On the opposite hill, surrounded by vines, we see the remains of the Saffenburg (2). We walk along the vines for a while until we see the monument of Saint Rochus, the patron saint of red wine winegrowers, who watches over the vineyards. Continuing following the signs, we pass through a rocky outcrop just before the Heinz-Korbach-Rast lookout point. With a view of the loops of the Ahr we follow the grape markings parallel to the slope through the vineyards. Above Dernau we finally pass the Dr.-Karl-Näkel-Hütte. At the next two forks we keep to the right and finally turn right at a wayside shrine. The winding path leads us over the country road and further through the vineyards until we finally reach the first houses of Dernau.

We continue to follow the signposting which leads us above the wine village and over vineyards to Marienthal. In the north of Marienthal we pass an old bunker. At the ruins of the monastery, we go up on the left and climb the Trotsenberg over serpentines. Passing the farms "Förster's Wine Terraces" and the Altenwegshof, a detour to the observation tower "Bunte Kuh" is worthwhile.

At the hotel "Hohenzollern" we finally reach the viticulture educational trail (3), where 31 display boards inform about viticulture in the Ahr valley. We continue to follow the signs and pass the Roemervilla Museum (4) at the entrance to Ahrweiler. There you can admire the remains of an old Roman villa. Here we have covered about half of the total distance. Above Ahrweiler we continue walking through the vineyards and along the Silberberg and pass the "Seilpark Mittelrhein". In a detour we reach a beautiful winegrower's chapel after a short time.

Above the twin town Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler we follow the signs, cross the motorway A573 on a bridge and walk along the slope further in eastern direction. Shortly before the A61 we pass the Apollinaris fountain (5) at the company of the same name, from where the famous mineral water reaches the whole world. In front of us we now see the ruins of Landskrone (6) on the basalt cone near Heppingen, visible from afar. At the foot of the 270 m high mountain there is the "Heppinger Brunnen". Here the inhabitants of the surrounding communities can help themselves to the Apollinaris healing water free of charge.

Above Heimersheim the route then leads via Lohrsdorf mostly along the edge of the forest. On the Heerweg we finally reach the train station in Bad Bodendorf. The red wine hiking trail can of course also be walked from here.


Stages of the red wine hiking trail:


    Altenahr - Mayschoß 4.4 km

    Mayschoß - Rech 2.1 km

    Rech - Dernau 1.8 km

    Dernau - Marienthal 4.2 km

    Marienthal - Walporzheim 3.0 km

    Walporzheim - Ahrweiler 3.2 km

    Ahrweiler - Bad Neuenahr 7.4 km

    Bad Neuenahr - Heppingen 3.0 km

    Heppingen - Heimersheim 1.2 km

    Heimersheim - Lohrsdorf 1.3 km

    Lohrsdorf - Bad Bodendorf 4.0 km


all notes on protected areas

Public transport


Ahrtalbahn, Busverbindungen

Getting there

Über die B267 nach Altenahr, bei Beginn in Bad Bodendorf über die B266


An allen Bahnhöfen und öffentlichen Parkplätzen entlang des Rotweinwanderweges.


50.515842, 6.990759
50°30'57.0"N 6°59'26.7"E
32U 357555 5597915
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

Book recommendation by the author

"Entlang des Rotweinwanderweges" 978-3-943123-02-09

Author’s map recommendations

"Feizeit- und Wanderkarte Ahrtal. Von Altenahr bis Sinzig" 978-3-943123-08-1


Festes Schuhwerk ist auf manchen Passagen empfehlenswert.

Questions and answers

Question from Anja Bookhahn · August 08, 2020 · Community
Guten Tag, ich plane mit einer Freundin eine Reise ins Ahrltal. Wir möchten gerne den Rotweinwanderweg in mehreren Etappen absolvieren. Was gibt es da für Möglichkeiten? Gibt es die Möglichkeit von einer festen Unterkunft aus die Route täglich von einem anderen Punkt aus fortzusetzen? Bzw. werden evtl. Shuttlefahrten zu den jeweiligen Parkplätzen angeboten? Vielen Dank und viele Grüße! Anja Bookhahn
show more
Hallo Anja, der Rotweinwanderweg führt durch die Weinberge im Ahrtal an den Weinorten vorbei. Du brauchst dein Auto nicht unbedingt. Die Weinorte sind angebunden an die Ahrtalbahn. Die Zuwegung vom und zum Rotweinwanderweg ist beschildert. Es ist also kein Problem, von einer festen Unterkunft aus zu starten um den kompletten Weg zu erkunden. Noch ein Tipp: viele Gastgeber im Ahrtal bieten ihren Übernachtungsgästen als besonderen Service das Gästeticket. Das Ticket berechtigt zu kostenlosen Nutzung von Bus und Bahn im Ahrtal. Das Gästeticket ist für den Gast kostenlos. Für mich ist die Strecke zwischen Altenahr und Ahrweiler (17 km) die Königsetappe unterwegs auf dem Rotweinwanderweg (35 km). Wenn du die 17 km aufteilen möchtest: Etappe 1 Altenahr- Dernau, Etappe 2 Dernau-Ahrweiler, Etappe 3 Bad Neuenahr Ahrweiler-Bad Bodendorf. Der Weg ist wunderschön!!! Viel Spaß und viele Grüße aus dem Ahrtal, Ulla Weitere Infos:


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36.4 km
10:24 h
800 m
891 m
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