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Barbarossa Cycle Route

Themed route • Palatinate
  • Seewoog
    / Seewoog
  • Monkey Kletterwald
    / Monkey Kletterwald
  • Japanischer Garten
    / Japanischer Garten
    Photo: Stadt Kaiserslautern
Map / Barbarossa Cycle Route
0 150 300 450 600 m km 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 Naherholungsgebiet Seewoog Keltisches Fürstengrab Hotel Blechhammer Japanischer Garten Kaiserslautern Ferienwohnung Hemmer Burgruine Alsenborn (Dieburg) Mayer´s Weinbistro

This is a new, long-distance route at the northern outskirts of the Palantinate Forest connecting the Glan with the Rhine. The path ist mostly off-road and level - at times it leads over untouched ground. The first stage (41 km) takes you from Glan-Münchweiler via the north of Kaiserslautern to Enkenbachm before continuing from Enkenbach via Grünstadt to Worms (47 km).
88.3 km
6:17 h
886 m
1001 m
The Barbarossa Cycle Route is approximately 90 km long and takes you straight through the Palatinate. It connects the Rhine Cycle Route, which includes the imperial city of Worms and Barbarossa's city of Kaiserslautern, with the Glan-Blies Cycle Route at Glan-Münchweiler, which lies in the famous 'Kuseler Musikantenland" (Kusel Musician's Country) area. The cycle route takes you trough the beautiful and varied Palatinate countryside. From Worms, you will cross the Rhine plain, defined by its agriculture and wine-growing, while at Ramsen, you will see the Palatinate Forest Nature Park, with its Eiswoog, and idyllic forest lake and popular leisure destination for locals, after which you will press on to the east of Kaiserslautern, where the lowlands of Westrich begin. You will only encounter larger inclines on the 5 km stretch between the Eiswoog and Alsenborn in the Palatinate Forest.

The namesake of this cycle route is none other than Emperor Frederick I, better known as Barbarossa, who significantly altered the history of the Palatinate in the 12th century. Alongside numerous ruined castles, the Imperial Palace in Kaiserslautern is one of his greatest legacies. There are many more sights to see and opportunities to have a rest along the way.

The logo of the route displays Emperor Barbarossa as he is traditionally depicted. The image used is based on the sculpture above the north portal of Worms cathedral. User
Katrin Föhst
Updated: 2016-11-30

352 m
89 m
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Glan-Münchweiler (Glan-Blies Cycle Route) (211 m)
49.470347 N 7.444349 E
32U 387293 5480907


Worms (Véloroute Rhine)

Turn-by-turn directions

The Barbarossa Cycle Route mostly stays on forest and farm roads. It consists mostly of tarmac roads, but around the Palatinate Forest to the north of Kaiserslautern there are stretches where the surface can be uneven and wet.

The route at a glance:

  1. Glan-Münchweiler - Kaiserslautern (27.5 km) :
    The starting point for the Barbarossa Cycle Route is at the railway station in Glan-Münchweiler. The first part of the route is shared by the Glan-Blies route, directly along the Glan, crossing the railway line between Landstuhl and Kusel and, shortly after that, branching off towards Niedermohr.
  2. Kaiserslautern - Eisenberg (31.7 km):
    In Kaiserslautern, the route initially takes you past a couple of lakes, the Vogelwoog and the Hammerwoog, crossing the road briefly before arriving at the Waschmuehle outdoor swimming pool. From there onwards, the route sticks to woodland paths through the natural park in the Eselsbach Valley and on to Eselsfürth. A cycle route along the road brings you further towards Enkenbach-Alsenborn. The route follows a solid earth path through the forest along the Eisbach stream to Eisenberg.
    Note: There is an uphill section of around 1.5 km between Enkenbach-Alsenborn and the Eiswoog where the path is in very poor condition.
  3. Eisenberg - Worms (29 km):
    In the Leiningerland area, starting at Ebertsheim, the Barbarossa Cycle Route takes you further along the road in the direction of Mertesheim via Asselheim to the German Wine Trail Cycle Route towards Bockenheim. Through Bockenheim, the cycle route follows the B271 until it meets the Leininger Ring leading to the Riedweg, which in turn leads to Hohensülzen. The paths in the Leiningerland area are tarmac, except for those leading from the Riedweg in Bockenheim to Hohensülzen, which are paved farm roads.
    Note: In the Asselheim area heading towards Bockenheim, there is an incline lasting for approx. 1 km.
    From Offstein, the Barbarossa Cycle Route heads through the Eisbach Valley towards Worms city centre. The paths are falt, tarmac or water-bound macadam and largely run alongside roads or streams. Passing through the still rural outskirts, you will reach Worms city centre with its imperial cathedral which is visible for miles around. The Barbarossa Cycle Route ends at the north-east side of the cathedral. Just a few steps away, you will find its north portal, above which the inspiration for the logo of this route, a sculpture of Emperor Barbarossa, can be seen.




Public transport

  • Glan-Münchweiler, Niedermoor, Ramstein-Miesenbach: Bahnstrecke Kaiserslautern - Kusel
  • Kaiserslautern: Bahnstrecke Mannheim - Kaiserslautern - Saarbrücken
  • Enkenbach: Alsenzbahn Kaiserslautern - Bingen
  • Ramsen, Eisenberg und Grünstadt: „Eistalbahn“: Mannheim - Frankenthal - Ramsen
  • Worms: Rheinstrecke Wörth - Ludwigshafen - Worms - Mainz
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

Author’s map recommendations (verantwortlich für Infrastruktur und Wegebeschreibung) Radkarte »Die Pfalz«, Maßstab 1 : 155.000 & »Radeln im Westen der Pfalz«, Maßstab 1 : 100.000; erhältlich bei der Pfalz Touristik und den touristischen Stellen der Pfalz;


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88.3 km
6:17 h
886 m
1001 m
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