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  • Kath Kirche Otterbach
    / Kath Kirche Otterbach
    Photo: Tourist-Info Otterbach-Otterberg
  • / Kirchenfenster Kath Kirche Otterbach
    Photo: Tourist-Info Otterbach-Otterberg
  • / Spielplatz Ottertal
    Photo: VG Otterbach-Otterberg
  • / Historischer Kipperhof
    Photo: VG Otterbach-Otterberg
  • / Motorrad Museum Otterbach 4
    Photo: Tourist-Info Otterbach-Otterberg
  • / Museum und Tourist-Information
    Photo: Tourist-Info Otterbach-Otterberg
  • / Haus Karch
    Photo: Tourist-Info Otterbach-Otterberg
  • / Stadtmauer
    Photo: Tourist-Info Otterbach-Otterberg
  • / Abteikirche innen
    Photo: Tourist-Info Otterbach-Otterberg
  • / Villa Rustica
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Skulptur lost land
    Photo: KV Kusel
  • / Skulptur tutti frutti luester
    Photo: KV Kusel
  • / Skulptur brücke
    Photo: KV Kusel
  • / Wasserburg, Ansicht 1
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Schild
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Synagoge Odenbach
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
m 400 300 200 100 30 25 20 15 10 5 km Wasserburg mit … Reipoltskirchen Abteikirche Otterberg Villa Rustica Reipoltskirchen Alte Apotheke Ehemalige Synagoge

The Odenbach Cycle Route heads out of the Lauter valley through the Walloon town of Otterberg, across the watershed into the Odenbach valley, which it follows through idyllic villages along the low foothills of the North Palatine Uplands to where they meet the river Glan. En route, cyclists can expect stunning views and top tourist attractions including the monastery church in Otterberg and the water castle in Reipoltskirchen.

32 km
2:30 h
144 m
210 m

Anforderung: Für alltagsgeübte Radler aus Richtung Otterbach geeignet, aus Richtung Odenbach verteilen sich die Anstiegsmeter stärker, daher für alle geeignet.


- 27,5 km Asphalt

- 4 km wassergebundene Beläge

Die Route im Radwegenetz: Der Odenbachtal-Radweg verbindet das Tal der Lauter mit dem Glantal.

Von Otterbach aus verläuft der Odenbachtal-Radweg über einen idyllischen Radweg nahe des Otterbachs und des Naturspielplatzes „Ottertal“ bis nach Otterberg. Die Wallonenstadt Otterberg ist bekannt für ihre historische Altstadt mit ihren vielfältigen, sehenswerten Fachwerkhäusern sowie der Zisterzienserabteikirche aus dem 12./13. Jahrhundert.
Weiter in Richtung Nordwesten schlängelt sich der Radweg parallel zur Straße das Odenbachtal flussabwärts. Sehenswert sind die Villa Rustica am Ingweilerhof und die Wasserburg in Reipoltskirchen mit dem Skulpturenweg.

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Author’s recommendation

Die Wallonenstadt Otterberg: Zisterzienser Abteikirche, sehenswerte Fachwerkhäuser

Die Wasserburg in Reipoltskirchen mit Skulpturenweg User

Julia Bingeser / Juergen Wachowski

Updated: February 24, 2020

Highest point
360 m
Lowest point
151 m
Best time of year

Rest Stop

Restaurant zur Wasserburg
Restaurant "Parthenon"
Alte Apotheke
Historischer Kipperhof
Cafe-Bistro "Zeitlos"
Gasthaus-Restaurant Kipperhof
Gasthaus "Zur Krone"
Wasserburg mit Aussichtsturm Reipoltskirchen
Pizzeria Restaurant Da Enzo
Eiscafé "Italia"

Safety information

Cyclists must obey the German highway code (StVo).


Please wear a helmet. Touring bicycle or bike with multiple gears, weatherproof clothing, drinks and supplies.

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67731 Otterbach, Lauterstraße (Bahnhof): Lautertal-Radweg (216 m)
49.483799, 7.729944
32U 408009 5482014


67748 Odenbach, Hauptstraße: Glan-Blies-Radweg

Turn-by-turn directions

Difficulty level: Starting from Otterbach, suitable for experienced cyclists; starting from Odenbach, the ascent is distributed more evenly, so this direction is suitable for everyone.


Route characteristics:


9 km of agricultural roads and forest tracks

11.5 km of cycle paths

7.5 km on urban roads with no cycle path

3.5 km on the L382 in a rural area with no cycle path


Surface quality:

27.5 km of asphalt

4 km of crushed brick/stone surfaces


Railway trails:

3 km between Otterbach and Otterberg


The route in the cycle network: The Odenbach Cycle Route links the Lauter valley with the Glan valley, and is a valuable addition to the regional cycle path network. From Otterbach, the Odenbach Cycle Route runs along a scenic cycle path near the river Otterbach and the natural setting of the Ottertal valley to Otterberg . The Walloon town of Otterberg is the perfect place for a stopover as it is famed for its historic old town with a wide range of interesting half-timbered houses and a Cistercian monastery church dating from the 12th/13th century. Continuing north west, the cycle path meanders alongside a country road past the former Grafenthalerhof farm to Schneckenhausen. Cyclists enjoy stunning views as they follow the ridge above Schallodenbach and Niederkirchen in the direction of the North Palatine Uplands.

Visit Otterberg’s historic town centre. In addition to the 12th/13th century Cistercian monastery church, the Walloon town features a wealth of fascinating half-timbered houses and is surrounded by a well-preserved town wall.

Visit the water castle in Reipoltskirchen. The sculpture trail was opened in 2011, and the tower affords wide-ranging views. 

From the train station in Otterbach , where there is a direct connection to the Lauter Cycle Route and the Pfälzer Land Cycle Route, the Odenbach Cycle Route heads east on a shared footpath and cycle trail. Keeping off main roads, the route continues straight through the idyllic Ottertal valley to Otterberg. The shared footpath and cycle trail ends on the way into

Otterberg. The Odenbach Cycle Route crosses Kapellenweg and continues straight ahead down Otterstraße. At the flower shop, the route turns left into Bachstraße and takes the first exit at the next roundabout towards the town centre. The cycle path continues along Hauptstraße past the tourist information office, the monastery church and some half-timbered houses before reaching the next roundabout. At the third exit, the Odenbach Cycle Route continues along Bergstraße in the direction of Schneckenhausen. Shortly before leaving the town, the cycle path turns left into Lauerhöferstraße and then immediately right again. The Odenbach Cycle Route picks up the roadside cycle path along the L382 country road past the former Grafenthalerhof farm to Schneckenhausen. The roadside cycle path ends just before the town sign, and the Odenbach Cycle Route continues straight ahead along Otterberger Straße until it turns left onto Hauptstraße at the bend in the main road. Leaving Schneckenhausen, the route switches from Hauptstraße to the roadside cycle path, which it follows as far as the entrance to the village of Schallodenbach. The Odenbach Cycle Route continues through the village on Hauptstraße before picking up the roadside cycle path towards Niederkirchen as it leaves the village. The roadside cycle path ends on the way into Niederkirchen and the Odenbach Cycle Route runs through the village along Talstraße. From the outskirts of Niederkirchen, the Odenbach Cycle Route uses the L383 country road to Hefersweiler. This will remain the case until the cycle path is completed. In the municipality of Hefersweiler, the cycle path runs along Hauptstraße to the district of Berzweiler. At the cemetery, Talstraße branches off to the left. After approx. 150 m, turn right into Blücher Weg. The cycle path follows this farm track to Ingweilerhof farm. There is an unsurfaced 200 metre downhill section of path here. At Ingweilerhof farm, the cycle route turns left onto an asphalt farm track towards Reipoltskirchen. Past the excavated foundations of the Roman Villa Rustica, the route reaches the entrance to the village of Reipoltskirchen. At the junction with the L382, the cycle path branches off to Dörrmoschel with the option of continuing on into the Moscheltal and Alsenz valleys. The Odenbach Cycle Route heads left on the L382 into the centre of Reipoltskirchen. After approx. 170 m, turn right into Kegelbahnstraße. Follow this road to the water castle. Continue straight ahead to Mühlstraße past the water castle, and then after 60 m turn left onto a farm track. This track crosses the river Odenbach and runs along the floodplain on the eastern side of the river for around 1.4 km. Shortly before Ginsweiler the farm track meets the L382, which you cross. The cycle route continues on a cycle path along the western side of the road. After the oil mill, the cycle path branches off to the left, crosses another bridge and then turns right just before the entrance to the village. The path emerges onto the L382, which you follow to the left through Ginsweiler. At the end of the village, continue along the road to Adenbach. In the town, use the shared footpath and cycle trail adjacent to Hauptstraße, which emerges onto the roadside cycle path to Odenbach. The roadside path ends on the way into Odenbach and the route continues on Hauptstraße. The Odenbach Cycle Route meets the

Glan-Blies Cycle Route at Brühlerhof farm.



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Public transport

Public transport friendly

There is a direct rail connection to the cycle trail in Otterbach (Lampertsmühle-Otterbach rail halt). From Odenbach you can reach Lauterecken Grumbach station (approx. 6 km) and Staudernheim train station (approx. 12 km) via the Glan-Blies Cycle Route.

Timetable information for arrival and departure: and

Getting there

When travelling by car, any town can be chosen as the starting point of the Odenbach Cycle Route.

The starting point of Otterbach can be reached via the A6 motorway (Kaiserslautern-West exit) and the B270. The B420 connects the northern starting point of Odenbach.



Parking is available mainly at the rail halt in Lampertsmühle-Otterbach and at the water castle in Reipoltskirchen.

67731 Otterbach, Lauterstraße Station - Coordinates: 49° 29´ 1´´ N / 7° 43´ 48´´ E

67753 Reipoltskirchen, Hauptstraße - Coordinates: 49° 38´ 1`` N / 7° 39´ 50´´ E

67748 Odenbach, Hauptstraße - Coordinates: 49° 41´ 6´´ N / 7° 39´ 2´´ E

Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

Book recommendation by the author

ADFC-Regionalkarte "Pfalz" erschienen im Bielefelder Verlag. ISBN: 978-3-87073-474-9 Preis: 6,80 €


Author’s map recommendations

Radkarte "Radeln im Pfälzer Bergland" kostenlos erhältich bei der Tourist-Information Kusel, Bahnhofstraße 67, 66869 Kusel
Tel: 06381 424 270 (verantwortlich für Infrastruktur und Wegebeschreibung)

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210 m
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